Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Oh, You Faithless Scrooge-let, Op. 344

Op. 344 OH, YOU FAITHLESS SCROOGE-LET (December 23, 2020)
     Canon for 4 Voices and Sleighbells
     [After W.A. Mozart's O du eslhafter Martin, K. 560 (1783)
     and James Lord Pierpoint's Jingle Bells (1857)]



     (Performance Edition)


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Thursday, November 12, 2020

Honecker Honegger, Op. 343

 Op. 343 HONECKER HONEGGER (November 12, 2020)
     For Voices and Orchestra


Sunday, October 18, 2020

Poeme Acoustique, Op. 342

Op. 342 POEME ACOUSTIQUE (October 18, 2020)
     For Orchestra
     (after Edgar Varese Poeme Electronique, 1958)


Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Orpheus and Eurydice, Op. 341

Op. 341 ORPHEUS AND EURYDICE (August 25, 2020)
Favola in Musica, mostly after Ovid
     I. Overtura-Toccata - "I Give You This Lyre"
     II. Prologue-Ritournello - "Hymen, Called by the Voice of Orpheus"
     III. Chorus - "He Was Present at Orpheus's Marriage, True"
     IV. Recitative - "While the Newly Wedded Bride, Eurydice,
          Was Walking through the Grass"
      V. Aria - When Orpheus Had Mourned for Her, Greatly,
          He Dared to go Down to Styx"
     VI. Trio - "Through the Weightless Throng"
     VII. Aria - Then Striking the Lyre-Strings"
     VIII. Chorus - "The Bloodless Spirits"
     IX. Duet - "She Was Among the recent Ghosts"
     X. Recitative - "Stunned by the Double Loss of his Wife"
     XI. Chorus - "While the Poet of Thrace
     XII. Epilogue-Ritournello - "The Ghost of Orpheus"


Monday, August 10, 2020

Palestrina, Op. 340

Op. 340 PALESTRINA (August 10, 2020)
     Counter-Reformation Opera in Nine Chronologies
     I.  1534-1549 Rule of Paul III (1468-1549)
     II.  1545-1563 Council of Trent begins
     III.  1549-1555 Rule of Julius III (1487-1555)
     IV.  1555 Rule of Marcellus II (1501-1555)
     V.  1555-1559 Rule of Paul IV (1476-1559)
     VI.  1559-1565 Rule of Pius IV (1499-1565)
     VII.  1562 Pope Marcellus Mass
     VIII.  1563 Council of Trent ends
     IX.  1581 Ballet Comique de la Reine - Louvre Palace, Paris,
          Sponsored by Catherine de' Medici (1519-1589),
          wife of Henry II of France (1519-1559),
          inspired by Homer's Odyssey: Circe, with music of
          Girard de Beaulieu (1551-1588)


Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Henry VIII, Op. 339

Op. 339 HENRY VIII (August 5, 2020)
Ballad Opera in 23 Songs
     I. Prelude - Thoinot Arbeau - Basse Danse ("Jouyssance")
          1485 Richard III (1452-1485) dies on battlefield,
               against Henry VII (1457-1509)
     II. Claude Gervaise - Pavane "Le Bon Vouloir"
          1486 Birth of Arthur (1486-1502)
          1491 Birth of Henry VIII
     III. Pierre Phalese - Gaillard "Traditore"
          1492 Columbus sails West
          1499 Marriage of Arthur to Catherine of Aragon (1485-1536),
               daughter of Isabella I (1451-1504) and
               Ferdinand II (1452-1516)
     IV. Fireworks
          1502 Death of Arthur
          1502 Pope Julius II (1443-1513) grants disponsation allowing
               Henry VIII betrothal to Catherine of Aragon
     V. Le Petit Gentilhomme
          1505 Julius II determines to demolish old St. Peter's and
               build new one
          1506 Donato Bramante confirmed as Architect of St. Peter's
     VI. Henry VIII - Pastyme with Good Company (3 Voices)
          1509 Henry VIII 
               Crowned (April 21)
               Two days later arrests Henry VII ministers
               Richard Empson (1450-1510) and
                    Edmund Dudley (1462-1510)
               Two months later, marries Catherine of Aragon (1485-1536)
                Composes Pastime with Good Company
          1510 Henry VIII executes Richard Empson and Edmund Dudley
     VII. Robin and Marion
          1513 Leo X (1475-1521) becomes Pope
          1514 Rafael (1483-1520) confirmed as Architect of St. Peter's
     VIII. Street Music
          1516 Birth of Mary I (1516-1558), to Catherine of Aragon
          1516-1519 Henry VIII's affair with Elizabeth Blount (1498-1540)
     IX. Henry's Loneliness
          1517 Leo X offers indulgences for those giving alms to
               rebuild St. Peter's
          1517 Martin Luther (1483-1546) writes the 95 Theses
     X. Harry VIII Pavan & Gaillard
          1519 Birth of Henry FitzRoy to Elizabeth Blount
          1519 Henry VIII's affair with Mary Boleyn Carey (1499-1543)
     XI. Tylman Susato - La Mourisque
          1520 Marriage of Mary Boleyn Carey to William Carey (1500-1528)
          1521 Diet of Worms (April 16-18), Edict (May 25)
     XII. Claude Gervaise - Gaillarde
          1521 Henry VIII's Defence of the Seven Sacraments,
               earning him title of Defender of the Faith,
               October from Pope Leo X (1475-1521)
          1522 Adrian VI (1459-1523) becomes Pope
     XIII. La Pastorella
          1522 Marriage of Elizabeth Blount to Gilbert Tailboys (1497-1530)
          1523 Clement VII (1478-1534) becomes Pope
               Hans Holbein (1497-1553) paints Erasmus  (1466-1536)
     XIV. Claude Gervaise - Gaillarde (Quart Livre de Danceries)
          1525 Henry VIII's affair with Anne Boleyn (1501-1536),
               neice of 3rd Duke of Norfolk Thomas Howard (1473-1554)
          1526 Hans Holbein in England, first stay (1526-1528)
     XV. Hugh Aston - My Lady Carey's Dompe
          1527 Henry VIII, arguing from Leviticus 20:21,
               attempts to have marriage to Catherine of Aragon
               annulled by Clement VII
               Hans Holbein paints Thomas More (1478-1535)
          1528 Death of William Carey, Hugh Aston (1485-1558)
               writes My Lady Carey's Dompe
     XVI.  Duet
          1529 Henry VIII's annulment rejected by Clement VII,
               possibly due to objectios by Holy Roman Emperor Charles V
               (1500-1558), Catharine of Aragon's nephew
               Cardinal Thomas Wolsey, Chancellor, blamed for above,
               is imprisoned, due to influence of Anne Boleyn
               Thomas More becomes Chancellor
          1530 Death of Thomas Wolsey, in prison
     XVII. My Lady Wynklyd's Rownde
          1531 Portrait of Henry VIII
          1532 Thomas Cranmer (1489-1556), Archbishop of Canterbury
               Thomas Cromwell (1485-1540) influential in promoting
                    Henry VIII's divorce
               Henry VIII's secret marriage to Anne Boleyn near
                     Cliffs of Dover
               Hans Holbein in English, second stay (1532-1540)
     XVIII. The King's Hunt
          1533 Henry VIII's public marriage to Anne Bolyen
                   Birth of Elizabeth I (1533-1603)
          1534 Thomas More imprisoned
                   Anne Boleyn falls out of favor
     XIX. Anne Boleyn - O Deathe, Rock Me A-Sleepe
          1535 Thomas More sentenced on purgery from
               Richard Rich (1596-1567) and executed
          1536 Henry VIII takes interest in Jane Seymour (1508-1537)
                   Anne Boleyn imprisoned and executed (May 19)
                   Henry VII betrothed (May 20) and married (May 30) to
                        Jane Seymour
                   Hans Holbein employed as the King's Painter, paints
     XX. Ethiop Masque
          1537 Birth of Edward VI (October 12, 1537-1553) to Jane Seymour, 
                  who dies of complications from same (October 24)
          1538 Portait of Henry VIII, standing, by Hans Holbein
     XXI. Anne of Cleves Wedding Music
          1539 Hans Holbein dispached to Duren, Germany,
                   to paint Anne of Cleves (1515-1557)
           1540 Henry VIII marries Anne of Cleves (January 6),
                   and subsequently has marriage annulled (July 9)
                   Thomas Cromwell executed for the failed arranged marriage,
                         and Henry VIII marries, on the same day (July 28)
                         Catherine Howard (1523-1542),
                         another neice of Thomas Howard
                    Classic portrait of Henry VIII by Hans Holbein, who departs England a second time
     XXII. Catherine Howard's Interrogaton   
          1542 Catherine Howard executed (February 13)
          1543 Henry VIII marries Catherine Parr
     XXIII. Postlude
          1546 Papers drawn up for the Arrest of Catherine Parr,
                   who is subsequently reconciled with Henry VIII
          1547 Death of Henry VIII


Saturday, June 20, 2020

Eight Pepins, Op. 338

Op. 338 EIGHT PEPINS (June 20, 2020)
     Operetta in Two Dynasties
          Merovingian (486-751) - Austrasia Mayors
               I. Pepin I of Landen (580-640),
                    Mayor of the Palace
               II. Pepin II of Herstal The Middle (635-714),
                    Mayor of the Palace
          Carolingian (751-1120)
               III. Pepin III the Short (714-768),
                      Younger Son of Charles Martel and Wife Rotrude,
                            Mayor of the Palace / King
               IV. Pepin, Brother of Charlemagne
                       (b. after 757, died in infancy)
               V. Pepin (Pippin) the Hunchback (768-811),
                        First Son of Charlemage and Himiltrude
               VI. Pepin Carloman (Pepinno) of Italy (777-810),
                        Second Son of Charlemagne and Hildegard
               VII. Pepin I of Aquitaine (797-838),
                         Second Son of Louis the Pious and Ermengarde
                              of Hesbaye
                VIII. Pepin II of Aquitain (823-865),
                          Son of Pepin I of Aquitaine


Thursday, June 18, 2020

Seven Caliphs, Op. 337

Op. 337 SEVEN CALIPHS (June 18, 2020)
Music Drama in Two Caliphates
     I. Muhammad (570-632)
          610 First Revelation / Koran
          622 Hegira
     Rashidun Caliphate
          II. Abu Bakr (573-634)
               632-634 Rule
               634 Conquest of Syria
                    (Khalid, 595-642)
          III. Umar (584-644)
               634-644 Rule
               642 Conquest of Persia
          IV. Uthman (579-656)
               644-656 Rule
               650 Koran Codified
          V. Ali (601-661)
               656-661 Rule
               658 First Fitna / Civil War
     Umayyad Caliphate
          VI. Muawiya I (597-680)
               661-680 Rule
               670 Conquest of Tunisia
                    (Uqba Ibn Nafi, 622-683)
          VII. Yazid I (646-683)
               680-683 Rule
               682 Conquest of Morocco 


Sunday, June 14, 2020

Missa in Tempore Pandemonia, Op. 336

     (June 14, 2020)
     I. Kyrie
     II. Gloria
     III. Credo
     IV. Sanctus
     V. Agnus Dei


Thursday, March 12, 2020

Music History, Op. 335

Op. 335 MUSIC HISTORY (March 12, 2020)
     180 Lectures Online

     Mark Alburger - "Prehistoric" Music
          (1. Outer Space to Inner Sanctums)

     Mark Alburger - "Prehistoric" Music
          (2. Score to Societies)

     Mark Alburger - Ancient Music
          (1. Antique Voices of Cultures)

     Mark Alburger - Ancient Music
          (2. That Which Survives)

     Mark Alburger - Medieval Music I
          (1. Rome to Romanesque)

     Mark Alburger - Medieval Music I
          (2. Romanesque to Gothic)

     Mark Alburger - Medieval Music II
          (1. Ars Antiqua)

     Mark Alburger - Medieval Music II
          (2. Antiqua to Nova)

     Mark Alburger - Renaissance Music
          (1. Early to High)

     Mark Alburger - Renaissance Music
          (2. High to Late)

     Mark Alburger - Baroque Music
          (1. Early to Middle)

     Mark Alburger- Baroque Music
          (2. Middle to Late)

     Mark Alburger - Classical Music
          (Rousseau to Beethoven)

     Mark Alburger - Romantic Music I
          (Civilized and Savage)

     Mark Alburger - Romantic Music II
          (1. Schubert to Bizet)

     Mark Alburger - Romantic Music II (
          2. Bizet to Debussy)

     Mark Alburger - 20th-Century Music I
          (1. Debussy to Ives)

     Mark Alburger - 20th-Century Music I
          (2. Ives to Stravinsky)

     Mark Alburger - 20th-Century Music II
          (1. Stravinsky to Berg)

     Mark Alburger - 20th-Century Music II
          (2. Berg to Copland)

     Mark Alburger - 20th-Century Music III
          (1. Copland to Hovhaness)

     Mark Alburger - 20th-Century Music III
          (2. Hovhaness to Berio)

     Mark Alburger - 20th-Century Music IV
          (1. Boulez to Riley)

     Mark Alburger - 20th-Century Music IV
          (2. Riley to Glass)

     Mark Alburger - 20th-Century Music V
          (1. Glass to Waters)

     Mark Alburger - 20th-Century Music V
          (2. Waters to Sting)

     Mark Alburger - 21st-Century Music
          (1. Sting to Wold)

     Mark Alburger - 21st-Century Music
          (2. Hartley to Ross)

     Mark Alburger - Music History Review
          (1. Athenaeus to Brahms)

     Mark Alburger - Music History Review
          (2. Stravinsky to Say)

Saturday, March 7, 2020

Progressive Revelations, Op. 334

     For Voices and Orchestra
          I. Dante Bramante Bronte
          II. Earth Hearth Heart
          III. Weird Word World


Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Incipit Quodlibet, Op. 333

Op. 333 INCIPIT QUODLIBET (January 1, 2020)
              For Voices and Orchestra