Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Cop and the Anthem, Op. 198

 Op. 198 THE COP AND THE ANTHEM (after O. Henry)
(September 22, 2011)
For Voices and Orchestra
I. Madison Square
II. Broadway Cafe
III. Sixth Avenue Shop
IV. Sixth Avenue Restaurant
V. Five Blocks Away
VI. Theater District
VII. Cigar Store
VIII. Old Church
VIX. Police Court



(Complete Works, Volume 90)

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Psalms, Book III, Op. 197

(September 17, 2011)
For Voices and Instruments
Psalm 73 (A Psalm of Asaph)  "Truly God Is Good to Israel"
     [Haydn - Emperor String Quartet: II] 
Psalm 74 (A Maskil of Asaph)  "Why Have You Rejected Us"
     [Vaughan Williams - Symphony No. 8: II]                      [G73]
Psalm 75  (To the Choirmaster: According to Do Not Destroy -
      A Psalm of Asaph - A Song)
     [Jacob Handl - Isaiah 57, Ecce Quomodo Moritur Justis][G74]
Psalm 76 (To the Choirmaster: With Stringed Instruments -
     A Psalm of Asaph - A Song)
"God Is Great in Israel" 
    [Willson - The Music Man]                                                        [G75]
Psalm 77 (To the Choirmaster: According to Jeduthun -
     A Psalm of Asaph)
"I Cried Unto God" 

     [Alburger - Out on the Porch]                                                   
Psalm 78 (A Maskil of Asaph) - "Marvellous Things"
     [Alburger - Moses and Aaron]                               [G77]
Psalm 79 (A Psalm of Asaph) -
     "Lord, How Long Wilt Thou Be Angry"

     [Purcell - Psalm 79]                                                       [G78]
Psalm 80 - "Give Ear, O Shepherd of Israel"
     [J.S. Bach - Cantata No. 104 / Albert Roussel - Psalm 80][G79]
Psalm 81 (To the Choirmaster: According to the Gittith -
     A Psalm of Asaph) 
"Sing Joyfully"
     [Byrd - Sing Joyfully]                                                                 
Psalm 82 (A Psalm of Asaph) -
     "How Long Will Ye Judge Unjustly"

     [Alburger - Elijah Rock]                                       [G81]
Psalm 83 (A Song - A Psalm of Asaph) -
     "Keep Not Thou Silence"

     [Schoenberg - Pierrot Lunaire: VIII]                               [G82]
Psalm 84 (To the Choirmaster: According to the Gittith -
     A Psalm of the Songs of Korah) 
     "How Lovely Is Thy Dwelling Place
     [Brahms - German Requiem]                                                    [G83]
Psalm 85 (To the Choirmaster -
      A Psalm of the Sons of Korah) - 
     Lord, You've Been Merciful"
     [Ives - Variations on America]                                                 [G84]
Psalm 86 (A Prayer of David) - "Bow Down Thine Ear"
     [Franck - Domine non Secundum]                                [G85]
Psalm 87 (A Psalm of the Sons of Korah - A Song) -
     "God Built the Town on the Hill"
     [Hovhaness - Symphony No. 2 ("Mysterious Mountain")] [G86]
Psalm 88 (A Song - A Psalm of the Sons of Korah - 
     To the Choirmaster: According to Mahalath Leannoth -
     A Maskil of Heman the Ezrahite) 
     "I Have Cried Day and Night Before You"
    [Peter Cornelius - Psalm 88 /
     Gustav Mahler - Symphony No. 9: II]                                     
Psalm 89 (A Maskil of Ethan the Ezrahite) 
     "I Will Sing of the Mercy of God Forever"
     [G.F. Handel - Coronation Anthem No. 4]                              



(Complete Works, Volume 89)
(NM 1110, October 1, 2011)