Thursday, October 1, 1998

Mice Suites, Op. 68 (1998)

[Marilyn Pratt, Offstage Soprano
Maria Mikheyenko, Lennie 
Suzanna Mizell, Curley's Wife 
San Francisco Cabaret Opera, 2008]

 Op. 68 MICE SUITES (October 1, 1998) 
A Chamber Opera in 13 Songs for Voices and Ensemble 
I. Dreamsong I 
II. Worksong 
III. Threatsong 
IV. Breathsong 
V. Tartsong I
VI. Tartsong II 
VII. Fightsong 
VIII. Dancesong 
IX. Deathsong I 
X. Deathsong II 
XI. Fuguesong (Triple Fugato of Vengeance) 
 XII. Hartsong
 XIII. Dreamsong II



February 18, 2000
NEW MUSIC Voices; NEW MUSIC Ensemble
College Music Society, 
California State University, Stanislaus, CA

September 6-7, 12, 14, 2008
San Francisco Cabaret Opera
 San Francisco Community Music Center, San Francisco, CA

August 25, 2018
The Opus Project presents Opus 68: Revolution! (Sturm und Drang)
Megan Cullen, Boss / Mark Alburger, George / Harriet March Page, Lennie
The Opus Project Orchestra
Diablo Valley College Music Building, Pleasant Hill, CA


(Complete Works, Volume 20)