Tuesday, September 1, 1998

Saul! Saul!, Op. 67 (1998)

Op. 67 SAUL! SAUL! (September 1, 1998) 
Opera-Oratorio for Voices and Orchestra 
Part the First 
I. Air - An Infant rais'd by his Command (Hannah's Lament) 
II. Trio - Along the Atheist Monsters strode (Eli's Sons)
III. Sextet - O early Piety! (Here Am I) 
IV. Chorus - Fell Rage and Black Despair possessed Us
     (Invaders of the Found Ark) 
V. Chorus and Duet - How Lord, how Merciless numb
     (Song of the Philistines) 
VI. Chorus - Eldest Born of Hell! (Returners of the Cursed Ark) 
VII. Duet and Chorus - O Fairest! / 
VIII. Is there a Man? (Samuel and Astarte) 
Part the Second 
IX. Symphony (Passacaglia) - Hide and Seek Ye (Saul in the Fields) 
X. Duet and Chorus - Author of Peace (The Annointment) 
XI. Chorus and Duet - Make an Offer (Blind in One Eye) 
XII. Air - Infernal People (Samuel's Warning) 
XIII. Symphony - Forc'd from the Realms of Peace
     (The Philistine War) 
XIV. Quartet - Whence come ye (Jonathan) 
XV. Duet - O fatal Day (The Tearing of the Robe) 




(Complete Works, Volume 20)