Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Orchestrations, Op. 294

Op. 294 ORCHESTRATIONS (December 26, 2018)
Medieval (400-1400), Op. 288 (2018)
     I. Italy (b. c. 1270) - Trotto (1300)
          (after Florilegium Musicum of Paris, 1973)
     II. Robertsbridge Fragment Composer (b. c. 1290) -
          Organ Estampie (c. 1320)
          (after Anton Webern's 6 Pieces for Orchestra, Op. 6: 1, 1909)
     III. Jacopo da Bologna (1320-1370)
          Non al suo amante (No One Ever Pleased a Lover so Much,
           c. 1350, Petrarch, 1304-1374) (after Arnold Schoenberg's
           A Survivor from Warsaw, 1948)
Renaissance (1400-1600), Op. 293 (2018)
     I. Johannes Ockeghem (1430-1495) -
         Missa L'Homme Arme (1460): I. Kyrie
          (after Hector Berlioz - Symphonie Fantastique: V.)
     II. Pierre Attaignant (1494-1552) -
          Tordion: Quand je bois du vin clairet (1524)
     Tielman Susato (1510-1571) - Dancerye (1551)
          III. Allemande
          IV. Bergarette
          V. Bransle - Den Hobocken Dans
VI. La Morisque
      VII. Thoinot Arbeau (Jehan Tabouret, 1519-1595) -
          Basse Danse "Jouyssance Vous Donneray"
VIII. Claude Gervais (1525-1583) -
             Danceries - Book IV (1550):
      IX. Dublin Virginal Book (b. c. 1540) -
            Variations on The Romanesca (1570)
      X. Samuel Voelckel (1560-1617) -
             Courante (1613)
G.F. Handel (1685-1759), Op. 400 (2022)
     Suite No. 5 in E Major ("The Harmonious Blacksmith") (1720):
          IV. Air and Five Variations
Domenico Scarlatti (1685-1787), Op. 347 (2021)
     I. Sonata in G, K. 80
     II. Sonata in F (Minuet), K. 94
W.A. Mozart (1756-1791), Op. 396 (2022)
     I. Minuet, K. 94 (1770)
     II. Sonata No. 16 in C Major, K. 545: I. (1788)
Ludwig van Beethoven (1770-1809), Op. 264 (2017)
     After Alban Berg's Three Pieces for Orchestra, Op. 6 (1914): II),
          Bela Bartok's Dance Suite (1923): I,                    
         Arnold Schoenberg's Five Pieces for Orchestra (1909):
               I / IV, and Ludwig van Beethoven's Symphony No. 3
                   ("Eroica"): I
      I. Rondo in C Major, Op. 51 (1797)
     II. Piano Sonata No. 21 in C Major ("Waldstein"), Op. 53 (1818):
          I. Allegro con brio
     III. Piano Sonata No. 23 in F Minor ("Appassionata"), Op. 57 (1806):
          I. Allegro assai
     IV. Piano Trio No. 5 in D Major ("Ghost"), Op. 70, No. 1 (1808):
          II. Largo assai ed espressivo (D Minor)
     V. Piano Sonata No. 27 in E Minor, Op. 90 (1814): 
          I. Mit Lebhaftigkeit und durchaus mit Empfindung und Ausdruck
Frederic Chopin (1810-1849), Op. 282 (2018)
     I. Fantasie Impromptu, Op. 66
          (1834, after George Crumb's
               Echoes of Time and the River, 1967)
     II. March Funebre in C Minor, Op. 72, No. 2 (1829,   
          after Hector Berlioz's
          Grande Symphonie Funebre et Triomphale, 1840)
Gabriel Faure (1845-1924), Op. 399 (2022)
     Two Songs (1870)
          I. Chanson de Pecheur
          II. Lydia
Vincent D'Indy (1851-1931), Op. 279 (2018)
     I.  Minuet on the Name of Haydn, Op. 65
          (1909, after Symphony on a French Mountain Air, Op. 25 [1886])
    II. Fantaisie, Op. 99 (1930, after Diptyque Mediterraneen,
          Op. 87 [1925])
Claude Debussy (1862-1918), Op. 283 (2018)
     (after Prelude to the Afternoon of a Faun)
          I. Arabesque No. 1, L. 66 (1891)
          II. Reverie, L. 68 (1890)
          III. Suite Bergamasque, L 75 (1905):
               III. Claire de Lune
Erik Satie (1866-1925), Op. 292 (2018)
     I. Secular and Instantaneous Hours: I (after Parade)
     II. Sports et Divertissements:
          XVII. Tango (after Igor Stravinksy's Tango)
     III. Avant-Dernieres Pensees: II. Aubade
          (after Paul Dukas's The Sorcerer's Apprentice and
          Francis Poulenc's Aubade)
     IV. Sonata Bureaucratique:
           I. Allegro (after Igor Stravinsky's Pulcinella)
           V. Premiere Minuet (after Parade)
Charles Ives (1874-1954), Op. 331 (2019)
     I. Some Southpaw Pitching (1919)
     II. Sonata No. 2 ("Concord") (1920):
          III. The Alcotts
Maurice Ravel (1875-1937), Op. 291 (2018)
     I. Menuet on the Name of Haydn (1909,
           after Mother Goose Suite: I-II)
     II. Berceuse on the Name of Faure
          (1922, after Mother Goose Suite: I-II)
Bela Bartok (1881-1945), Op. 348 (2021)
     Piano Sonata (1926): I-III
Igor Stravinsky (1882-1971), Op. 354 (2021)
     I. Concerto in D (1946): I / III
     II. Orpheus (1947): Orpheus Weeps for Eurydice
     III. Cantata (1951): I. A Lyke-Wake Dirge
Ernst Toch (1887-1964), Op. 346 (2021
     I-II. Five Piecs, Op. 86 (1962) - IV-V
Sergei Prokofiev (1891-1951), Op. 280 (2018)
     Music for Children, Op. 65:
          X. March (1935) 
          XII. Moonlit Meadows (1935)
          (after The Love for Three Oranges:
                  March and Scherzo)
Arthur Honegger (1892-1955), Op. 370 (2021)
     3 Psalms (1941)
Darius Milhaud (1892-1974), Op. 284 (2018)
     I. Sodades do Brazil, Op. 67: I
          (after La Creation du Monde: Fugato)
     II. Trois Rag-Caprices, Op. 78: I
          (after Igor Stravinsky's The Rite of Spring)
Francis Poulenc (1899-1963), Op. 398 (2022)
     I. Suite Francaise, FP 80 (1935)
     II. Priez pour Paix, FP 95 (1938)
Henry Cowell (1897-1965), Op. 332 (2019)
     I. Two Pieces (1930): II. Tiger
     II. Sway Dance (1958)
Dmitri Shostakovich (1906-1975), Op. 286 (2018)
     I-II. Children's Notebook, Op. 69 (1945)
          I. March 
          IV. Happy Fairy Tale 
                (after Scherzo, Op. 1)
     III. Preludes and Fugues, Op. 87 (1951):
          I. in C Major
                 (after Symphony No. 1, Op. 10:
                  I. Allegretto - Allegro non troppo)
Alan Hovhaness (1911-2000), Op. 369 (2021)
     Out of the Depths, Op. 142 (1957)
     Magnificat, Op. 157: II. Magnificat (1958)
John Cage (1912-1992), Op. 265 (2017)
     After Random Number Generators, Score Layouts,
     Darius Milhaud's La Creation du Monde (1923)
     Igor Stravinsky's The Flood (1962), a Diagonal,
     a Joshua Pierce recording, and
          Bela Bartok's Piano Concerto No. 1 (1926)
     I. Bacchanale (1938)
     II. First Construction in Metal (1939)
     III. Jazz Study (1942)
     III. Totem Ancestor (1942)
     IV. And the Earth Shall Bear Again (1942)
     V. In the Name of the Holocaust (1942)
     VI. Primitive (1942)
     VII. Our Spring Will Come (1943)
     VIII. A Room (1943)
     IX. Tossed As It Is Untroubled (1943)
     X. Prelude for Meditation (1944)
     XI. Root of an Unfocus (1944)
     XII. The Perilous Night (1944): VI
     XIII. Dream (1948)
     XIV. Sonatas and Interludes (1948): 
           I / V / XIV / XV / XVI
     XV. Suite for Toy Piano (1948): I-II
     XVI. Music of Changes (1951)
     XVII. Haiku (1951): Haiku I, for my dear friend, Who
Leonard Bernstein (1918-1990), Op. 366 (2021)
     I. Candide - XIX. Words, Words, Words
     II. Chichester Psalms - III. Psalm 131, Psalm 133: 1
Lee Eitzen (1920-1981), Op. 371 (2021
     Psalm 139 (1953): Verses I-XXIV.
Marshall Fine (1956-2014), Op. 368 (2021
     Bestiary, Op. 93 (1989): I-VI


July 11-12, 2014
Fresh Voices XIV: Taken
Harriet March Page, Soprano / Mark Alburger, Tenor
Goat Hall Productions
Community Music Center, San Francisco, CA

October 4, 2014
Music of Air, Earth, Fire, and Water
San Francisco Composers Chamber Orchestra
Old First Presbyterian Church, San Francisco, CA

March 18, 2017
The Opus Project presents Opus 51: Questionable Practices
The Opus Project Orchestra
Center for New Music, San Francisco, CA

May 6, 2017
San Francisco Composers Chamber Orchestra
St. Mark's Lutheran Church, San Francisco, CA

May 27, 2017
The Opus Project presents Opus 53: Essential Existential
The Opus Project Orchestra
Center for Contemporary Music, 55 Taylor Street, San Francisco, CA

October 7, 2017
The Opus Project presents Opus 57: Varieties
The Opus Project Orchestra
Diablo Valley College Music Building, Pleasant Hill, CA

October 27, 2018
The Opus Project presents Opus 70: Ghost Dance
The Opus Project Orchestra
Diablo Valley College Music Building, Pleasant Hill, CA

May 26, 2018
The Opus Project presents Opus 65: The Unkindest Cut of All
The Opus Project Orchestra
Diablo Valley College Music Building,
Viking Drive, Pleasant Hill, C

June 30, 2018
(Get Your Kicks with) OPUS 66
The Opus Project Orchestra
Diablo Valley College Music Building,
Viking Drive, Pleasant Hill, CA

July 28, 2018
The Opus Project presents Opus 67: Ludwig, Bela, Igor, and the Wolf
The Opus Project Orchestra
Diablo Valley College Music Building,
Viking Drive, Pleasant Hill, CA

August 25, 2018
Revolution! (Sturm und Drang): OPUS 68
The Opus Project Orchestra
Diablo Valley College Music Building,
Viking Drive, Pleasant Hill, CA

September 29, 2018
The Opus Project presents Opus 69: Moondance
The Opus Project Orchestra
Diablo Valley College Music Building,
Viking Drive, Pleasant Hill, CA

October 27, 2018
The Opus Project presents Opus 70: Ghost Dances
Megan Cullen, Soprano / Mark Alburger, Tenor /
The Opus Project Orchestra
Diablo Valley College Music Building,
Viking Drive, Pleasant Hill, CA

December 15, 2018
The Opus Project presents Opus 72: Darkness into Light
The Opus Project Orchestra
Diablo Valley College Music Building,
Viking Drive, Pleasant Hill, CA

February 23, 2019
The Opus Project presents Opus 73-74: When in Romance...
he Opus Project Orchestra
Diablo Valley College Music Building,
Viking Drive, Pleasant Hill, CA

April 27, 2019
The Opus Project presents Opus 75-76
The Opus Project Orchestra
Diablo Valley College Music Building,
Viking Dive, Pleasant Hill, CA

May 4, 2019
Under Deconstruction
San Francisco Composers Chamber Orchestra
St. Teresa of Avila Church, San Francisco, CA

May 25, 2019
The Opus Project presents Opus 77-78
The Opus Project Orchestra
Diablo Valley College Music Building,
Viking Drive, Pleasant Hill, CA

October 5, 2019
All That Fall
San Francisco Composers Chamber Orchestra
St. Teresa of Avila Church, San Francisco, CA

October 19, 2019
The Opus Project presents Opus 81-82: Imaginary Soundscapes
The Opus Project Orchestra
Diablo Valey College Music Building,
Viking Drive, Pleasant Hill, CA

February 29, 2020
The Opus Project presents Opus 83-84: Mythos in Tempore Belli
Diablo Valley College Music Building
Viking Drive, Pleasant Hill, CA

March 28, 2020
The Opus Project presents Opus 85-86-87
The Opus Project Orchestra
Diablo Valley College Music Building,
Viking Drive, Pleasant Hill, CA

June 12, 2021
Opus 89: Brave New Order
Zoom Concert Everywhere!

July 24, 2021
The Opus Project presents Opus 90:
     Sound at the Beginning of the Funnel
Online Zoom Concert Everywhere!

October 23, 2021
The Opus Project presents Opus 92
Zoom Concert Everywhere!

April 23, 2022
The Opus Project presents Opus 94: Re-Entry!
Center for New Music
San Francisco, CA

February 4, 2023
The Opus Project presents Opus 96: Multiples of 3
Center for New Music
San Francisco, CA

Monday, December 24, 2018

Renaissance Orchestrations, Op. 293

Op. 293 RENAISSANCE ORCHESTRATIONS (December 24, 2018)
I. Johannes Ockeghem (1430-1495)
     Missa L'Homme Arme (1460): I. Kyrie
          (after Hector Berlioz - Symphonie Fantastique: V)
II. Pierre Attaignant (1494-1552)
     Tordion: Quand je bois du vin clairet (1524)
Tielman Susato (1510-1571) - Dancerye (1551)
     III. Allemande
     IV. Bergarette
     V. Bransle - Den Hobocken Dans
     VI. La Morisque
VII. Thoinot Arbeau (Jehan Tabouret, 1519-1595)
     Basse Danse "Jouyssance Vous Donneray"
VIII. Claude Gervais (1525-1583)
     Danceries - Book IV (1550): Gailliarde
IX. Dublin Virginal Book (b. c. 1540)
     Variations on The Romanesca (1570)
X. Samuel Voelckel (1560-1617)
     Courante (1613)



May 4, 2019
Under Deconstruction
San Francisco Composers Chamber Orchestra
St. Teresa of Avila Church, San Francisco, CA

October 5, 2019
All That Fall
San Francisco Composers Chamber Orchestra
St. Teresa of Avila Church, San Francisco, CA

Saturday, December 22, 2018

Satie Orchestrations, Op. 292

Op. 292 SATIE ORCHESTRATIONS (December 22, 2018)

I. Secular and Instantaneous Hours:
     I. Obstacles Venimeux 
          (after Parade)

II. Sports et Divertissements:
     XVII. Tango
          (after Igor Stravinksy's Tango)

III. Avant-Dernieres Pensees:
     II. Aubade
          (after Paul Dukas's The Sorcerer's Apprentice and
          Francis Poulenc's Aubade)

IV. Sonata Bureaucratique:
     I. Allegro
          (after Igor Stravinsky's Pulcinella)

V. Premiere Minuet
     (after Parade)


February 23, 2019
Opus 73-74: When in Romance...
The Opus Project Orchestra
Diablo Valley College Music Building, Pleasant Hill, CA

April 27, 2019
Spirit of Opus 75-76
The Opus Project Orchestra
Diablo Valley College Music Building, Pleasant Hill, CA

June 25, 2019
Opus 77-78: Being and Somethingness
The Opus Project Orchestra
Diablo Valley College Music Building, Pleasant Hill, CA

October 19, 2019
Opus 81-82: Imaginary Soundscapes
The Opus Project Orchestra
Diablo Valley College Music Building, Pleasant Hill, CA

June 12, 2021
Opus 89: Brave New Order
Zoom Concert Everywhere!

Sunday, December 16, 2018

Ravel Orchestrations, Op. 291

Op. 291 RAVEL ORCHESTRATIONS (December 16, 2018)
      (after Mother Goose Suite: I-II)
     I. Menuet on the Name of Haydn (1909)
     II. Berceuse on the Name of Faure (1922,)



          February 23, 2019
          Opus 73-74: When in Romance...
The Opus Project Orchestra
          Diablo Valley College Music Building, Pleasant Hill, CA

Monday, December 10, 2018

Broke Dance Suite, Op. 290

Op. 290 BROKE DANCE SUITE (December 10, 2018)
     I. Bourgeois Ouverture (Comedie-Ballet)
          [Jean-Baptiste Lully, Darius Milhaud]
     II. Allemande Left-Right (Brothers' Joy)
          [Germany, Tielmann Susato, Ludwig van Beethoven]
     III. Au Courante (Sweet Expectation, Running)
          [France, Samuel Voelckel, J.S. Bach, Maurice Ravel]
     IV. Varese Sarabande (Icy Folia)
          [Spain, La Folia, G.F. Handel, Edgar Varese]
     V. Unkempt Gigue (Images from the Stark Land)
          [England, Ireland, William Kemp, J.S. Bach, Claude Debussy]

     "Many later suites included other movements placed between
          sarabande and gigue."  [Wikipedia, Suite (Music)]

     For this piece, these would constitute dances of
          Op. 297 BROKE DANCE INTERMEZZI: A (February 16, 2019)
          Op. 322 BROKE DANCE INTERMEZZI: Z (June 14, 2019)

     N.B. expanded versions of BROKE DANCE SUITE may include
          any or all movements of above, either interpolated between
          Sarabande and Gigue, or directly following the latter... 


May 4, 2019
Under Deconstruction
San Francisco Composers Chamber Orchestra
St. Teresa of Avila Church, San Francisco, CA

October 5, 2019
All That Fall
San Francisco Composers Chamber Orchestra
St. Teresa of Avila Church, San Francisco, CA

Sunday, November 18, 2018

The Decameron - Tenth Day, Op. 289

Op. 289  THE DECAMERON (November 18, 2018)
100 Novels for Voices and Instruments,
    after the work (1353) of Giovanni Boccaccio (1313-1375)
TENTH DAY / Introduction

Novel I -  A knight in the service of the King of Spain deems himself
Novel II - Ghino di Tacco captures the Abbot of Cluny

Novel III - Mitridanes, holding Nathan in despite, journeys with intent
     to kill him

Novel IV - Messer Gentile de' Carisendi disinters a lady that he loves
Novel V -  Madonna Dianora craves of Messer Ansaldo a garden

Novel VI - King Charles the Old falls in love with two young maidens

Novel VII - King Pedro, apprised of the fervent love borne him by Lisa
Novel VIII - Sophronia, albeit she deems herself wife to Gisippus,
     is wife to Titus Quintius Fulvus
Novel IX - Saladin, in guise of a merchant, is honourably entreated by
     Messer Torello
Novel X - Gualtieri, Marquis of Saluzzo, consents to take Griselda as
     his wife

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Medieval Orchestrations, Op. 288

Op. 288 MEDIEVAL ORCHESTRATIONS (October 24, 2018)
     Italy (b. c. 1270)
          Trotto (1300,
               after Florilegium Musicum of Paris, 1973)
     Robertsbridge Fragment Composer (b. c. 1290)
          Organ Estampie (c. 1320,
               after Anton Webern's Six Pieces for Orchestra, Op. 6: 1, 1909)
     Jacopo da Bologna (1320-1370)
          Non al suo amante (No One Ever Pleased a Lover so Much
c. 1350, Petrarch, 1304-1374, after Arnold Schoenberg's
               A Survivor from Warsaw, 1948)



     July 11-12, 2014
     Fresh Voices XIV: Taken
     Harriet March Page, Soprano / Mark Alburger, Tenor
     Goat Hall Productions
     Community Music Center, San Francisco, CA

     October 4, 2014
     Music of Air, Earth, Fire, and Water
     San Francisco Composers Chamber Orchestra
     Old First Presbyterian Church, San Francisco, CA

     May 6, 2017
     San Francisco Composers Chamber Orchestra
     St. Mark's Lutheran Church, San Francisco, CA

     October 27, 2018
     The Opus Project presents Opus 70: Ghost Dances
     Megan Cullen, Soprano / Mark Alburger, Tenor /
     The Opus Project Orchestra
     Diablo Valley College Music Building, Pleasant Hill, CA

Monday, October 22, 2018

Cliff Variations, Op. 287

Op. 287 CLIFF VARIATIONS (October 22, 2018)
Theme and 30 Passacaglic Life Changes
     [after Johannes Brahms (1833-1897) -
          Symphony No. 4, Op. 98 (1885): IV]
     [Mark Alburger (b. 1957) -
          Crystal Series, Op. 32  (1987):
               I. Crystal Bells]
Variation I
     [Sergei Prokofiev (1891-1953) -
          Peter and the Wolf, Op. 67 (1936)]
Variation II
     [Philip Glass (b. 1937) -
          The Illusionist (2006):
               XXI. Life in the Muntains]
Variation III
     [Terry Gilkyson (1916-1999) -
          The Jungle Book (1967):
               III. Bare Necessities]
Variation IV
     [Roger Miller (1936-1992) -
          Robin Hood (1973):
               II. Oo-De-Lally]
Variation V
     [Richard Sherman (b. 1928) -
          Mary Poppins (1967):
               XIV. Chim Chim Cher-ee]
Variation VI
     [Alan Menken (b. 1949) -
          Aladdin (1992):
                VIII. Prince Ali]
Variation VII
     [Alexander Courage (1919-2008) -
           Theme from "Star Trek" (1966)]
Variation VIII
     [Sammy Fain (1902-1989) -
          Peter Pan (1959):
                You Can Fly]
Variation IX
     [George Bruns (1914-1983 -
          101 Dalmatians:
               Cruella da Vil]
Variation X
     [John Williams (b. 1932) -
          Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981):
               I. Indiana Jones March]
Variation XI
     [George Bruns (1914-1983) -
          Yo Ho a Pirate's Life for Me (1967)]
Variation XII
     [Buddy Baker (1818-2002) -
          The Fox and the Hound (1981):
               Best of Friends]
Variation XIII
     [Alan Menken (b. 1949) -
          Beauty and the Beast (1991) -
               Belle (Little Town)]
Variation XIV [
     [James Newton Howard (b. 1951) -
          Malificent (2014) - 
               VI. Go Away]
Variation XV
     [Billie Joe Armstrong (b. 1972) -
          American Idiot (2004):
               IV. Boulevard of Broken Dreams]
Variation XVI
     [Valerie Simpson (b. 1946) -
          Ain't No Mountain High Enough (1966)]
Variation XVII
     [Jerry Goldsmith (1929-2004) -
          Mulan (1998):
               II. Reflection]
Variation XVIII
     [Phil Collins (b. 1951) -
          Tarzan (1999):
               VI. Strangers Like Me]
Variation XIX
     [Martie Maguire (b. 1969) -
          Not Ready to Make Nice (2006)]
Variation XX
     [Elton John (b. 1947) -
          The Lion King (1994):
               IV. Hakuna Matata]
Variation XXI
     [John Williams (b. 1932) -
          Superman (1978):
Variation XXII
     [Macklemore (b. 1983 -
          Same Love (2012)]
Variation XXIII
     [Adele Adkins (b. 1988) -
          Rolling in the Deep (2012)]
Variation XXIV
     [Dee Snider (b. 1955) -
          Ride to Live, Live to Ride (1983)]
Variation XXV
     [Ken Casey (b. 1969) -
          I'm Shipping Up to Boston (2006)
Variation XXVI
     [Shawn Patterson (b. 1965) -
          Everything Is Awesome (2015)]
Variation XXVII
     [Max Martin (b. 1971 -
          Oops!…I Did It Again (2000)]
Variation XXVIII
     [Kevin Hendrickson -
          Jake and the Neverland Pirates (2011)]
Variation XXIX
     [Rachel Platten (b. 1981) -
          Fight Song (2015)]
Variation XXX [
     Chris Janson (b. 1986) -
          Fix a Drink (2017)]


Saturday, September 1, 2018

Shostakovich Orchestrations, Op. 286


I. Children's Notebook, Op. 69 (1945) I. March (after Scherzo, Op. 1)

II. Children's Notebook, Op. 69 (1945): IV. Happy Fairy Tale
III. Preludes and Fugues, Op. 87 (1951): I. in C Major
     (after Symphony No. 1, Op. 10: I. Allegretto - Allegro non troppo)


September 29, 2018
The Opus Project presents Opus 69: Moondance
The Opus Project Orchestra
Diablo Valley College Music Building, Viking Drive, Pleasant Hill, CA

March 28, 2020
The Opus Project presents Opus 85-86-87
The Opus Project Orchestra
Diablo Valley College Music Building, Viking Drive, Pleasant Hill, CA

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Dan Cook Canyon, Op. 285

Op. 285 DAN COOK CANYON (July 3, 2018)
Six Tethered Tales 'Round Danville, CA
I. Goodbye God, I'm Going to Bodie
     (Dan Cook Strikes It Rich / The Open Bar)
II. Al Diablo Contigo
     (Dan Cook Inherits a Ranch / Big Trains of Californian Aristocracy)
III. Five Haunted Houses in San Rafael
     (Dan Cook Disappears / Day Below an Oak Hill)
IV. San Francisco Spite Walls
     (Dan Cook's Niece / Intermezzo Interruptus)
V. Amundsen Beyond Tromso
     (Dan Cook's Grand-Niece / Sinfonia Artica: Seascape)
VI. State Park Anecdote and Trail Guide
     (Dan Cook's Ghost / Concerto Profana)


Sunday, July 1, 2018

Milhaud Orchestrations, Op. 284


I. Saudades do Brazil, Op. 67: I (after La Creation du Monde: Fugato)

II. Trois Rag-Caprices, Op. 78: I (after Igor Stravinsky's The Rite of Spring)


July 28, 2018
The Opus Project presents Opus 67: Ludwig, Bela, Igor, and the Wolf
The Opus Project Orchestra 
Diablo Valley College Music Building, Viking Drive, Pleasant Hill, CA

May 25, 2019
The Opus Project presents Opus 77-78
The Opus Project Orchestra
Diablo Valley College Music Building, Viking Drive, Pleasant Hill, CA

Saturday, June 2, 2018

Debussy Orchestrations, Op. 283

     (after Prelude to the Afternoon of a Faun)

I. Arabesque No. 1, L. 66 (1891)

     II. Reverie, L. 68 (1890)
     III. Suite Bergamasque, L 75 (1905): III. Claire de Lune


     June 30, 2018
     (Get Your Kicks with) OPUS 66
The Opus Project Orchestra
     Diablo Valley College Music Building
     Viking Drive, Pleasant Hill, CA

     August 25, 2018
     Revolution! (Sturm und Drang): OPUS 68
     The Opus Project Orchestra
     Diablo Valley College Music Building
     Viking Drive, Pleasant Hill, CA

     April 27, 2019
     The Opus Project presents Opus 75-76
     The Opus Project Orchestra
     Diablo Valley College Music Building
     Viking Dive, Pleasant Hill, CA

Friday, June 1, 2018

Chopin Orchestrations, Op. 282

Op. 282 CHOPIN ORCHESTRATIONS (June 1, 2018)
I. Fantasie Impromptu, Op. 66 (1834,
     after George Crumb's Echoes of Time and the River, 1967)
II. March Funebre in C Minor, Op. 72, No. 2 (1829,
     after Hector Berlioz's Grande Symphonie Funebre et Triomphale,



     June 30, 2018
     (Get Your Kicks with) OPUS 66
     The Opus Project Orchestra
     Diablo Valley College Music Building
     Viking Drive, Pleasant Hill, CA

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Leonin Locale, Op. 281

(May 23, 2018)
For Voices and Orchestra
I. Across
II. Down



May 24, 2018
Diablo Valley College Music Theory
Pleasant Hill, CA

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Prokofiev Orchestrations, Op. 280

I. Music for Children, Op. 65: X. March (1935)
     (after The Love for Three Oranges, Op. 33 [1919]: III. March)
II. Music for Children, Op. 65: XII. Moonlit Meadows (1935)
     (after The Love for Three Oranges, Op. 33 [1919]: IV. Scherzo)



May 26, 2018
The Opus Project presents Opus 65: The Unkindest Cut of All
The Opus Project Orchestra
Diablo Valley College Music Building, Pleasant Hill, CA 

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

D'Indy Orchestrations, Op. 279

Op. 279 D'INDY ORCHESTRATIONS (May 1, 2018)
     I.  Minuet on the Name of Haydn, Op. 65
          (1909, after Symphony on a French Mountain Air, Op. 25 [1886])
     II. Fantaisie, Op. 99 
          (1930, after Diptyque Mediterraneen, Op. 87 [1925])



May 26, 2018
The Opus Project presents Opus 65: The Unkindest Cut of All
Th Opus Project Orchestra
Diablo Valley College Music Building, Pleasant Hill, CA

Monday, April 30, 2018

Jeremiah Lamentations, Op. 278

Op. 278 JEREMIAH LAMENTATIONS (April 30, 2018)
          I.-V.  The Call of Two Visions
          VI. Fear Not / Old Paths
          VII. Miserere mei Domine
          VIII. Bones / Balm
          IX.-X. Headwaters
          XI. Einam Quasi Agnus
          XII.-XIV. Let Mine Eyes Run Down
          XV.-XVI. Your Words Became a Joy
          XVII. Blessed Is the One Who Trusts in the Lord
          XVIII.-XXX.  I Know the Thoughts Which I Think
          XXXI. Vox in Rama
          XXXII. Love Celebration
          XXXIII. Behold, the Day Is Come, Says the Lord
          XXXIV.-LI. Wave All the Flags
          I. De Elegia Prima / Secunda
          II. De Elegia Tertia / Quarta
         III. De Elegia Quinta


Saturday, March 10, 2018

Book of Dreams, 2018, Op. 277

 Op. 277 BOOK OF DREAMS, 2018 (March 10, 2018)
     Texts and Text-Settings for Voices and Orchestra
I.   January 7-8 325 Dark / Opus Project Large Inept /
          Topographic Maps / Waterford Crystal
     January 8-9 Mallet Percussion / DVC Mailbox
           Renovation Inconvenient Excess Packages
     January 9-10 Pillows Meerkat Attack / Mirror View /
          Parking Pilot Traffic
     January 11-12 Airport Newspaper Lost
          Burned Out Car Parking
     January 12-13 Duckpaths Walking on Water /
          Apostate Church Decameron Bible /
          Draft Table Upstairs Goat Hall
     January 13-14 Waterfall Canyon Lingerie Photo
     January 14-15 Harriet Throws All Food Out from
          Freezer into Refridgerator Due to Kelly /
          Changing Jackets w/ Paul Dresher /
          Jealousy Photographs Ballet  Apartment Mop Away /
          Mating Rituals for a Confused Animal
  January 15-16 Photos Turning into God Knows What /
          Elephant Tripping / Steed Cowart as Distant Relative
          and I Am in the Play / Cora Medical Doctor
     January 16-17 Pictures from Dad / Inspector Facts of the
           Case If You Like / Dr. Emily Rind Hospital Outback
           America Combined Patients Marek
     January 17-18 Labelling Pictures People on a California
          Roadway and not Finishing /
          Mild Sedative and Cloistering of Girls on Field Trip -
          Don't Run Wild in SF / Foggy Tyranosurus on Coast /
          Talented Cellist w/ Reptile Model /
          Second Age of Exploration /
          The Way Is Free to All
    January 18-19 Excursions / George Crumb Concert /
          Travelling to Egypt, etc /
          Donald Pleasance Better Drive the Car /
          Singing Rehearsal at a Distance
     January 19-20 Travels to Walla Walla /
          DVC Music Lab Invasion / 
          Monkeys Reading Newspapers by a Lake /
          Goat Hall Renovation Expansion Dinner Al Anon /
          Touring Around Maris Grove / Andover /
          Rabbits and Flute Players at Creekside /
          Solano Graduation Gene-ology /
          Police Action on Hidden Valley Trail /
          Castle Commandeering /
          Turn Off the Television in an Over-Carpeted 325 /
          Harriet Asleep / Comic Book Baby Escape
     January 20-21 Meat Canyon
     January 21-22 Quicksand /
          Repeat "I Wll Not Repeat Myself"
     January 23-24 Misbehaving Pets and Children in Diapers /
          Lawrence Road
     January 25-26 Filming Decameron Part II -- Including
          Donald Trump --
          to a Signed-off Script /
          Refinery Valley Desecrated
     January 26-27 Down Well Up in the Air
          w/ Cows Jellyfish et al /
          Rain over Mt Diablo San Ramon /
          Triple Earth Triple Egg
     January 27-28 Driving Through California
          Landsape Destruction /
          Stepping up to a Painful Hip
    January 28-29 Tension of Books
    January 30-31 Driving a Car through a
          Sand Cave in France /
          Friends Meet Friends
January 31 - February 1 Harriet, Ire and Black Guy,
          and Son in Not Ours Kitchen / John Adams Apology,
          Elevator Chair, T-Shirt, and his Baby's
          Diaper Needs Chnging /
          The Time Is 2:88 / Waiting For The Rest
          of the Party to Arrive with Newspapers /
          Guest Artist In-House Wandering Performance Bed Piece

II. February 1-2 Picnic Rest Rooms /
          Bonanza Reunion Desert Wall
          Walking Warehouse / 
          Mysterious Sunny Foggy Medocino North Coast
          with a Children's Race and a Commerccial Zen Retreat /
          Distant Rich Houses at a Point Photographed Through a Window
          A Publication That Has Access to More of My Dreams Than I  Do
          Our New Ideas as Forgotten Dreams Remembered /
          Air Turbulance from a Car Swaying Causes a Downstream
          Car's Swerving Accident /
          Failing to Make First Entrance Onstage in Poulenc /
          Les Mamelles as More of a John Bilotta Aesop
          Diverting Around Backstage through Springfield High,
             Chambers Church /
         Early Band Old Instruments Rehearsal w/ Vicky Holder,
            and SFCCO Techie /
         Collapsable Staircase to Leave Sanctuary, w/ Kangaroo on Rung,
         Hearing Micah Epps as Substitute / Star of the Sea /
            Fire in a Nursing Home /
          Nurse Confessional
     February2-3 Merging into a Snowy Pittsburgh / F Lydian Growth /
        Eye Chart for George Jetson
     February 3-4 Biodiversity in an African Lake /
          Snowy CA Oregon Back Roads and the Medley Trapped with
          Tisha and Company
      February 4-5 Wild Gorilla TV Show Arm Wrestling Escape
      February 5-6 A Flooded Green Valley, Walking Across 
          a Rainsoaked Bridge, Bracing for a Truck Splash /
          Seeing a Bedroom-Dissected Dripping Head Sent in
           Package from Medical Lab
     February 6-7 Music History in a Hotel Room with Computer
         TV and Unruly Children /
         Becke(t) and Browning Detective Show /
         Descending a White Neon
        Mulholland Canyon after Trailer Urination Repars, and
        Ellen Bachman Ocean City / But Highrise Gallvestan and Beyond
        w/ Street Cats in Hotel Room Entering like Rats /
        Multiple Abandoned Clothes Transported on Energetic Freight
        Elevator /
        Oppulent Showers and Pizza /
        Mel Clay as Spiritual Hot Dog Vendor /
        Return to Teaching
     February 7-8 Obama Presidency Football -
          Our Victory Is Your Victory
     February 8-9 Hindu-Buddhist Wedding Anniversary in a Hotel
          with Aunt Jane,
          a Fit Yogi Freeloader John Lynn / Home movies Bette George /
         Delicious Gormet Indian Breakfast / An Ever-Filling,
         Almost Overflowing, Opulent Bathtub,
          Shared Restroom w/ Sarah Cahill
Endless Walker Public Family Reunion /
         Departure from Pinole Library /
         FBI / Hills of a Heroic Judea
     February 9-10 Tacos from Outer Space; Pizza Warriors /
         Endless Mosqito Bites in Grand Gales Creek Canyon and a Quiz
     February 10--11 Secret Agent / Crystal Dark Night,
         Waking up Residents,
         Dogs, Newspapers Sleep in the Hall SFCCO at a
          Big Springfield High for
         Rehearsals in Various Areas /
         Watching Crystal's Mouse and Knowing
         It Won't Be Hurt Because All Is a Dream
     February 11-12 Avenging Torpedos in a Row /
          Exploding Missile on the Lake - Love Chapter /
          Caprice Variations Paganini / Eternal Strange Standing Electric
          Amateurish Keyboard Lesson
         (Better to Play from Map) and Walk Across Pittsburgh Slum
          (w Indian Mass Walking Porter Conveyance and
          Highrise Bus on Top w/ Sleep, Fumes, Sun, and Pool,
          Before Late for Opus)
     February 13-14 Babysit Donald Trump's Kid at
          Lisa Scola Prosek's Ranch, Meet Him in his Hospital Bed,
          Tell Him He's an Asshole and a Fuckhead, He Tkes It,
          Turns Out to Be a Nice Guy,
          We Have a Photo Shoot at a Party,
          Lisa Messes Up the First Pictures and Gets Mad,
          We Take Successful Pictures, Forget About the Kid,
          But He's OK and Everybody's Happy /
          Woman Dressed as Members of Kiss Engage with Others
     February 14-15 Love's Labors Diagrammed
     February 15-16 Late and Taking a Long Time to Set Up for a
          Lecture in a Strange Classroom
     February 16-17 Mice Men Act I Mendelssohn /
         Voluptuous Love Story and
         An Agatha Christie Ten Little Indians 
         Monster Carrying Away Colonel Pickering,
         Mary Pickford, and Baby on an Arctic Ship /
         Searching for Info on Hamlet and Misspelling Words /
         Real Estate Visitation, and the Personel Key Breaks / 
Ascending by the Sloping Walls of a Presidio Mission /
         Drinking Orange Juice in the Tower of London with
         Thomas More /
         Walker Auto Body Shop as Movie Studio /
         Corporate Holiday Calendar Mapped on the Oso Landslide /
         Edith Bunker in a Housetrailer in Hollywood /
         Philip Glass's Nova Sotia Retreat and the
         European Conquest of Cheese and Feasibility /
         Black Girls Talking About Hitler Near Cache Creek Casino /
         Gin Rummy /
         Women Talking Ad Infinitem, and Negative Responses /
         Letting Walmart Bag the Groceries /
         In a Department Store, Being Accosted by a Security
         Guard Because of a Computer Bag
   February 17-18 Damaged Baby Ghosts /
         Knocked Elbow Off The Picnic Table, Bosch-Style /
         A Daughter Dies of Nazism and Disease at 5  /
          Inside Canon School and Wide Hill Boulevard of Capay Valley /
         Turning on Dining Room Lights at 325,
          Living Room Lights Come On,
         View Is All Out Front
   February 18-19 Zeroing in on House of Parliment / Ants! /
        A History of Publications and Steep Street in West Elevator,
        Snowy England, and Injustice Northwest Flood /
        A News Report Team Befriended Eventually for Fancy Breakfast, 
A Cnnyon Hotel Balcony Porch, Car Stuck on Roof of Another Car,
        Drops, Gets Washed Away in Cascade, and Totally Destroyed,
        Brand New Yet Old, with Possessions Gone /
        A Menu that Predicts the Future /
        Coffee Tragedy, Have Some Tea /
        Hiyah! /  Mother Black Swarthmore College Music Architecture
        View After Concert Receptionist /
        The Power of Imagination in SF Downtown Performance Theatre
   February 19-20 Printer and Computer
       Grazing on Dining Room Furniture /
      Talking Ape Rebuke /Big Sur Adventures, Tom Morgan,
       Partial Collapsed Cathedral and Return, Familar Backstages,
       Choir Partticipation, Walkabout, Attempt to Travel with
       Desk and Chair,
       Very Small Bicycle Stolen, Missing Behind Dais in Lower Hymnal
        Compartment Sized Space -- Glasses There Felt Instead
   February 20-21 Harvard Andover Proximity Alumni Observation
       Tower with Budget Elderly Topographic Interest
       Making an Escape from Society Woman via Hidden
        Eccentric Staircases /
       Speeding Northeast on 80 and Exiting Too Fast
   February 21-22 Ogre at the Window of a Flea Bag Motel, Locked In
   February 22-23 Academic Conference w New and Medieval Music,
      Theatre, Cafe, Oboe, Super Heros,Rescue Mission, and Blues
   February 23-24 Classic Romantic Slasher Shakespearean
       Couple Murder
      Suicide on a Rotary Saw Table, Nicer Couple, Ending at Same Spot
      After Separation
   February 24-25 Lunch / Sunbathing with Two Women of a
       Certain Age
       on the Same Side of a Long Table, Moving Chairs,
       after Coastal Access Issues on a Lost Mallibu Coast -
       Am, C, Added Tones, Returning from Grocery Store -
       Unfocussed, Quick Sign / Where? 
       Ingenious and Non-Obvious Taking
       Pictures of the Same Panoramic Landscape,
       Here and Back East
   February 25-25 John's House with Midgets
   February 27-28 Urban Blight San Rafael,
      Apt Downtown, Breaking into Second-Floor Bunk-Bedroom,
      Kid Using Computer / Imitating William Gates While
      Walking with a Violin How on a Beautiful Day,
      Meet Him and He Asks Assistance / in Doing Blood-Type Work /
      Not Being Able to Read the Dream / Listen the Road
   February 28 - March 1 Urban Mathem, Money, Murder --
       Croud Ignoring Mugging --
       Caccias, Wall-Running, Locked Doors, Gunfire

III.March 1-2 Hiking, Open-Space Panoramas, Dogs Running Off,
       Auto Repair Motel, Strange Bathrooms,
       Incomplete Sheet Music Needing Transposition
    March 2-3 Bedroom Lights Out, Sideways Switcnes, Dormitory Hall,
       Passing Vehicle,
Alternative Solfege - Pre, Me, Ef, A, Sol .
      Terry Riley's Other Wife /
      Billy Graham's Indolent Son - re Plane Crash, Yeah That Was Him
   March 3-4 An image of Levenworth / Joan's Haunted House;
      M&M's as Detectives / Calendar Numbered Wrong
March 4-5 Monster Girls in Quick Mutation
   March 5-6 Stealing Electricity -
      Dunsmuir Shall Have Power For Years to Come
   March 6-7 Giving Her All the Answers to the Award-Winning Household Quiz /
      Mr. Bojangles When Did Your Taste Get to Be so Crooked / Gifted /
      Scripted /
      I Gotta Say I Really Want to Play Michigan
   March 7-8 John Browning Chris Computer Marcy/Paige Room
     Megan C 
     Airplaine Capay Valley / Three Boys Lost Items in Church,
     Difficult Double Doors /
     Catching Light With an Unfurled Newspaper
   March 8-9 Class Reunion Hugh - Don Gosnay, Pam Kelly, Trout Dish,
     Left Over Cold Cuts, Roast Beef,
     String Quartet, Women, Loneliness / Bette and George Reunion,
     Harriet Catches Up / Recording Dreams /
     Overnight Flight w/ Sleeping Compartments to Boston,
     Distressed Landing Among Tall Red Buildings / Cheating on Test
     Within Eyesight
March 9-10 Eastasian Woman Putting Cream in Starbucks Coffee and Spilling It
  March 10-11 I'm Sure You Didn't Hear About a Priest?  Mn-huh? /
      They Have to Have lots of brocoli to dump on Tassajara Boulevard
   March 11-12 Typing Medieval Motet Titles and an Operating Room
   March 12-13 Going Through Red Lights / Police Parking at DVC /
      Full Speed Bacward Through a Crowdwd Street /
      Turning on the Music Program Playback and
      Not Turning on the Music Program Playback /
      SciFi Dream Bright Lights Abuction Escape --
      Hands Grabbing and Horror --
      Escape to Sorrel but Knowing Still Asleep / Kat Can Do Opus
   March 13-14  Not Ready for Opus Mafunctioning Xerox Macines
   March 14-15 Carving Turkey but Mounds Are on the Floor and
      What Kind of Meat is That, Anyway
   March 15-16 Food / Water Shortage - 20 Gal / Day
   March 16-17 Reforming a Hospital / Obnoxious TV Lady /
      Pretty Birthday Cake / How to Date Service
   March 17-18 Blotting Out The Sky with a Cookie Cutter /
      Bert's Coffee Twins
   March 18-19 Soap Opera Councellinb / Wrong-Way Entrance Ramp /
      We See Him Ditching Hidden Cellphone /
      Rehearsal w Slat Chairs / Flying Rain / Bookstore Hovering /
      Mary / Christmas Church Lobby Music
March 20-21 A Nurse to Cars and YouTube /
      Asking Questions About Instruments and Opus Project /
      Carolyn Entertaining Harriet's Relatives in Carol's House
   March 21-22 Aesop's Fable Owl / Two Darwinian Birds
   March 22-23 325 Bathtub Games and Discussion Knock on Door /
      Congenial Dentist /
      20 Questions Ballroom Mark MC w/ Harriet Simging
   March 23-24 Baby Sounds / Buying Hot Dogs / Conducting Fauvel /
      Driving 4 East / Removing a Display
      via a Chambers Style Porte Coche
   March 24-25 W'oj / Zarabeth / DVC Music Lab /
      Gorilla in the House at Christmas /
      Bahia-Canal Construction Site Rough Road
   March 25-26 Larkspur Strange Exit /
      Crystal Video Art March of the Toys
   March 28-29 Mr. Pototohead Battlling Warner Space Bugs on a Wall
      Big Unitarian Church Chris Opus DVC Conductor Heirarchy
   March 29-30 Hard Variations and Passacaglias
      Adventures of the Pet Mouse-Gopher in the Clean Ecosystem /
      Family Reunion Panorama with Drunk Friend /
      Scrolling through Unknown Possibilities /
      Changing the Baby Fountain / Bambi on the Run /
      Panoramic Banning Grade Greeting Harriet Wrong-Way
      Marin Headlands 101
   March 30-31 Somebody Hands Me a Paper to Read in an Outdoor
      Cafe /
      Burials in Israel US /
      Cage Warehouse Rehearsal / Leaving SF / Phila /
      Abandoned Building Sleep / Chris Accidently Tracks Down /
      Spurting Sera Bandage / Hot Tea / How-to Comicbook Classroom /
      Tutoring Owen Class Student / Afterwards Owen Is Sick in Hotel
      Bed and Given Space /
      Hiking with Harriet on the Vacaville Side of Lagoon Mountains
    March 31 - April 1 Public Transport Adventures / Megan Moves Back
      In / Lippy

IV. April 1-2 Taking Care of Living Stuffed Puppy in Absentia
         Posting on Wrong Blogspot Page
     April 2-3 Voluptuous Transcendant / More Puzzling Filing /
         Marin Headlands Geology Walk TV Show
     April 3-4 Cat Decapitates Itself in Closet on Broken Ceramic /
          Lost in an Overgrown Damp Desert at Night with Scott and
          Cellphones / Rental Car Needs Return /
         Argument with Harriet while Driving Truck "I Cannot See"
          "Thank You" /
          Perspectives of Mt Diablo (It's in the Wrong Place)
          Hands Across America Tower
      April 4-5 More Dangerous Driving /
          Committee for Substitute Teaching
          (Doesn't Exist) Gives a Luncheon
     April 5-6 Big Cake in a Shopping Cart and Carried Sepapately Near
          Tassajara Junction / Setting Up the Show with Hovhaness
     April 6-7 Firebird and Rachel / Giant Low Tides /
          Tour of Huge Catholic Church Vaults with Extensive Concert
          Jazz Rehearsal  /
          Lost and Found Cellphone Calling Mom / Trading Cars /
          Wandering Through High Crime Old Neighborhood 
          Touring Elaborate Museum /
          Wearing a White Religious Garment as a Towel-Scarf
          Over a Bathing Suit
     April 7-8 Locking up Chambers Church with a Difficult Window /
          William Gates's Church with Sorrel, Tying Ties and Going
           Down Escalator
      April 8-9 Interviewing John Cage
      April 9-10 Harriet/Carol Lets Car Roll Down Steep Interior/
          Exterior Apt Hill / It Is Collapsable OK /
          But Femme Gloves ? Need Suggestions How John Browning Will
          Not Steal Sartorial Show /
          Erling Wold Long Hall to See Sharon / Sex Skid Row Trinity Loren
     April 10-11 Telemann Oboe Concerto in F Minor Capay Valley Dead End /
          Lagoon Los Robles Cousin Billy Goodbye Car Kisses Apple Adaptor
     April 11-12 Great Wall of Danville / Komodo Dragon Wrestling /
          Blasting Music in Old Neighborhood Since No One Is There /
          Ritual Dances / 
Helping Carolyn With Schoolwork Via Helping Tutor
     April 12-13 Killing a Rat in the Kitchen, Covering With a Towel,
          It Becames Alive Again with Harriet Near
     April 13-14 How to Recognize Bon Mots / Inspection of Machines
     April 14-15 What's the Meaning of This?  Circus! / Flooded Coastal Mansion
          A Surf Skateboard Down the Rocky Pacific Path with Dicey Dogs /
          Harriet's Relatives, and Megan's Friend /
          The Start Through Front Door of House on a Sunnier Daty /
          with Lost Found iPhone Camera ? What's the Number?  Are You Ready?
     April 15-16 A young Petite Woman Forsaken for All Others,
          Caught in the Act, in The Kingdom of Paper Retreat /
          "Those We Don't Heat, We Do Not Treat" /
           Does She Know How Old? / "I Didn't Dream...
     April 16-17 Webern Op. 10 Problems /
          Cult Multi-Racial Church Changing Hymns and
          Using Hypnotism on Dad /
We Discuss in Jeep and at Large Family Reunion
     April 17-18 Motel Complex w/ Exterior Public Bathrooms /
          Waking-Driving a Great Distance to Get There -
           Sometimes w/ Some Baggage
     April 19-20 Break-In, Harriet Hears /
          Bret Peppo as Young Man Learning Schoenberg Songs But
          Not the Expected / Familiar Person As Janitor Mashine
          Mopping Floor, While Trying to Leave /
          Walk Across to SHS Band Room to Find Frying Pan -
          Some Black Ones Chained to Outside Wall /
          Masked Terrorists Throwing Bicycles off a Flatbed Truck
    April 20-21 Intimacy in the SCC Library / Sample and IRS /
          Revising the Website, Impossibly /
          Surrogate Hiker, Unnecessarily /
          Dragging a Razor Blade With a Bicycle Along a Street /
          Opus Project Downstairs After Language Presentation -
          No One Shows
     April 21-22 A Long Road Trip in the Tropics Near Stinson Beach
     April 22-23 Organizing Webern Unnecessarily /
           A Cat Turning Into a Lion Who Likes Milk /
          A Giant Library with Showers and Views,
          Taking Out Percussion, Not Going to Philosophy Class /
          A Beautiful Architectural Stream Walk Without Glasses
     April 23-24 Casual Intimacy at the Top of a Fire Lookout /
          Seeing Africa Like a Democrat
     April 24-25 Cats, Crystals, Food / Eskimos (Inuit)
     April 26-27 Strange Collapsing Ratios /
          Green Snake with a Double Retracting Neck /
          Tests and Intenion of Disclosure but Suddenly Resort w/
          Carol and Harriet Appears, Siding w/ Latter /
          Tentative Ammends and Stimulating Situation /
          Power Outage in Grocery Store / Trying to Buy Hot Dogs
      April 27-28 Living on Campus, Strangely Decorated
          Furnitured Large Room, Multple Pianos,
          Large Long Tables, Chairs, Brothel-Dominitrix Fur Red Details,
          Rectagular Patterns
     April-28-29 Peaceful Dream, Unremembered
     April 29-30 Peaceful at Times Steep Walk / Bike "Liebre Coast" Trail /
          Black Horror Stories

V. May 1-2 Spot, The Misbehaving Cat - One of Several -
       Imprisoned in a Slide Box at One Point --
       Hissing Under White-Table_Clothed Dining Room Table at 325
    May 2-3 New Music Appreciation Situation and Piece by Terry Riley
      for Voice and Electronic Recorded Orchestra /
      Error in Finale, Measure Gap
   May 3-4 Fred's Beach House, A Woman From Odessa,
     Great Beach Views, Covering the Groceries in a Black Plastic Tarp
     so not in View from Handicapped Spaces, Fog Breaking
   May 4-5 "Mountainous" Mouth of Rio Grand, Lost Camera,
     Borrowing Dad's /
     Looking for Camera in Multiple Intimate Giant Swarthmoe College Libraries
   May 5-6 Wolfman Janitor
   May 5-7 Piggy's Archicturally Famous Treehous Window Home
      Surveilled by Redneck Truck Contraption /
    May 7-8 Leaving Carolyn at Tuscarora Rest Stop in Sun, Going
      Through Kitatiny and Blue Mountain in Snow,
      and Returning for Her, to the Sound of Prokofiev
      Music For Children March, New Orchesration /
      Redneck Ogre Appears in Sharon Retirement Waitng Area
   May 8-9 Queen's Jubilee / Harriet at SCC / Newspapers in the Car
   May 9-10 Dave Schaffer Catholic Mortician /
      An Upper Safe Haven w/ Harriet / 
      When You're Dead You're Dead Poker Player (Can Tell in Mirror) --
      But Live Humerous Poker Player Ghost -- Western Theme --
      Sorrel Wit  -- In Control) /
      What I Wouldn't Tell (Give) / Pizza / Inner Coast Range Dark) /
      Roman de Fauvel Music /
      Locked Out of Bruce Cooke's Classroom, Owen and Mark Late to
      Teach Theory in Rutledge, PA,
      Grams's Corner
   May 10-11 Inflatable Suits, A Cure for Alzheimer's,
     Chaotic Medical Center Waiting Line /
     Giant Library with Revealed Reference Area /
     Music Appreciation Lecture on Rickety Ocean Seafood Restaurant
       and Am Dying So Change Arrangement,
       But Its Records, Record Player, Cords, No Power,
      So IPhone to Rescue / Carolyn Leaves Me For Tom Selleck,
      But Thimking About Resolution, Meanwhile Someone Else,
      Glorious Desert, Needs Some Aesthetic Touch-Up Work...
      Editing Out the Seductions
     Within, a Serious Racer Named Lelly
      Perfiormance of 2017 with Added Numbers and Glam
      Production Values,  Plus Fine Grand Pianos Damaged Onstage
   May 11-12 Music Prize, Each Judges One, a Judge Drops Out,
        So Step Up / Aristocratic Hermaphroditic
        African-American Gardener Crossing Rainier Seen from
        Study Window
     May 12-13 Sorrel Conducts / Sarah Huckabee Acts Out /
         Sipping Desert Cave Water with Friend -- It's Good!
     May 13-14 Reading SFCCO Funding Report w/ John Beeman,
         Michael Cooke, Harry Bernstein +
         Rowdy Friend and Kid in Room;
         Ask Them to Go Next Room Behind Flimsey Sliding
         Wooden Door.  Michael Will Handwrite Neatly /
         Transferring Lots of Musical Instruments Haphazardly
         from a Truck in Big New York / San Francisco
   May 14-15 Tar and Oil All Over 325,
         and Maybe a Species Doesn't Deserve to Live...
         Renter Upstairs; Harriet, Mark, Tisha Downstairs;
         Clothing Optional Towel Robe Mirror Dance
  May 15-16 Car Chase in Church and Gravity Shoe Toss with Scott +
         Cats Sounding Bells with Their Tails
  May 16-17 Bill Qurokar, Candidate for Senate, Found Dead in Pool /
          Squirrel Jumping on a Bouy /
          Time and Musical Intervals that Are Sculpted
   May 17-18 Rehearsing a Goat Productions Show,
          Socializing Thereafter with Panoramas, Lights Go Out,
          Some Computer Writing Lost,
          Mysterious Car Before Mysterious House /
          Speeches Given on High as the Clouds Part /
          Sharing a Toooo-Small Blanket w/
          Michael Cooke's Daughter at a Party Tea and Crumpets Arrive /
          They Want to Fire Me - That's What a Descending D-B
          Tremolo Means /
          Twilightght Arresting B-C-D Climb /
          Blackhawk Plaza and a Giant Trash Heap /
          Return to Dead Dirge /
          High School Student Revolution at DVC Pleasant Hill Solano
          Combo Giant-y Interconnected - No Hone -
          T-Shirt, No On Knows What's Going On /
          Complimrntary Rolls / Cafeteria Open /
          Party in the DVC San Ramon Conference Room
          with Lots of Spent Plates
     May 18-19 Virus Changes Formatting of Computer / Squid
     May 19-20 Abduction of Someone /
          Mark and Harriet at SF Sym Atempting to Have Them
          Provide Free Tix to Students and Put on theAlburger
          Hamlet w/ Us in Evening Wear of Various Kinds
    May 20-21 Scott Gets Up, Rumples Blankets, Where Is Scott? /
          On Two Campuses, Missed Music History Exam --
          A Friend Stays Behind to Talk to a Friend /
          A Great Fence Along Swarthmore College Woods,
          Formed by Black Plastic Garbage Bag TVs,
          But Beyond? / Paul Simon's The Boxer Recomposed
          and Orchestrated, Starting Half-Way Through
     May 21-22 Plumbing Problems in Grams's Basement
          (There Was None) Access Through Bathroom /
          Lots of Ice Cream /
          Extended Inebriated Encounter with Carolyn /
          Harriet /Failed Bad-Blood Mandell Recital
          12 Fingers 5 with Chaotic Old Piano
          Blocked by Sofa Cushions and Old Synthesizers
          Advertising Opus 65 to Music History Spring 2018,
          Aborted and No Applause
     May 22-23 House of Mirrors, Kandahar /
          Time to Say Goodbye, Image in Mirror /
          Desert Hotel, Exposed Large Bathroom,
          With Maginally Cutained Glass Door to Outside
          Difficult to Lock /Roller Derby Clean-Up,
          Including Mice and Men Score and Items
          Caught Under Chair
     May 23-24 A Playground with Energetic Stuffed Animals
          Jumping Over Fences /
          Unsympathetic Law Enorcers
     May 24-25 Jaywalking and Bursting in Through
          Free Sieve Entrance of Burlequesque House --
          A Fight -- Not What We Expected /
          Art Scene with Veteran Female Composer Performers /
          SF Sem-Wooded High Point Plateau iin SW /
          Quail al Fresco w/ Harriet, Stacking Unused Wooden Chairs
     May 25-26 "What Are the Suburbs?"
          He Yells, and Throws Down Everything He's Holding
     May 26-27 Hiking Hunger / Malibu Flooding
     May 27-28 Garden Party in Our Backyard with Water
          Everywhere /
          A Musical Trap, Not Yet Sprung
VI. June 4-5 (Waukesha, WI) / Citywood Banner Holograph
          on the Golden Gate Bridge
     June 5-6 (Castleton, ND)
          Flintstones Stegasaurus as Temporary Living Room Pet
          (and There Are Other Compromises)
     June 6-7 (Billings, MT) Harriet Panics Over Mark
          Holding the Cheese from the Convenience Store
     June 7-8 (Spokane, WA) Pyramids and Other Geometrical Figures
          Growing Out of Tree-Filled Mountains /
          Driving a Large Rubber Vehicle /
          Indoor-Outdoor Redneck-Smoker Picnic w/ Carol,
          Carolyn and Eventually Rain
     June 8-9 (Kalama, WA) Can You Promise Me You'll Be In Your Rooms?
     June 9-10 (Vacaville, CA) Gala Auction Garden Party /
          Bikini Contest for Heavyset Voluptuous Women /
          Backing Up to a Life-Size Model of Guthro,
          Montana (Doesn't Exist) /
          A Dark Banana Sandwich /Human Associations,
          Not Wires (Whispered) /
           Motorcycle Line-up and Monster Evolution /
           Back-Door Motel Connector, Really GoodJ
    June 10-11 Tropical Park Bridges Toll Tunnel Back-Up
          Land Crossover Bicycle Panorama with Cherie
   June 11-12 Making Caterpillar Connections /
          Machaut Mass Cave in Southern Nevada with Huell Howser,
          Alden Jenks, and Harriet /
          One of the Dozens of Reasons I'm Not a Professional Overture
     June 12-13 I-95 in the South as Toll Road with Maps /
          North Dakota I-94 Wild Party /
          Test-Driving a Car, with African-Americans,
          on US 50 in NevadaJune 13-14 Nevada
          US 50 Rutted Road to a Rest Stop,
          Pushing Sorrel's Car with Ours /
          Piano Flume Conveyor Rapids to Mendelssohn
          Midummer Nights Scherzo,
          Winching It Out at 2nd Theme
          1st Movement Violin Concerto, Overheated,
          in the Woods, Miniature Golfing,
          Fake Hindu Scriptures Upon Which a
          New Religion Is Based?,
          Overheated Again /
          Invasion of Animals in a Lonely Northern Homestead /
          Abandoned Industrial Complex
     June 14-15 Antigone in Rehearsal (Short),
          Nathan Marken Flying Heater Ride (Close Calls),
          Plague on the Arm,Drop-Off Cross-Town SF,
          Walk Back in Sleet via Partially Covered Dangerous
          California Street,
          Street-Car Homeless. Cellphone Call Attempt to Harriet /
          Gas Station Pump: We Are Fried Pullovers
   June 15-16 Creepy Baby in Bath /
     Trump Keeps Hilary Waiting Backstage w/
     Bill Before Debate, Not Sure It Is On,
     Then Bursts Out Bloody from Head w/
     Clown and Stalks Away,
     Cold Feet, Harriet and I Have Same Dream
  June 16-17 Do You Know Any Difference
     Between the Warehouse Jobs They Do Here and Elsewhere? 
     A Funny, Tall Hat When Travelling… and Close Options
  June 17-18 "I'm All About Hate" /
     Retrieving Pictures from the Computer Trash
     (There Are None) /
  June 18-19 Large Moveable Music Library Stacks,
     Overheard by Bruce Cooke /
     Visiting Carolyn's Old, High-Tech House,
     with Movable, Colapsable,
     Inflammable Covered Stove,
     and Folks Having Sex Underneath,
     Good-Naturedly, Nudely Discovered…
     Time to Go…Not Many Day-Care Kids on a Weekend…
     Fast Sports Car Madly Backing w/ Little Breaks
     But No Accidents; Ready for Road Again,
     But Is It Stolen (Owned by TomMorgan's Friend Jolly?) -
     Overparkied, Not White
 June 19-20 Harriet Relatives Funeral Home,
     Wild Party, Harri, Possibly Left Sleeping in Car Seat
     Near Other Rowdinesset Drunk,
     Thin, Can Be Carried, Torrential Rain,
     Crystal Missing
  June 20-21 Blue Malibu Surf Beach at Night
     (Sporting a Pipe) against Urban Parking,
     Some Only for Accompanying Vans,
     A Few Non-Designated Spaces Free /
     Academic Party in a Garden Stroage
     Closet with Pianos,
     Practicing Easy 20th-Century Repertory,
     and Re-Organizing Wine-Storage Folding Containers,
     Before Arrival of Sports Team /
     Crossing the English Channel in a Small Boat /
     Modernist Shifting House w/ Study Hall,
     Trying to Download Pictures, Etc
     from IPhone
  June 22-23 Car Stolen, Do the Tracker
  June 23-24 Standing Stones, Windy Drive Through Marin with Fog,
     Cats Undoing and Redoing Music Post-Obama at Swarthmore College
  June 24-25 Unprivate Sleep-Over /
     Music Classes - Two Become One,
     Letting Go of a Room w/ Half-Ceiling Near a Rock-Concert Set-Up,
     Running Across a Grassy Green, Sending Emissaries Ahead
   June 25-26 Montana Road Trip
   June 26-27 Numerous Bed Bug Bites Outside of 325,
      Taped Up to Wallet
   June 30 - July 1 A Sensual Overflowing Bathtub

VII. July 1-2 Smiling Child in Bunny Suit /
     Smashing Through a Wall
  July 2-3 Sorrel Turns Back Into Scott and Is Much Worse,
     Dissappearing in 325 While We Work at a Store /
     Tiger Hunt - Evading an Upright Piano Top,
     Spearing in Mouth / Boat Ride,
     Dangerous Chairlift in England, Castles and Sea /
     Family Reunion, Camera Lost, Park and Ocean
   July 3-4 Chambers Church Sunday School Exit with Alcohol and
      Monty Python
   July 4-5 Mass Immediate
     Departures after Attendance During Music History /
     Cellphone Call that Won't Silence /
     Warnings About Doing Such /
     Dreaming of Writing All This Down /
     Walking Down Canyon for Evening-Lit Dinner with White
      Shirley Chisom, Chris, Bette, George
  July 5-6  Haunted / Programmed / Work-of-Art Music Building,
     Insisting on Keeping Open a Locked  Practice Room
     Airline Transport -- Don't Be Late --
     Square, with Beds, Bunks, and Floor Space,
     First One than the Others,  Bring Your Own Food /
     Ticket for Going 37 in 37 Mile-Hour Zone,
     Descending a Small Franlin Canyon w/ Three Police Cars and Ambulence,
     Asking to See Sign, Walking Through Experimental /
     Art Facility,
     It Is the Case,
     Dreaming I am Writing Dream Down,
     Dense Oaks After Class at a Giant Swarthmore/
     Down an Interior Ornate Fire Escape in a
     Multi-Storied Atriu to a Splendid Crowded Church Chapel,
     with Meditators and Loud Drama Practice,
     Waiting in Thin Trenchcoat /
     Across an Arboreal Campus with George and a Barefoot Sarita /
     Cafeteria View of Coast Range and Sacramento from an
     Elevated Mississippi River Bluff
   July 6-7 Raccoons Fighting /
     Fashion Show and Shortcuts /
     Dreaming of Writing /
     An Academic Institutin Akin to Andover /
     Westtown, Teaching...
   July 7-8 Trying to Fill Out Medical Forms with Frustrated Worker /
     Big Orchestra for Opus /Harriet Slinky Robe /
     Bartok Duo with Hiddden Second Player and Solo for Now /
     Talking to Others at a Table Occupied by a Woman /
     Wreckage of a UFO and a Second Towering One Takes Off --
     Smoke Mushroom Cap with Two Stalks,
     Dissapating at Take-Off Into Whisps
 July 8-9 Airplane Summer Lift Computer But No Coat -- 
    Seated in Middle Seat w/ Someone's Belongings on Window,
    Woman on Aisle, Pilot Shouts "Where Is the Roll?",
    While Proceeding Through a Launch Tube /
    City Buildings and Cliffs All Around /
    Orchestrating Milhaud Op. 67 /
    Driving Around Allemany Gap and the Flower Piano Show
 July 9-10 Gentle Ice Storm Outside 325 Bedroom
   (Adult Cozy), Splintered Trees on Driveway and Street,
    Rising Water on Circle, Invading House,
    "Waking" and Relating Dream to Bette and George,
    Who Aren't Particularly Paying Attention but
    Have Remodled Bedroom with Extensive
     Bookcases and Extra Interior Eaves and
     Windows West
  July 12-13 Clandestine Rendezvous on a Bus /
     Teaching Theory from the Old Musical Example Book, 
     Chalk on White Board / Bollinger Canyon Right
     Turn Around Law Officer Traffic Stop
  July 13-14  Lots of Love-Making / "
     That's the Amazon Route" /
     "You May Be Committing Unexpected Homicide
     When You Come to Athens" /
     Concert on a Piano with Thin Pipes /
     Daycare Center in Au Naturale Up in 325 Bedroom /
     Getting the Car Repaired Maybe Overnight /
     "No To Lead"  "Never, Never" (Explosion) /
     Walking While Black on 80 Northeast in Fairfield in
     Storm Wind as Stan Getz Plays Wildly in Anger"
     And You've Got to Get Your Nuclear Back!" /
     W/ Harriet on Bench By Not-Open Taos Science Center --
     Too Many Visitors
   July 14-15 Avoiding Carol's for a Seminar on Winnie the Pooh    July 15-16 $600 for Hymn Tunes /
    Motircycle Cop Ineffective in Church
  July 16-17 Clearing Out Douglas and Miriam's, Including a
     Giant Salmon Loaf and a Gross Slanting Toilet and
     Mechanical Lit Word Fragments
  July 17-18 Circling a Large Truck Stop on Foot,
     Obnoxious Ghost Gets Up Close and Personal
   July 18-19 John Williams Hollywood Insider
   July 19-20 Coed Teachers Meeting in Rest Room /
     Travelling by Plane, Divesting of Snacks,
     I Shall Take My Computer
  July 20-21 Pictures of the Phantasmagorical
     Spectaculary California Laurel Place LA Mealey House /
     Top to Bottom Except for Roof and Front End
     Lower Harp Music Master Bedroom /
     Bicycle Backflip, Freeway Exit,
     How Do You Know He's Guilty,
     First Tragedy, Then Comedy
   July 21-22 2am Putting on Robe for Family Reunion in Concentric Tables
      6am Airplane Seating Rows Heroically Cleared
     with a Knife in the Desert /
     7am Rite of Spring Camino Real Outdoors
     Phil Freihofner Late But Performing Opening Bassoon on Oboe,
     Sustaining a Drone on English Horn
     While He Gets Ready, Hovercrafts Circling
     Theatre in Round,
     Audience Actors on Dance of Adolescents
     with Jokes and Several 100's in 20's by Bedside .
   July 22-23 2am Amazon Mississipi Colorado Penguins /
     5am Franz Linszt, Bronco-Buster .
   July 23-24 Degenerating Car,
     with Menacing Stuffed Animals /
   July 26-27 11pm Forested Car Road, Cannot See Ahead,
     Turn Back, Car Unlighted at Crossroads,
     Turning on IPhone Flashlight, Argument About Trump, Ineffectual /
     6am Outdoor Party, Small Orch Ensembl,
     Some Opus Project People,
     Trying to Find Music in Back of Car
     and in Stack, Previous to This,
     Sleeping in Non-Security,
     Open-to_anyone Who-Might Walk In Room,
     Changing Clothes Partially in Public,
     After, Still Working Music
     Getting a Public Shave as Fundraising
     Earlier a Moveable Toilet /
     8am Indoor Get-Together Bette and George,
     Harriet Out and I Follow,
     Bicycling to Train Station,
     Different / Dangerous Access
 July 27-28 College Music Society Opus,
     Traveling Back to to Little Crum Creek and
     325 Circle with Young Crystal,
     Driving Walking Blind in a Big Tnet,
     Foggy Rain Dead Reconking,
     Giving Her a Coat /
     An Encounter with a Voluptuous Model
July 28-29 5am A Tour of Fire Devastation,
    Rich Hillside Houses Surrounded by Charred,
    Steep Forest /
    7am Fancy Guest Accomodations and Multiple Satisfactions
     9am Missing the Turn To Get Back To The Bay Area and
     Proceeding Through an Eastern Woodland /
     Clean Glasses -- Lots of Them -- On the Counters
 July 30-31 2am An Evil Prince of Wizardry
    (Sherlock Type, First Horse, Then Woman)
     Is Cast Down a Staircase,
     but Turns  Two Women Into Talking Dogs --
     That's Hollywood! 
     Grams Says Goodbye / 6am Holding onto the House /
     7am Super County Conference Room Row of
     Washbasins Open to Outside,
     with Stacks of Papers Precariously Perched
VIII. August 2-3 4am Carolyn and Steve Pemberton Re-arrange 325,
     the Beuatiful House and Music Office, Poorly /
     6am School Paperwork Dressed Partially in a White Robe,
         with Scott, Climbing a Jungle Gym,
     Recognizing  the Dream and Immediately Awake /
     8am Walking Across Oakland and Not Getting Mugged,
     Chinging Shoes and Socks in a Garage Meetng and
     Under a Tree, a Black Cohort Working with Electricity in a Tree,
     Bart w Sarcastic Operator, Very  Expensive Neumatic Desserts in
     Tube, Plus Rates to Airports, Trying to Get ome,
  Extremely Fast Trains, Hold On, Multiple Level
     Open-Air Access, But You Know It's There

VIII. August 3-4 3am Don't Go More Than 90 When Pursued by a
     Ghost Ship on I-5 Near Buttonwillow /
     "You Know Nothing of the Law" He Said Flippantly
     (re Land Condemnation), Entering Facility
August 4-5 8am How Do I Love Thee With a Handel Oratorio,
     Dividing the Movements like Bags of Mulch
August 5-6 3am Pool Party /
    4am Death Valley Road Trip Big Sur /
    8am The Five Senses /
    9am Snow in Tehachapi and Incredibly Slow Left Hand Turn
August 6-7 6am Rigoletto / 9am Southern California Summer-Winter Exploration,
    Climbing Down Rocks near Former Home (?), 
     Squeezing Car Through Trees in Wash Sunset,
    Ascending Same Rock Bank in Snow, Contemplating /
    A Scooter/Snowboard Descent and Picture
August 7-8 2am Cliff and the Skink,
   Travellng in Glove Compartment,
   Diving from High Height, Found Again,
   Large Dry California /
   Third World Dry /
   Wet Canyon, Trying to Get Panoramas, Too Many People,
    Eventually Succeeding Skink Found,
    Dinner at B & G Rental Place, 
    Little Furniture, Unmatched…
    (Anole, Lizard)….Treehouse Entrance, Long Climb, Dangerous
August 8-9 4am A Great Day for Two Women in a Sinking Pickup Truck /
   5am Eastern (Buck) Opera - WWs, Perc, Strings…
   Brass?... / 6am The Music History Syllabus
August 10-11 3am Modern-Day Jacob and Esau
    (and Joseph and his Brothers)
    Renting Rooms in S. California for Claremont Colleges,
    Utilizing (and Discarding) Spine of Family Heirloom Bible as Message /
    4am Geisha's Impersonating /
    6am A Hot-Tempered Director Doing Theatre with Reformed Prostitutes
    and Auto Mechanics,
    Ruined Piano in Distance, Director,
   "Stay Away",
   They Do Not So….
   While Examining Pastries….
    8am More Positive Neurons w/
    Increased Friendly Interactions
August 11-12 What Are We Raising Here? 
August 12-13 3am Communnally Viewing Public Displays of Affection
    in Front of House, Carrying Crowbar on Maylay and Peninsula,
     Checking Out Fire Damage…
    7am Walking to Elementaary Teaching,
     Via Hotel Interior 4th Floor,
     Carrying Large Old Sax in Rickety Crate,
    No Time,
    Print Out College Music for Bassoon,
   Too Faint -- Before, Traffic Jam in Desert,
   Beautiful Sunrise, Interestingly Different when Photographed,
   Glimpsing Former Lover While Attempting to Walk Across Town,
   Uphill, Late….
August 13-14 4am Block Away from Beach with Red Bicycle,
   Parking Between Miniscule Street and Driveway,
    Strange Cherub Boys,
     But Bedrooms,
    All Naked,
    Strange Parts,
    Almost Leave Phone, Sound /
    Tactile Sensation,
    Have Not Mentioned I'm Down Here,
    Try to Call, 
    But It's a Simple
    "Motorcycle-Helmet Phone" (?),
    "Bet This Is A Dream" --
     It Is…
  August 14-15 3am Putting on Old Monty Python 45's
    (They Don't Exist)
    in 325 Bedroom for Scott by the West Window,
    Power Uncertain, They Make No Sense /
    7am Academic Success with a Road Trip Near Heroic
    Mountains of Roseburg, OR (They're Pretty Gentle)
August 15-16 7am Travelling Cross-Country
   (Upper Midwest) as a Series of Giant Phtographic Stamps,
    Pulled from Road
August 16-17 9am First Shower on Moon,
    Recorded on I-Phone,
    with Sorrel, Cliff, and Guest. 
    Science Questionable, so Once Again,
    Gotta Be a Dream…. /
    10am A Very Mixed Meal,
    Including Ice Cream,
    at Solano College -- What Will They Charge?
August 17-18 3pm Harriet Goes Out Front Door,
   Runs Back, there Are Numerous Threatening Signs
   5am Intruders! 
   If the Warehouse Were Mine. 
   Can You Break My Skylight? 
   Something Trapped in Eaves,
   Spindly Ladder Leading to Roof. 
   Going Down Almost Sheer Side of Building. 
   Small Items Can Be Transported Via
   Staircase in Back /
   9am Family Escapes Dallas Flooded,
   Muddy Nightclub Pverflow Parking Lot
August 18-19 3am Living in a Shall Refrigderator-Sized Appt
   (Much Larger Inside But Still Like Camping) --
   Space Shares /
   Door Into Neighbors Kitchen,
   ImpulsivGoing Running With Crystal,
   Losing Her at a Turn By Old Gas Station Skater Park --
   Yet This Is a Large Hotel --
   Crawling Back To Intersection
   (an Old Man),
   She Is Younger,
   We Make Our Way Up Flume,
   Carrying Her,
   We Have Impulsively Left Keys and iPhones on Refridge,
   Outer Door Open All Last Night /
   9am To New Jersey Then Heading Back to California,      Matching Large Geometric Shapes with Photographic Landscapes
August 19-20 2am Megan in a Laugh Marathon /
   5am Tim Macajewski's Son Relaxing Dangeroully Close to Side of Road,
   Invites to Dinner,
   Dad Picks Us Up + 
   File Boxs and 5 Saxes,
   Wife(?) Waits in Car,
    I Head Back Twice, Scare Her,
    2nd Time Leave /
    Keys for Ventillation,
   Tim Treats 12+ Kids to Meal,
   We Meet in Conference to Evaluate Dept Losses at DVC,
    Splendid Indor Outdoor Cafe,
   Also Commsssioned to Write Book Review
August 20-21 3am Carolyn's Treehouse Daycare,
   Visiting on Day Off,
   Playing on Snow Slides,
   Needing to Get Dressed,
   Very Small Sleeping Children in Chaotic Rooms,
   Vivid Black Blue TStorm Approaching,
   Boiling Water,
   Steam Down a Path, Underwater,
   Meeting Doug Long Later,
    He Walks Past While I'm Swimming,
   Underwaterin Some Invisible Substance ---
   This Has Got to Be a Dream,
   I Right Self,
   Walk Straight Ahead Toward Saloon,
   Very Aware That It Couldn't Have a Full Interior,
    Since I'm Dreaming It,
    Two Small African-American's Attached to Wall,
     Two White Tough Cowboys, Point Their Fingers at Me, Blam!, Saloon Girl / Seamstress,
     You've Got to Go Home, Finally Wake Up, Viewing Bookcase Next to Bed as First Reality,
     Not Totally Sure, Some Animated Pottery Alice-in-Wonderland Style, Float By….
     Someone in Treehouse Getting Threatening Letters, Parents Arriving, Spectacular Views…
August 21-22 4am Susan Brown Living on Amherst Avenue,
     Bottom of Hill, Wave, Drive Back to Visit,
     She Is Gone, Proceed Home, Harriet's Clothes on Floor,
     Where Is She? /
     5am Crystal Returns from Camping Trip in Camper,
     Big Dog, Suspicious Visual Material,
     Where Does This Correspond on Map While Gettng Gas /
     8am Repairs to Car in Ragamffin Place,
     Crossing an Elaborate Bridge Toll System,
     Wild Driving on Sidewalk, Bike Has to Be Stowed,
     Many People, Last Minute Activity, Competitive Crossing,
     Photos to Be Taken
August 22-23 9am Transporting Musical Instruments
    Through Interminable Rolling Green Scenery,
     Stopping for Gas
August 23-24 4am At Carol's with a Younger Crystal,
     on Bed /
     It Is Morning,
     Yet Niight. 
     Paycheck Picked Up and / 
     No Texts,
     Many People Beyond /
     9am Off to Opus Through Desert Terrain
August 24-25 8am Research in Distress Calls at the End of Life,
     through Beautiful Scenery
August 26-27 1am
    Trucks Driving Too Fast at Night on 680 Nort in Solano,
    Hand Out Window to Touch Edge of Road for Placement,
     Can't See,
     Shout to Harriet,
     Who Does Not Hear
     -- All Clears and It Sunshine Blue Skies…
     Wake Up
August 27-28 4am Death of an Actor --
   Black and White Movies,
   Lead Charcter Portrayed by Wilston Dans,
   One Actor /
   Honored at Post Production /
   Onstage Party,
   the Other Dying,
   resembling Jan Pusina,
   Cue the Film Music
   (John McCain and Paul Simon Had Just Died)
August 28-29
   8pm A Black Gentleman Helps in Teacher Certification,
   Riding an Earthquake Down 680 as an Amusement Ridge /
   3am Railroad Conductor Mug Shots
August 29-30 1am Flies,
   No Sleep --
   A Dark, Snowy, Winding,
   Hilly Road to Greenville, Stopped Dead,
   and Key / Does Not Fit In Ignition --
   I Haven't Driven All Day, and Can Take Over Any Time…. /
   4am While Worrying About 2 Lower Teeth Possibly Loose,
   Entire Upper Plate Slips Down,
   Try to Put Them Back In, Definitely Affects Smile….
   Ask for Fixodent….
    Delighted to Find Teeth Intaact Upon Awaking…
August 30-31
   1am Opus Project with New Players but
     Everything Else Going Wrong, No Music 7:45,
     Music from Last Month at Home,
     This Better Be a Dream….
     8am Across SF on nAccidentally Stolen Stool from a Porn Shop
     (trying to Find Selection Previously /
     Video and Giant Packaged Boxes,
     w/ 2 Female Friends Who Give Up…
     Megan Cullen Assists Across Town,
     the Stool a Perfect Hight for Power Walking and Flight,
     Back Streets to a Descending Hill,
     Valley and Ascent,
     It's the Difficulty of Getting Over the Bridges,
     but there's Bart….
     Buying Groceries,
     Extra Chip Card Miraculously Appears,
     Dreaming of Writing Down Dream,
     and Editing/
     Reading It…
     Denise Davies Holds Baton...

IX. September 2-3 1am Dorm Opus Project Concerts Church,
     No Sleepovers for Sketchy Couple /
     6am Going Out to Eat on a Schedule, and Not /
     8am Mostly Black Shirt, Mostly White Shirt to Conduct /
     9am Obama Debate, Trump Speech
September 3-4 5am Sesame Street Theatre in the Wild West --
   Take Home an Ernie,
    Saving the Toy after the Meal
September 4-5 3am Promoting a Poet Through a Promotional Publicity Stunt. 
   Harriet Comes Walking In,
   Sits on Bed, Talks About Her Day. 
   She Doesn't…. /
   6am Strangely Close Camping in Death Valley and
   Along the American River,
    Looking for Shade and
    Symbolism / Code...
September 5-6 1am Heart-to-Heart Conversation,
   Risque Party /
   2am Long Double Line of Grotesque Depression Era Monsters
   on the Dole,
   Not Quite Asleep
   4am Dormroom for 4 with Tom Morgan, etc.,
   We Get the Less Splendid Bathroom, Double Bed,
   One Side Leading to Sunless 2nd Stiry Alcove Patio,
    Curtains w/o a Way to See View,
    an Area of Kiddie Books w/ Small Table and Chairs,
    Not Much Room… /
    Stereo Blasting Phil Glass Music in 5th,
    in Narrow Room,
    Dreaming that this Is Being Written Down,
    but Not Really…
    Also Glass / Shankar Passages….
September 6-7 2am Glorious Rehearsal and Performance Halls
    and Situation for Opus Project --
    Assisted by John Kendall Bailey Which Requires Less but Last-   
    Minute Work --
   At What Cost?…
    And Where's the Men's Room?… /
    7am Sophisticated Lecture Hall for Music History,
    But Controlling Visual Display Is a Mile Away in a Camp,
    Which Now Has Control Gate Across Bridge and Pay Telephone That Doesn't Work --
    Five Pieces for Orch Webern Over By Time I Get Back-
    But Was Supposed to Play Berg 3 Pieces,
    Friend Takes Over Lecture in My Absence,
    Turns Furniture Seating into Seminar,
    Discusses Wozzeck,
    I Return, Continue Discussion Format,
    on the Opera,
    but Make a Case for Symphonic Work as Well,
    Getting to Camp Via Transportaton of Assistant,
    Return with a Flying Roller Stool,
    Doing Skateboard Moves /
   9am Going Out to Eat Back and Forth Across a Busy Road,
   No Tacos for Tisha,
   and Aubrey,
   Need More Than 20 Cents for Food...
September 7-8 2am Finish the Blog Entry of June 7 --
    Montana-Washington (Not Really)…. /
    7am Pickup Trucks Passing Along I-80 East at Albany Hill /
    8am Notating a Horn Part Wrong in Stavinsky /
     Smelly Guest Towels and Robes in Bathroom
    (At Concert Pitch, Rather Than Up a Fifth /
    9am On 80 West --
    but Rocky,
    Mouumentally Desertic --
    on a Horse,
    To Visit Natural Rock Monument,
     Having Left Camera at Conference,
     Running Back to Car,
     Entering on Dangerous Traffic Side
     (Having Parked too Close to Low Side-of-Road Barrier,
     There's Always a Quarter to Find,
     Outracing Two Oncoming Joggers and Dog,
     Upon Returning to Car,
     Little White Pup Tries to Enter Car,
     Backing up Van Along Arboreal Traffic Shoulder,
     Female Friend w/ Short Hair (Possibly Love Interest),
     She Takes Over Driving,
     Elects to Merge Back on Freeway Through /
     Vegetatioin-Clogged Parallel Route, Rather than Short,
     Clearer Side Path,
     Crossing Over Freeeway at Fairfield,
     a Need to Stop for Chocolate,
     Donald Trump Poster on Side of Convenience Store,
     Which Is Very Small, but Has Ice Cream,
     She Wants Two Toffee Bars,
     I'm Hinting at One,
     Plus a Plain Chocolate Covered Vanilla Bar,
     In Her Indecision Other Customers Crowding Around,
     I Stand Apart,
     Will Pay in Any Case,
     Decide to Get Hot Dog --
     But Instead Biscuits and Gravy,
     Medium-Sized Sausages Accessed Separately from Other Items
September 8-9 3am Nude Woman in Hot Top Getting Squirted /
     7am A Bear Is Killed orKnocked Cold in a Filmed Children's Story /
     8am Edgar Varese Sits in on Trumpet In One of My Pieces,
     I Give Him Thumbs Up, which He Returns
September 9-10 2am Comlex Time Signature of a Missing Composer "
     His Poster Went Up All Around the Country"
     Three Arcane Figures for the Meter…. /
     7am Wildfire Sweeps a Few Blocks from Were We're Living,
     in a Mediterranean Forested Educational Compound
September 10-11 5am The Imbeciles
September 11-12 7am Hiking, Racing,
     Crawling Up a Natural / Artificial,
     Mediterreanean Oak Woodland Earthen Dam Embankment,
     Turns Populated Like a Hotel / Arena by Top,
     Take a Selfie w/ a Female Relative at Top, It Doesn't Work Out
September 12-13 2am Big Dog Becomes Friendly After Scent,
     Baby Claire Examines Harriet's Dress
September 13-14 8pm Greeted by Folks in Airport,
     Changes to My Itinerary Detrimental to Others,
     Coming Down to Land Problems Over Pittsburg,
     Can See Image of Plane in Trouble /
     9pm Dreaming of Biting One's Tongue,
     Awaking and Biting One's Tongue,
     Or Is This Still Part of the Dream? /
     11pm George and I Jog Up a Cradual Roadway Hill,
     He in a Funny Hispanic Super Hero Outer Space / Outfit,
     with Hooded Head, On a Dark, Howling Day,  
     I Rescue the Eggs and Sausage Biscuits,
     Bringing Them Back to Refridge,
     So the Rat Won't Get Them,
     and One Is Seen, Almost Immdiately Poulenc, Accident-Prone
     (There Have Been Examples of Him Dropping the Mashed Potatgos),
     Brings Back to Dining Room Table, with My Help,
     Milhaud, Cocteau, Satie, and Camus Approve, Hey,
     All Speak French, Of Course,
     Everyone Gathered to Hear My Dreams…. /
     3am The Rich Modern Home, by the Sea,
     Decaying, Spactacular Great Room w/ Curved Views, 
     (Other Houses Encroaching, But Stilll Space, Against Hillside,
     with Lawn, Adult Quarters, with Den,
     Strange, Windowless, HOt Tubs Sleeping Room,
     Not Used, Hge Den Suite, Courtyard,
     Tourists Milling About, Waiting,
     The Impossibility of Setting Up a Step Ladder / Table,
     Worker Dissappearing Under, a Friend Who's Become the Laudry Person,
     All Priced Up and Deposited by Strongman Into /
     Inner Abandoned Chapel Area, Surmounting Staircase,
     I Have Cameras, but not Lubricant,
     Left, Chapel Is Being Used for Catholic Ritual, Behind Glass,
     Byron Jones Emerges, As California,
     Billy-Graham / Preacher,
     Warmly Greeted, but Not Much Response,
     Other than All Have to Be Very Quiet, Never on the Roof….
     7am Union Dues Due, New Faculty Mailbox,
     But Hand Off In Person at Jeanne Stark's Dark Garden,
     Where She Stays by Staircase Wall Every Day,
     Access Difficult,
     No Installments,
     But Faculty Christmas Bonus --
     What Is It? --
     Dues Paid to Executioner Jill Wagner,
     Take Your Own Axe from Messy Truck,
     She's In Front of Nicolodean Tourist Movie House --
     Will She Really Execute? 
     You're Next…. /
     8am Expecting Bank Robbery Will Open Soon and
     I'll Be to Blame, Mention to Harriet Who's Working,
     Overheard by Guards, Will They Think It Was Me,
     One Lofts a Paper Bang Crumpled Up,
     Which Makes Tremendous Sound,
     Think I Will Make an ATM Inquiry,
     But Line Long,
      with Turnstyle and Velvet Barrier Curtain….
     One Entrance Closed, Other About to Be,
     A worker Closing a "Grill" Area On Folding Table….
     How High Court Worries that High Cost of Living Is,
     Affecting Average Working People Playing Trombone and Singing….
September 14-15 5am Hired to Do Film Score,
    Plague Breaks Out, Empty Studio Walmart Warehouse. 
     Break In,.
     Set Up Unfamiliar Equipment,
     Take Break,
     Others Are In, Score for Second Act Mice and Men
     On Floor with Gear,
     Unmolested, Start on Minimalist Idea, 
     Others Turn Out to Be Entire Musical Producton Team,
     All in Blue Light, Racks of Synthesizers, Voices,
     Working on my Idea,
     They Don't Need Me,
     Somehow Subversive Genius,
     They Will Work Folling This,
     On my Antigone…
     7am Visit Terry Riley in the Gold Country,
      Up an Unfamiliar, Longer,, Poorer, Forested Road,
     Is It to His Friends House?, He Is at a Cross-Roads,
     Hops In, He Is Older, Thinner, Yet Younger,
     He And Wife in Bed, Eating, She Indifferent,
     Briefly Falls Asleep, He comes Around to a Raised Area,
     I Tell Him About 18 Years w/ Goat Hall Productions,
     Writing Operas, Re 2-17, Playing Donald Trump,
     He Is Distant, Friends Arrive at Door,
     A Religious Ceremony,
     Not Clear If Eastern / Astern,
     An Al-Anon Help Group,
     A Woman Is About to Read a Passage,
      She Doesn't, All Is Silent…..
     8am Goat Hall Productions,
     Someone Merging onto the Freeway,
     Scoops US, Comes to a Very Abrupt Halt
September 17-18 2am
     Mt Diablo Hidden South Canyon Full of Junk Cars
     3am A Vast Snowstorm at 325,
     Covering Everything,
     Rime Seaping Into House,
     Friends Through Mailinbox, a
     nd Outside, Driving Up, It Warms Up /
     TV Quizmaster,
     Easy Ecological Questions /
     Have Dreams Been Written Down?
September 18-19 3am Carolyn:
    There's a Fire in the Photo Shop,
     Nothing to Worry About,
     Night Hiking w/ IPhone,
     Not Getting Any Farther,
     Boarding House Hotel,
     Strange Musical Instruments,
     Played Wrong,
     Harriet's Borrowed w/o Asking,
     Trying to Buy Yesterday's NYT,
     Partial, Big Guy in Aye,
     Woman's Quarters for Mom, Man (or Men)
     w/ Woman, Staircases, High Rise,
     Pick a Story Line From Rube Goldberg Machine….
September 19-20 5am Real and Fake Whiskey in a Columbo
     Mystery Episode, Pleasant Hill / Swarthmore….
September 20-21 1am Lecture w/ Thought Balloons,
     John Veitch Comes in to Tune Piano, On the Road,
     Hostile Truck Driver /
     1am David Hodge Drives Car Across Country to Greenville 
     (A Mountain Town),
     But He Is Now Lost,
     So I Drive, Snow on Side Roads,
     I Strap Self and Young Crystal (on Lap)
     Into Seatbelt on Top of Car,
     A Long Dangerous Way Down, Our Car (Rental)
     Is Still Controlled Electronically by Another,
     Driven by a Stranger Remotely, We Disconnect
     (Connection Looks Like an Apple Phone Cable),
     Mountains Everywhere, We Are Too Far Up Canyon….
     8am Watching Columbo on Multiple TVs in Laundromat,
     Disconnecting Multple Xeroxing Computers,
     Young Guy Asking If I'm Working, Immitating Columbo,
     "Oh, I Always Work,
     Even on Sunday iNghts!" /
     Almost Fall Asleep Driving I-80 Bend in Lagoon Valley,
     Reading List of Ingredients to Harriet on TV Dinner During Breakfast,
     While Claire Fakes Weeping…./
     Drivng Towards Walker Basin Ranch,
     Looking Increasingly Like an L.A. Freeway Junction….
September 21-22 1am Automobile Mechanics in Pittsburgh -
     George Pushes Lawnmower in Street,
     Keeps Back to Us So We Can't Signal, Bette Tosses Minisule Tire-Lug Screw,
     and It's Suddenly Lost,
     Rolled Away, on Slope, or  Burried in Paper Goods…. /
     3am Blowtorch-Cigarette Lighter Mouth for Cookie Monster and Friend,
     I'm My Own Substitute Teacher, Becuse Wyly's Away All This and Next Week,
     Acccording to Harriet,
     There's Always an Emergency Staircase at the nd of the Corridor…
     8am Big Classroom for Eventual Lecture on Quiz 5 material Music Theory,
     Particularly Keyboard Solfege on Louis Borgeois's Old undredth,
     Before, Briefly,
     Irrelevantly on Some Music Appreciation /
     Textbook's John Williams "[Music] in f" (?),
     Upright Piano, Playing on the End of It... /
     Chevron Gas / Mini-Mart /
     Petrol Stop I / To Pay or Not to Pay?...
     American Canyon as Great Gateway to Himalayans
September 22-23 2am Kissing Her Wildly,
    But Perhaps Sister Is in Love with Me? 
    Brother Is Ahead of Us DrinkindgVodka. We Are All Young,
    Perhaps Rich and From the South But with No Accents…
    6am Columbo Murder Mystery of Indian National,
     Front Desk of Middle Eastern Hotel,
    Where I'm a risoner of a Stalin-Like Figure,
     Confined Upstairs,
     A Top-Level Moorish Garrison Fortification,
     Taking a Tourist Walk Down Steep Slope in Front of Walls,
     Using Panarama of Exterior Steep Walls with Photographer Girl,
     We Walk Aaround Perimeter,
     Up Small Staircase, Through Asphalt Playing Field,
     In Time to Re-Emter Opera House Just Before Intermission Ends… /
     In Bed with Harriet,
     Trump Hate Speech,
     Opening Hot Dogs...
     8am Pay Penalties Forward, Breakfast Spot --
     Bette, Young Woman Order, Waitress Leaves,
     Passing Behind Booth (George Doesn't Want Anything),
     Moving to Waitress at Cashier's, Are You Going to Take the Rest of Our Order?..
September 24-25 6pm Saved But Stranded Atop Siskiyou Summit /
     2am Harrie and Carol Together, re Upcomng Op. 69,
     Meeting at Bette and George's, C Waiting in Kitchen,
     Not Given Much Time, C to Totally Appropriate,
     H Responding Reasonably Well, Given Circumstances,
     Meeting at 325, Indian Ceremony,
     Not Sure When It Starts,
     Someone Makes Comment About Piano,
     I  Play a Few Bars --
     Native American Speaker Refuses to Use Water in Ceremony,
     Explaining It's a Drought, 
     Harriet Pipes in With,
     I'm From Ecuador
     (i.e. Where It Does Rain)….
     Happy to Be Dreaming, at Least I'm Sleeping...
September 25-26 1am Wild Animal Killed…
     What About the Little One? /
     8am Composers Chamber Orchestra Cancelled by Harriet…
September 26-27 6am Packing Up and Leaving for Good a
     Giant Splendid Tisha House, but the Car…
     Another Matter, Crawling on Top of Mass Chaos….
     Half the DVC Music Faculty Teaching in 3 Very Small UC Berkeley.
     Rooms w/ No Windows but Spirited Discusssions...
September 27-28 4am Someone Pulls Over re Emergency Road Help,
     But It's in Our Car,
     Megan Page and Some Guy in the Back Operating on Someone,
     Ripping Computer Adapter out of Socket and It Frays Extensively,
     I Feel Trapped --
     Wake Up to a Room in Spangled Vision of Dark Colors...
September 28-29 5am No Rivalries and Animosities,
     All Positives….
     8am Billy Hazeltine on on Artificial Steel Legs in Ski / Moon Boots,
     Unstable on a Dan Cook Canyon Slope
     September 29-30 / 9am Poetry Slam Contest,
     Pronunciation, and a Mystery Who-Dunit…
September 30 - October 1 2am It's Only Been 30 Seconds and
     Already We're Fighting, Grafitti in the Pantry,
     and Perhaps Dining Room / 7am Music Trade at the Airport,
     a Meal, with Concerns of Theft and Bombing,
     Packing Heavy Because Possible….

X. October 1-2 9pm Give'em a Break During a Short Class
     (Never!) / If You'll Have to Be a Farmer,
     You'll Have to Go to Jail
October 2-3 4pm Back in Theory Class Teacing -
     We're Out of Time - Wait, Didn't This Already Happen -
     How to Wake Up / 5pm "I Wanted to Talk to You. 
     We're Going to Start to Drain the Sea." 
     "What Are You Talking About?" /
     3am They've Made a Room Up and Gifted Books to Me in the House. 
     Somone Spills Something, I am to Get / Towels --
     They Are Not By the Washer, which Is in the Garage,
      But Buy the Dryer (Supposedly),
      Located in a Circular Area with Lots of Rooms
      Occupied by Children,
      Drier Room Has Reems of Paper, Upon Opening Door,
      Out Rushes a Giant Robot Vacuum Cleaner Which Won't
      Take No for an Answer…
      Dancing Giant Rubber Dinosaurs and Fish… /
      7am Auditions and Rejections
October 3-4 1am Kristen Kline Sends an Email Message,
     But What Does It Say? /
     2am Living in a Sunny Cave,
     Don Gosnay Go -- Why? Elevator Music… /
     6am Vacaville Trail to Nt Diablo (Not Likely)...
October 4-5 7am Singing in a Choir Loft of a Rustic Church,
     with Family and Friends,
     Playing Hookie and Flying Schlussing Down Slopes Outside,
     in View of Loft Window,
     Don't Get Hit By a Car on the Street!
October 5-6 1am 325 Bedroom --
     There Are Rats And Crystal Is Sleeping on a Rainy Day,
     Voices of a Daycare Arrival, Is Carolyn Oll Right? 
     She Is Alive, Out of Sorts,
     Crystal and a Friend Need a Snack,
     I will Fix, But Go Back Upstairs First and It Takes a Long Time,
     Eating a Suspect Frito Chip…. /
     8am Carol in a Box-Like Trailer and an Encounter Along the Side of a Road,
     Harriet Accepts...
October 6-7 3am Gypsy Seduction in a Trailer /
     7am Freeway Only Two Lanes Wide in Lagoon Valley
     9am Different Set-Up for Music Faculty Office,
     White Paper Crammed in Storage,
     Yet Nothing But Already-Used-On-One-Side
     Available for Copying, Bret Says I'm Up for Review,
     But I'm Being Reviewed...
October 7-8 8am Composing with DNA
October 8-9 6am Awake All Night
October 9-10 11pm Cliff Whispers in my Ear and Disappears /
     1pm The Strange California Beach with Giant Tides /
     Waves, Tropical Folliage, a Wall, and a Tunnel,
     Stepping Over Sleeping Bags, Etc. 
      6am Mining in the Andes
October 10-11 2am Chamber Music Not For Everyone in the Room
     (Though Everyon's Pleasant)
     Carolyn Gets a Sports Car Hand-Me-Down from Mother,
     Green-Blue with Fins,
     It Comes out of the Trunk of the Other Car….
October 11-12 6am A Extensive Adventure with Comparative Graphs /
     No One at Opus
October 12-13 4am Cyberchick Girl Albmost Makes Me Late for Opus,
     Have to Stand in Rain Waiting for Her To Come Out to Her Car,
     Do I Have All Cords and such?,
     Do Not Call Up Email,
     She Says It's Ben Compromised a Few Times,
     Before That,
     Walking Across Town on South Novato Boulevard,
     in Sun,
     Because Someone Has Gone Ahead with Car /
     8am Visiting Terry Riley,
     He's Gotten Older, Son and Friend,
     New Camera Doesn't Work Properly,
     They Leave in a Huge Bus, Semi Familiar Journalist,
     Ann Has Tooth Ache, Doesn't Want Her Picture,
     They Are Much Closer to Row,
     House Is All Different,
     There Is a Cleared View of Foothill Mountains,
     We're in a Pickup Truck, Friend's Driving,
     Road Is Better,
     What Is It Like Ahead? /
     Rachel Condry featured on
     San Francisco Composers Chamber Orchestra
     Fall 2018 Program?
October 13-14 7am Lists
October 14-15 2am An Aerial View o A&A Gas, Fairfield, CA,
    from a Ridge that Does Not Exist /
    325 Hoses and Mac Cords to Be Moved for Young Crystal's Sake, Scott Not Around all Day,
     Potentially Abusive Garbage Truck in the Middle of the Night, Old Stereo Cabinet…
     3am  Recycling 325 / 4am Heather Tyreman Blues / 6am Musicological Transformaton -
     Violin A Major 6/8
 October 15-16 am Illegal Daycare / 2am Chris on Motorcart,
     Woman on Scooter Obliges Hum to Be on Wrong Side of Road,
     He Heads Toward Us She Persues, I Hold Her By Arm
     "That's Far Enough Young Lady" 
     She Acquieces (Black? - White?) - DO (Octave Up) do 
     (Octave Down) DO do / Do (M7 Up) Ti (Down)
     Do Do / Do (Triplets) / Do DO Do  /   
     Do  Do Do  / Do Do Do /  Do Do Do (Quarters) Do Do Do….
     And Variants…. /
     3am - Free San Mateo Bridge, Enclosed on Foot, Hotel /
     Oboe / Orcch /
     Clara Concert in Ballroom /
     Retire / From Playing, Lose Oboe Somewhere, Where Is It? 
     Must Be At Concert… Cold...
October 16-17 2am Cats in Heaven --
     Stop By! The Bed Is Shaking, and I'm Seeing a Mottled, Textured World…
     Must Have Been Dreaming!
October 17-18 1am $68/Vat -
    That's an Expensive Tub of Yogurt /
    Tourist Car in Ditch on 6th Promontory South Gate Mt Diablo
October 18-19 2am Lingering in Hallway Near Gosnays
     (They Are in an Apartment,
     Can Hear that Don Is Going to Brian's /
     Then They Are Gong Out, OPen Door, Anyone Hoe?,
     Big Place, They Are Semi-Glad to See Me,
     When Asking About Plans, I Am Hoarse,
     They Are Very Hesitant to Say Anything... /
     9am French Restaurant, Erlng and Harriet Order Spinach w/ Sausage to a Song,
     I Order Fish,  Before That a Strange Malibu Riveria Coast of California,
     Other Calm Pleasant Adventures,   
     Community Outdoor Orchestra,
     Kristen and Another Violin at First Won't Play Then Do,
     Disorganized, Can't Find Conductor's Music,
     Lining Up Inside Springfield Jr High, Playing in Sun,
     It's Hot, Move Up, Particularly a Whole Group of Violins,
     What Are You Playing,
     Instruments Sometimes Not in View,
     Brass Way Back in Shade, Move Up,
     Woodwinds Not in Proper Seating Order, Not Enough Chairs,
     Stands, Two Conductors, Patriotic Talk,
     Saying Nice Things About the Chinese...
October 19-20 5am Big Storm,
      TVs Flickering Off and On,
     Balance the Connections in Your Hand, What's Playing?
     6am George Crumb Piece, Are We Lost?, Strings Replace Winds… /
     9am Scale Finger-Pattern
     Automatically Imprinted by Computer in Haunted House or
     Road Map in San Rafael /
October 20-21 2am Van in Parking Garage,
     Blocking Lane, Door Ajar, Dangerous for Computer, Marching Band,
     Sun, The Ordinary Show….
     8am Nancy Bloomer Deussen at Convenience Store / Venue,
     Found Music Stand, and Strange Basket-Like Container,
     Smaller Audiences, Fewer Showers... /
     Capay Valley Cemetary, Finding a Gravestone
October 21-22 6am Darcy Reynolds vs.
     Katie Wreede as Marriage Partner -
     Taking Them Both to Lunch at an Indoor-Mall Chinese Restaurant
     at California Legion of Honor….
October 22-23 6am Meerkat Futures Market
October 23-24 1am Tom's Place / 325 / 189 --
     Clearing Out of Main Room to Allow Barbara Stuart to Sleep,
     Court-Reporting Computer Still On, Dropping Everything,
     Including Old DVC Stereo Equipment,
     and Placing on Upstairs Old Room 2nd Bed by Window,
     Where Is Sorrel Sleeping,  Open Doors As In California….
     6am Scientific-Artitic MC Morphing Into Different
     Theatrical Personalities,
     as Do Participans Heading Into elevators,
     Late For Presentation, Late for Presentation,
     Partly on Holocaust, Big Hotel Convention,
     What's Going On, Do We Have Our Script Down,
     OK to Improv….
October 25-26 4am Chambers Church No Pews,
     Growing, George and Someone Have Verbal Tustle,
     Bill Drain or Someone, Big House, Gameroom,
     Want to Take Panorama, Notice, This Isn't My Camera
     (Cheap Instamatic), I Must Be Dreaming, and I Am,
     And the IPhone Is Right Next to  Me, Before,
     Public Bathing Fascilities, At First,
     Like a Mission, Someone Knows Me from Dentist on West Coast,
     Luxury Pools with Purpoises, Quip About Need for Cellphone, Wallet,
     Computer, Before, As Servant Through Tunnel,
     As on PA Turn-Pike, But Different….
     Before, Dad Borrows Some Vans, Do You Have Permission? 
     I Drive On, Backing Out by Vehicle Parked on Its Front Fender, a la Carhenge….
     6am Overlaying Christmas Carols Upon Pre-Existant Melodies
     While Walking Down a Street /
     10am Spectacular House, I Have Large Disconnected-From-Rest Bedroom,
     Harriet Declines Sharing It….
     The Place Has Black Sheets, Dark Red Shades,
     Dr. With Loud Voice Next Door, At One Point,
     Kitty-Corner from Space, Then Directly Opposite,
     Last Remaining Open Window Turns Out to Be Next to
     His Driveway As He's and His Wife Leaving from Visiting Neighbor,
     I Crouch Down By Table to Be Out of View,
     Lower Blind After They're Gone, This Corner Area Like a Shaft,
     One Screened Window Open, It Is Closed, Very Drafty,
     Urban Life All Around, Due to Teach Class Soon, So Must Get Ready...
October 26-27 3am 325, Helicoptor Very Low and Noisy, Then, It Crashes! 
     I Run Out, but Come Back Saying,
     "I Need o Wear a Coat" (Old Tuxedo Jacket) --
     Look Out Bedroom Window, and There's Mom Below
     Sitting with Injured Person on Ground... /
     6am Trying to Nail Down Doug and Miriam on Dats for an Opus Project,
     I Am Unable to Do So, and 15 Minutes Late,
     by Bike Across a Very Sloped Campus, Entering an Unfamiliar Parish,
     Theatre Department Is Is Blasting a Very Professionally Recorded Version
     of Jesus Christ Superstar
     "Last Supper" with New Words
      (We Are About to Do Same, Not As Well, with Actual Text),
     Apologized to Carolyn for Being Late:
     "Crystal Is in 1st Grade Now, and This Is Not Acceptable"
     Her Mouth Trembles,
      She Is So Angry,
     Trying to Get On Freeways Near DVC,
     with Harriet in Another Car,
     Take Wrong Turn and Mark Commute,
     Traffic Twice as Long,
     Diverting Through Central Philadelphia….   
     Dotting the i's Makes a Bonus xtra-Credit Opportunity,
     Not Offered to All,
     Which Make Some Resentful….
     8am Judging a Music Connection in a Hightened State of Public Arousal,
     Steve Pemberton and Unmarried /
     Flame Get Dad's Bed...
October 28-29 5am Car Trouble in West Texas Heading Back East
     From California,
     This Aster Staying West and Going Out for Newspapers,
     Trouble Is Brakes,
     Actually Brake Shoes,
     Lydia's Dad as Super Volunteer Additional Repairman,
     I Helping By Opening Door So He Can Go Back,
     Earlier a Very Small Door and 
     Uncomfortale Passage, Returning a Vehicle,
     While Waiting, A Long Bath,      Indian Prayer Circle Team,
     with Strong Texas Accents /
     Cowboys, They Want to Do a Blessing /
     Prayer Circle, Holding Hands,
     With Me in Tub, A Litany to Country-Music Recitative,
     Reciting All Texas's State Park, as a Prayer / Tourist Mantra,
     Contemplating Calling Mom Re Car Trouble…..
     6am Heading 
     Southwest on 80, Taking a Picture of Elkhorn Peak,
     Examining Music at a Big Bandm
     Director's School Piece, It's Peter and the Wolf,
     In F Minor (not) with Prominant Vibraphone (Not)      Clarinet Visitor, Is There Music (Yes),
      Forgetting Dream as Thinking About Writing It Down….
     Racy Voluptuous Costume Changes
October 29-30 6pm Dreams Remembered Then Obliterated by Phone Call
      2am Erling Doing a Series of 7 Operas a la Stockhausen
      5am Ben Takes Over as DF for Erling"7am WWI-II? Composer Swarm?
        Spears? Returning Home, Keeping His Music Secret,
         as Played on Grammophone….
October 30-31 8pm Doing an Opera with a Bed (Dido's Bier) in It,
     But Harriet Says No Raised Mattress….
     1am A Bad Performance of a Ring Of Harriet Song
     (Wrong Score, which Includes Nude Black and White
     Xeroxed Photos Bound in Publication), 
     Nancy Crunk Gets Bored and Wants to Leave,
     Makes Token Effort to Hep Me Find Music in a Trunk…
     4am Quirky Hotel,
     Meeting John Halfway for Lunch in the Desert Once a Month,
     Piloting a Supply Ship in Fiddler on Roof, Tevtev a Tenor,
     Making a File of Videos for Each Week of Music History,      Signal for Massive Tides Moving in For Six Hours,
     Flooding Much of Inn...
October 31 - November 1 6am Idea -
     Keep All Music Videos for Given Class in One File….

XI. November 1-2 9pm Brief Dream About George,
     Forgotten / 1am On the Phone with Carol / Harriet,
     Crystal and Carolyn Give an Interpretation of Masulinity /
     7am British Rail (India) - Advance! -
     A Funny Name, Not on the Roster… 
     Have We Seen the Yeti Yet?…
     An Alternate Way Back from
     UC Davis Music Library / Google "E" -
     Get Big Frayed Old Cover of  "Jesus Christ Superstar" /
     Enemies for Centuries - Convenient, You Don't Want to Wipe Them Out….
     8am Golden Age, Literally: A Thn Sheet of Precious Metal on Everything….
     An Irish Festival in an Enclosed Emerald Green Grassy Area --
     Hired as MC, You'd Better Be the Best...
November 2-3 11pm An Exoskeleton Surrounds Me in the Grocery Store... /
     2am Trying to Commute Home Two Rows of Upside Down Spiky Palm Trees in Middle Lane,
     Just Enough Space to Get By, Turn Of Freeeway at Ogden /
     Philadelphia / Sacramento,
     Have to Make It To Roy. 
     Crystal Is Finally Home from Dae (?!) --
     Do I Call Worried Mom of Boy,
     Who Called Concerned Earlier,
     Take Off Pants While Still Wheeling Bike Into Bedroom Parking,
     It Not As Usual By the Window,
     But By Other Window and Desk...
November 3-4 3am Leopard Safari -
     We Have to Rent a Giant Truck,
     Just to Take Baggage to Storage Area,
     Upon Departure, 
     I Drive, Multiple Gears,
     Storage Parking Has Giant Metal Box Areas,
     Upon Return, Leopard Appears, 
     We Have It, Gets In Van,
     My Computer Is on Shelf Between Driver /
     Passenger Seats, Leopard Sits Looking Out Passenger Window, 
     We Need to Rendezvous W/ Harriet,
     Friend and I Spook Leopard,
     Who Jumps Out Window and Gives Chase,
     Attacks Friend,
     I Call Others,
     Who Rush Up to Help,
     Leopard is Chased Some Away,
     But Attacks Others in Distance,
     I Run Back to Car,
     Computer Undammaged,
     Have Been Trying to Call Hariet, No Answer,
     Parking Attendant Commandeers Van,
     Backing Up from Tight Space,
     We Proceed Down to Airline Re-Check-in,
     No Harriet,
     Finally See Her,
     Shouting "Harriet",
     She Has Her Back Turned, Moving Away at Distance,
     Finally Encounter Her, With Clothes Half Off,
     Heading Into Restroom to Look for Me,
     I'm Still Shouting "Harriet!  Harriet!" at Top of My Lungs,
     She Still Can't Hear in Din, She Turns Around,
     We Bump Into Each Other at Corner of Restroom Vestibule Area,
      There's a Barbershop in Distance,
      and Embrace… /
     We Need a More Colorful Piece -
     Matthew Owens's "Garden" -- "Snort"
     as It's Taken Away
     (Derrivation: Fresh Voices XVIII,
     We Talk About Big Cats on Way Home,
     and Harriet Has on Sexy/Colorful Dress)…
     Strange 3-D Found Art on Wall -
     "Dogless" Called It "Waters" -
     Tess Smiles and Laughs…. /
      8am DVC Computer Lab, But Different Shape,
     Trying to Transfer Files from Any Desktop to Laptop,
     Not All Stations Have Same Stuff, Relatives /
     Friends Waiting for Me to Finish,
     Move To Second Station,
     Determine I Need a Blue Cable
     (Something Like a Video) Connector,
      Each Station Has Two Monitors,
     At Least One Quite Bizarre,
     Keep Hauling All Personal Belongings from One Station to Next,
     Including Red Robe and Newspapers,
     Third Station Will Work,
     Have to Step Out Briefly,
     Guy Comes Out of Restroom Saying It's
     Gross to Be a Man, I Visit in Bare Feet,
     Back at Station,
     at Least No One Has Stolen Laptop,
     A Woman Asks Me if I've Been Successful in my Work,
     I Say No, Not Yet, But Looks Like It will Work Now,
     Adding That, 10 Years Ago,
     I Used to Spend Four Afternoons a Week in the Lab,
     Then IPhone Alarm Rings and Wakes Me Up…. /
     9am "You're Probably Wrong" "I Could Be Right!",
     Undiscovered Glass Mugs Above Oven, Locking /
     Unlocking a Bathroom Door in Walker, CA / 
     10am Coping and Pasting an Image,
     But Doing the Editing After Rather than Before,
     Terribly Inefficiently….
November 4-5 1am Waiting in Line to Vote,
     Knowing How Important It Is to Defeat Trump,
     Someone Wants to Hang Up Sombodies Hat,
     But We Decline, Fearing It Will Be Lost,
     Wholeheartedly in Support, But Not Sure What / 
     4am Story of Moth and Cat Accepted Into Foster Family
     in Society That Hates Moths and Cats;
     A Television Show Features Apparently Benign
     But Actually Menacing Sea Creatures Wanting to Play a Game,
     But We Know They Will Invade Family Home And Turn Program
     Into a Horrible
     Adventure Tale, So We Wake Up…. 
     Lots of Flying,
     and Taking Refuge In Small Spaces Initially,
     Often Not Flying Quite High Enough to Be Truly Out of Danger….
     I Think I'm Still Writing the Dream Down,
     But I'm Just Dreaming of Writing It Down….
     Cliff Variations Gets Mingled Into the Plot…
     The Entire Family Sleeps in Same Bedroom in Bunkbeds….
     7am On a Bus,
     Reclaimed Expensive Cameras and Dental Hygene Products Not Needed,
     Orchestrations of Beethoven and Others,
     Trying to Get Rid of Some Items...
November 4-5 2am
     I Play Cliff the Variations on Laptop,
    He Likes,
     as Do Carolyn and Harriet,
     We get Late Night Snacks /
     Out, Some Places Are Still Open But Darkly Lit,
      In Which to Congregate, ut Not Eat,
     Returning Home,
     Transfer All Belongings Back to a Very Dark Room,
     Except Laptop,
     Return for It, Re-Entering,
     Notice Double  Doors Open,
     Could Someone Have Sneaked In? 
     They Have! 
     Two Football Players in the Bed,
     One Pushes Me Down Into an Area of Recordings,
     While Balancing Laptop;
     It's an Impossibly Huge Arm;   
     So This Must Be a Dream and I Wake Up,
     Quite Startled….
     As Viscerally Real as Meerkat Dream,
     So uch Earlier in Year, in Terms of Physicality….      Also the Darkness and Door-Open-ness of 325 Situation --
     Giant Caterpillars That Can Eat Away the Notes That Are
     Not Part of the Music!
November 6-7 6am Ballot Iniatives Voted Upon Piano Keyboard,
     but Ambiguous - Cancellations, Duplicates,
     Multiple Usages...
November 7-8 1am Driving a Car w/Amusing Old People,
     Truck Won't Stay in Lane Adjacent….
November 8-9 3pm Change of Season,
     Presentation of Amahl and the Night Visitors,
     Strange Substitutions,
     Making a Video Presentation,
     Someone Talking Loudly Down a Hall,
     Close Doors and Curtain,
     Return to Presentation,
     A Student Has Tampered with Computer, 
     Potential Compromising Pictures /
     3am DVC Christmas Concert, Lake /
     Diaetary Difficulties / Don't Make It,
     Mail with Possibilities of Package Bombs,
     Teaching Security, Housing Affordability,
     Having Just Slipped Back in Market at Last Possible Moment…
     Thinking of Going for Last 5 Minutes,
     But Don't…  Long Commute /
     Walk to School…. Across Swarthmore-Like Campus…
      7am Carol Sick but OK, There Are Multiple
      Parking Spaces in Her Front Yard...
 November 9-10 2am
     Luxury Remodeled Taco Bell as Trendy Hang Out,
     Rehearsing Igor Stravinsky Requiem Canticles,
      Megan and Others as Soloists,
     Oh No She Loves Singing This Type of Music….
     6am  Waiting to Fly Out to the Relationships of a 12-tone Row
     Featuring Aspects of a Whole-Tone Scale,        Briefcase Falls Open wiht a Lot of Pens, Driving with Harriet, etc,
     Have to Park my Car at Bottom of Steep Windy Section
     (Still with Aspects of 12/Whole)
     at Take-Over for in Her Vehicle --
     Twice Like This, Third Time She Forgets and Drives On,
     Little Space in Steve's Parking Lot…. 
     Airline Attendant Takes Care of My Situation --
     All ID Cars But One Strange One Missing, While Line Backs Up…
     It Is Chilly by Door to Enter Plane Across Tarmac,
     with Old Ascending Steps….
     7am A Procession to a Steep Mexican Motel/Hotel,
     a Corkscrew Driveway,
     Harriet and I at Viewing Area As Her "Parents" Are 1/2 Way Up
     (Two DVC Teachers)…
     8am Star Trek Next Generation --
     Different and I Like It (As Opposed to Real Life,
     Where I Am Indifferent to It) /
     Chaotic CD's fot Cliff Variations
November 10-11 2am A Couple of Pez Candy Dispensers
     As the Legal Difference Between Trump Going to War or
     Not… 3am Mexican Style Hacienda Hotel in San Antonio,
     Going Acrosss the Country,
     I've Perhaps Paid Twice, Cash and Now Credit,
      They Let Me Go Through Cash Receipts, It's Not Much,
     And Offer A Box of Guacamole Miniatures,
      I Tell Stories About Son and Daughter,
     Dad is Cross-Countrying Too But Elsewhere…. /
     Mathematical Advice for Effective Inns /
     Embracing an Unknown Patroness, She Runs… /
     Attach Into Pairs, but Not With a Pig…/       A Lecture on Tempo on TV….
     5am Jealousy Duet Off to the Airport,
     Harriet-Carolyn and Carol-Laurie, Looking Like a Boy,
     Also Sorrel / Cliff Best Friend To Carolyn / Laurie
     Stand-In, Behind Wheel, Reaching Over to Make C/
     H Feel Good, While C/L-C/C/ Cavort, 
     All Manner of Disney Future Land High Tech,
     Happy Decadant Crowds, Lincoln Memorial Steps,
     Become Escalator Like….
     9am Another Mathematical Musical Road Trip /
     Conservation of Customers in Parking Lot
November 11-12 1am
     A Walking Performance of Pierrot Lunaire, arriving Home,
     Carolyn/Harriet Watching TV Upright,
     Near Door, I Suppose I Love You,
     Breaking Out in Fiddler On the Roof Style /
     5am  Working at a S. Cal Lutheran Church as
     Minister of Music, Two Female Colleagues, A Lot of Steps….
     Beginning to Fall in Love w/ One,
     Though She Remains Someowhat a Rival….
     8am Five Wives - Very Short, Short, Medium, Tall, Very Tall -
     Gametes, Medusa…. / 
     Life Forms Breaking Down Into Component Parts, Sludge,
     Cleaning Up By the Car…
November 12-13 1am Fire at 325 and Environs /
     5am Change of Rules fo the Prostitute Gang -
      8 to 12 - Tribune….
     Very Early, Betrayal, Caroly's House,
     A Partition Wall Between Her Place and Neighbors,
     Sunlight Over Kitchen Window in Latter, Camp Fire….
November 13-14 2am Jesus on Ice,
     The Floe Opens Up, a Truck Moves Into It…. /
     An Intractable Panoramic Map-Photo
November 14-15 2am Harriet and I Talking Semi-Gibberish,
     She Is Rattling Dishes and Glasses in Cupboard
     3am Mechanics of Walking  and Climbing Downstairs
November 15-16 10pm
     Southern California Urban Wanders, Elevator,
     Trying to Tell Old Joke to Young Man and
     Grandmother in Elevator,
     Music/Toy Department with Exotic String Instruments
     (One with Concentric Squares of Strings) /
     6am Dry Run Showcase of a Play w/
     Middle-Eastern-Period Comedy,
     with Jack Black as Semi-Leading Role,
     Harriet Directing, I am Black Sidekick,
     Neither of Us Can Find Certain Costume Prop Items,
      I Go Onstage w/ Headdress Hiding Head
     (Lost Turban Veil), Pretty Good at Grimacing/Mincing,
     Responding to Lines,
     But Don't Know Key Ones,
     Someone Has to Feed Me Key Words,
     Showcase Runs a Good Solid Hour Over Alotted Time,
      and this Is Still Just Part of Play
     (Written by Matthew Owens?)…
      8am A Sausage Moving and Attacking Like a Tiny Hippopotomus,
     Thrown Out Awkwardly in Insufficient Wrapping Paper w/ Other Trash,
     Catering Service Arriving,
     Knocking, I Am In Wite Robe that Doesn't Close Well,
     This After Multiple Thanksgiving Guests in
      Insufficient Dresss, Caterer's
     Have a Name that Rhythmically Equates to
     Placing a Tray Down with a
     Which They Do,
     Food Includes Submarine Style
     Sandwhiches Wrapped Up a la a
     Convenience Store,
     but Overpriced Except for One
     Sandwhich Marketed to Women,
     One Female Worker
     (A Line of Them Sitting on Floor w/ Sandwiches)
     Has Fleas, Bites on her Face,
    Some a Bit Red w/ Blood, Says She's Gone to Doctor,
     But Is Working Today
     "Is That OK?",
     Fancy House as in Many Dreams,
     Early Appetisers including Strange Grapes Tasting Like Flaky Onions +
Beer - This at Parents' House,
     Where It Would Never Be Allowed…. /
     Opus at Berkeley Chapel,
     Ningnam Wants to Do a Piece
November 16-17 4am Motel in a Big Sur with Boardwalk,
     the Waves Moving Gently into Open Door of Room,
     Near Computer, etc., I Go to Door,
     It is Very Hard to See Ocean, Etc.,
      and Note Homeless Man Sleeping
     Just Outside, Close Door, Lock,
     Security Latch Is Just a Piece of Bent Wire,
     Homeless Man Rages Outside.../
     Performance Will Feature Hand Grenades.../
     Harriet Sits Down on Bed and Takes Off Her Bra /
     Constructing a Contemporary House as a Barn-Raising… /
     Anyone Can Teach You Theory,
    But Not Well / 7am World's Most Dangerous Hiking Trail,
     Weather Changing, Clouds Over the Divide,
     Backwards Down a Waterfiall w/ Cliff,
     IPhone in Breast Pocket, Shoes Through Water,
     Backwards and Forwards, Eventually A Ridge on the Water Divide,
     Long Padded Inclined Bus Seat as Trail...
     8am Best of Inuit / Eskimo / 
     Indian Values in Larger Society,
     West Coast America Nation,
      Goodness Raining Down from On High
November 17-18 3pm Somewhere in Paradise Valley,
     the Weekend'd Entertainment an Abbreviated Musical One,
     Represented by a Snowy Matterhorn, with Mispellings,
     and It's Quinttin' Time, Blue Skies,
     and Someone Named "Miss Prescott"
     (Cowgirl?…. Finish the Dream Re-Count E-Call /
     7am Cello Lesson, with an Old Aaron Urton,
     Bottom Half of Instrument (German accent)
     "This Was Invented by Frodar"
November 18-19 5am Electronic Toll Booth,
     I'm on Bicycle,
     Forced to Curb at Last Minute by Giant Truck,
     It Goes Through I Pay, Only Noticng Afterwards that
     It's $4 when I've Placed in a 5,
     Truck Is Waiting for Me Parked Acrosss the Road,
     Returning to Booth after Some Time,
     I Press Change,
     2 Quarters and a Fragment of Another Emerge…
     10am Too Long to Prepare to Perform San Fernando Hub:
     Fresno with School Group,
     Xerox Running Out of Paper,
     Before that, Same Problems re an Opus Project,
     with John Browning in Tow,
     He Wants to Stay at Hotel Previously,
     I Think More Efficient to Simply Drive
     Home, Trying to Leave Percussion Music for Ann Szabla,
     But Equipment, Including Pianos All Crushed
     Together, Leave Some Music on Piano,
     No Confdence She Will Receive It,
     Commuting Problems on BART Previously,
     Overly Urban LA Situation…./
     Desert Hills and Smoke...
November 19-20 4am Killing Elusive Mosquito Hawks,
   One Looks Back . 6am Visiting a Neighbor Across the
   Street from a Hollywood Hilly Version of DVC. 
   Harriet Says You Should Open a Coffee Shop,
    But We're Bat Business People, So Don't,
    Cafe Somewhere Nearby (There?) /
    Getting Scott Zhang a Cup of
    Coffee But Drinking Some of It,
    Since He Can't, But He Doesn't Want It Anyway,
    He Is Deep in Study,
     Papers Spread Out All Over the Place…./
     Some Guy's Plight on Johnny-Carson-Like Talk Show,
     Not Funny, Our Mouths Are Dry, Has the Cafe Been Additng
     Something to Encourage Purchase of More
    Drinks?  Wake Up with Dry Mouth…
     The Camp Fire?…
     10am Islamic Terrorists…. /
    The World (or at Least Solano College Library)
    Can See All Title Bars on  Computer...
November 20-21 2am Studnet Who's Dropped Course Already,
     Banned from School, In a Predudicial,
     Totalitarian List…
     9am We Are Gong Down to Beach
     (Surf Rough, Nasty, Dirty), Several Cars,
     Meeting at A&A (a Version of)
     Which Has Turned Into a Retirement Community,
     Walk to Another One Across Town - It's an Urban San Rafael,
     Try to Call to Let Others Know Where We Are,
     One Is a Confused John Beeman,
     Connect to a Hysterical Woman /
     Girl Apparently a Crime Scene, Realize It Is Not My Phone,
     Student Who Looks Like Felicia, Her Mom /
     Dad and My Phone Switched,
     Carolyn Is Partner in All This,
     Student Mom Has Jamaican Accent, Call Her,
     She Wants to Buy Me a Better Phone, I Want Mine
     For Pictures, Content, She Equivocates,
     Suddenly She Is With Me Negotiating,
     She Wants Me to Buy Her 3 Records in Thanks for "Finding" My Phone,
     I Eventually Say Yes, She Consults with "Sister" /
     Evidently They Made Love in our Bed, Switched / Stole Phone,
     Now It Looks Like I am to Be Lead Into a Trap Towards a Mugging or Worse,
     Is the Cell Phone Worth It?, Wake Up….
     There Was a 7/11 on the Way, and the Second Station --
     Very Urban, Had Reasonably Cheap Gas at 2.38….
November 21-22 4am Harriet, the Berg 3 Pieces for Orchestra in Suisun Valley….
     6am Moving Back to Bay Area
     and We Have to Do All of Tisha's Packing Again,
     from Christa Freeelov's Place…Nested Baskets...
November 22-23 6am Thanksgiving Football Game Modulates
      from A to Am add 4 no 5,
     Another Crystal Goblet Shatters Due to This…
     Family As Interest Group…
     7am Walking Uphill from a Very Cliffy Malibu in Suburbs,
     Late to Teach at DVC 8:30 Class and It's 7:30,
     An Affair w/ Violinist w/ New Yorker Cartoon Father,
     Lots of Compromising Pics of Harriet on Very Big
     IPhone, Walking Ahead w/ Crystal, 4 of Us, Uphill,
     Taking a Picture of Overexposed at Times,
     Cliffs Looking Like Very Large Talking Cinematic Woman,
     Climbing to Elevated Tram / Subway,
     Almost Wrong Turn Through Motel Steps,
     Then Proper Winding Steps, It's a Bus,
     and We Have to Descend Again,
     We're the First On, Hoping Companions will Arrive,
     Then Others Do, Lots of Children, Crystal and I Have First 2 Seats,
     I Vacate To Crowded Backseat as Our Straggling Rest of Party,
     We'l Have to Make 2 Transfers in Subway,
    Bus Driver Says Don't Write on Tickets Anymore,
    I Have, With Our Itinerary
    (the A Mjar to Minor Add 4 no 5 Item)…
     We Initially Parked for Walk in Neighborhood c. 5am
     Trying Not to Wake Neighbors, Feeling Responsible for a Trashcan,
     We Repark, Leave It,  Just as Well:
     Our Van's Windows Were Not Rolled Up…
     Part of Walk Was A National Park Souvenier Shop,
     w/ Carol, Walking Away from an Over-Attentive Sales Clerk...
November 23-24 1pm Overlarge Print-Out of Berg 3 Pieces for Orchestra: II /
  8am Italian / German / Swiss towns w/  Gray Brown Walls,
    Spectacular Mountains and Cliffs,
    A Great London Cafeteria Breakfast / Dinner,
    George Trainspotting, While I Look at Scenery Beyond…
    Crystal and Bette Are There, Don't Filll Up on Cheese Sandwhiches,
    Lots of Exotic Chinese Food,
     Orange/Red Fish…
     9am Human Sprinkler (Mouth), 
     Freeway Change in Vacville and Suroundings,
     Dramatic, w/ Increased Urbanization, Harriet Love...
November 24-25 3am One More Out-of-Order Blog Photo Upload for 11/9/12…
     8am Dollywood in Hollywood and San Francisco,
     Some of the Songs Have to SBe Linked, 
     a Roy Rodgers Type Going Over Songs w/ Pianist and Me,
     Lots of Improvised Dominant-Tonic Harmony, Wandering Sreets, Hotels, and
     Coffee Shops Trying to Trace Down Mispaced Computer,
     Buying and Liberating Newspapers,
      NYT and SF Chron, Carolyn on Street, w/ Glasses,
     Somewhat Acknowledging, But Hardly Helpful,
     Was Trying to Keep Such Careful Track of Computer,
     Traffic and Heavy Clientel in Berkeley-Like Environment, Suburban Aspect,
     Why Not Wake Up to See If Computer Is With Me?...
November 25-26 5am Opus Project Large and Good, Recruiting Jazz Players, Including Bass,
     One Adult Gives Name Rather Than Instrument (Eventually Trumpet),
     But Owen Is Rehearsing Them in a Choral Piece Not On Program,
     Music Is Not Ready in Any Rate... Three Semi-Circular Rows, Hard to Fit in More Players…
    Heat Still Shut Off, Alarm Goes Off…
November 29-30 11pm Harriet on Bed,
    She Knees Me Accidently or Intentionally,
     This Makes Me Question Our Relationship /
     8am Airport Adventures, Incoming Via Crew, Sting Inspected,
     a Scene, then Close Encounters w/ Voluptuous Black Stwardess /
     9am Cross the Street from Berkeley Music Library to Bridge
     Over American River South Fork,
     with Views Upstream of Concord Ridge and Mt Diablo
     Towering Everestianly Through Fall-Colored
     CA Decidous Oaks… Walk Down Hearst West,
     Pull Our a Large Hot Dog Walking Stick from Fence
November 30 - December 1 8am
     Two Events One Represented by Bartok Concerto for Orchestra,
     Other by Stravinsky Gershwin and They Are Invertible…
     9am Harriet Relatives Stay w/ Us in Very Small House,
     Tisha Moves Much of Claire's Baby Stuff (Pics) Into
     Oblong Basket Coffin-Size Storage Container,
     Some Relatives Alex and Wife Already Staying w/ Us,
     Backing Car Trailer Out, Two Different Ways,
     Both Involving Bumping Into Far Wall,
     A Rebelious Version of Steve Crunk Hops Into
     Storage Container as Go Cart Crashes It Into Opposite
     Shoulder of Road, Jumping Out at Last Minute,
     Mowing Down Trees, Containers,
    By Now Three of Them or So, Ruined,
     I Discover Some Actually in Not So Bad Shape,
     Begin Processs of Transferring Back, Carefully Road Route Is By Canyon,
     Somewhat Reminiscent of 9
     Crestwood, Plus Alamo Creek Canyon, and Golden Gate Bridge,
     Will Contents be Dissappeared by Police
     Or Others, Must Get Back Quickly,
     Yet Time to Delicately Re-Array Material by Bedside,
     Including Recording Equipment...

XII. December 1-2 4am
     Harry Partch Symposium at Summer Symposium,
     I Teach Microtonal Music,
     and We Unload Trucks with Gigi and Brian
     (Everything Fits Perfectly),
     Before This, Am In A Musical,
     My and Other's Lines Not Memorized,
     So We Are Not Totally Off Book…
     Show Video w/o Pulling Down Screen a la
     DVC San Ramon Problem Situation…
     7am Yosemite / Grand Canyon / Sierra w/ M&D,
     We Eat Humbly, Someone Else Is With Us and Both of
     Us Are Shaggy/Chic, Old Threadbare Tux, No Shoes,
     We Enter Backway w/ Help, Lie On Floor for Time,
     In Heavily Trafficked Area, Rather Than Scenic Views Elsewhere,
     Finally in Fancy Dining Room, Last
     To Leave, After Restroom, Down Staris in Dark,
     Trying to Hail Transportation Out Front,
     Accustomed to Eat Fish on Second Top Floor,
     Maitre d' Bawls Out Help for Letting Two Tramps Eat,
     I Face Him, Reprimand Him Civilly,
     Since His Coat Is Open and He Is Only Clad in Underwear…
     Previously a Road That Was Like a Trail Tiny
     Narrow Gage One Rail Rairoad Winding Through
     CA Coast Range, At rossroads was Hotel,
     Unseen Initially Due to ForeGround Scenery…
     Long Way Earlier, in Chilly Conditions,
     Realizing that If It Were Mid-Day We'd Be in Survival Danger...
     8am Exiting Arts Dvision DVC to North Parking Lot,
      Redneck with Tiny Monster on a String...
     May I Block Off Audio and Video to McDonalds Drive Through Tassajara? 
     Enter Front Door Burger King Van Ness, Is This a Bank Robbery?….
December 2-3 6am Four Measures / Pictures of a Canyon Music….
December 3-4 5am Indegestion from G to F#,
     Big Picture Books and Dangerously Perched Libations at Friendly Inn Reading Room...
December 4-5 6am Half the Bill Paid in Music But there might be a separate bill…
     a calm dream, easy to forget….
     but get to work, remodelling…
     lower Ti Re Do lower Sol  Mi  Beethoven - Early, Quintessential, Later…
December 6-7 4pm 1st Inversion G eighth rest 3
     1/8's ties to half ties to doubly dotted Half 1/8 rest
     preceeded by its mirror, belly-danced to and progressively erased,
     somehow the key…. Violent version,
     someone has been killed  and must be avenged,
     background jagged mountain ridge,
     as viewd from Diablo
     Valley Country Club /
     Dan Cook Ranch…
     Up Piedmont South in Berkeley before symmetry is lost...
     6am Stange Politics and Urban Life, Food in a Big Hotel Commisary,
    Tasting Grapes, Strawberries,
    Forbidden, Long Journey Backwards in Time to Begining of Dream…
    8am Did You Turn Off the Lightboard?  Yes? No? I have no recolllection. 
    I'm clearing the entire stage, and
    I'm All Right doing that, so someone else can do the light board. 
    Pocket pleasure, major ad campaign….
     9am Vying for position (on left side) w/ large truck on 680 north
     Approaching Benicia Bridge toll...
December 7-8 4am The Acting Dream + Instruments and a Dam (Oroville)
     7am Accident at Family Reunion, Warm,
      Crowded Dressing Rooms, Back in Scott's Place,
     Singing Audition as Church Music Direction,
     No Songs Appropriate in Poppy Song Book, Decide to Sing      Star-Spangled Banner A Capella on a Main Street Like Martinez,
     Proceed Up to Corner, Pants Not Secure,
     Trouble w/ Tonality, Then Hitting Stride, Some Ornamentaton,
     Well Received, w/ Black Response,
     Going for Very High Note, a Bit Short and Raspy, Wake Up…
     8am Effeminae Male Long-Haired Peter Pan Skipping North on 680 /
     9am Claire Arrives at Bedrom Door in Morning after Long Trip South
     (w/ Tisha), Radio Alarm Blaring,
     We Set West on Rockville, Then East Consuming Barriers on Road,
     Wondering What the Population Will Be in Two Weeks….
December 8-9 5am Tight SF Parking Gararge,
     Pay in Advance, Take Laptops,
      We Try to Leave, But Tough Back Up,
     Don't Run Into Anyone! 
     Carolyn, Supposedly At Meeting,
     But Asleep in Next Bedroom in Blue
     Sheer Curvaceous Night Gown….
     9am Library Scattered All Aobut a Retirement Community,
     Big-Breasted Librarian Interested,
     Pipe Organ and Memorial to Music Directors Nearbye,
     Several of These Individuals Depicted Singing into Large
     His Masters Voice" Sound Collectors,
     An August Old Andover Stye Campus…
     Discovering New Syntheses by Gathering Scattered Volumes…
     Bret Peppo Bagging Groceries, Wil I Be Next,
     No, I Usher Woman to Next in Line, Am Done,
     But Proceed to Back of Store and Wtach Living Airplane Balloons /
     Climb Air Current to Music of John Cage… Nazi Loves Christian Signs...
December 9-10 3am Perhaps They Are Strangers,
      for They Cannot Name All the Restaurants in the Area….
December 10-11 2am Night, 680 East Traffic
     Stops Dead in Fairfield, and Lights on Cars Go Out,
     One of the Entrances Before Town, Get Out of Car,
     Turn On IPhone Flashlight, Very Dark,
     A Large Vehicle Is Wrecked at Entrance,
     This Has to Be a Dream, It Is,
     Wake Up and See Vivid
     Blue Piping On Ceiling of Room….
December 11-12 2am A Moth Dreamt He Was Mark...
December 12-13 3am Crossing Lorraine's Driveway,
     Focussing on Distant Mountains,
     One of Her Relatives Almost Backs Into Us…
     Maybe Pizzafish Don't Belong in the Refridgerator…
     That's Why They're Getting Soggy, Ricky...
December 13-14 7am Music History Exam, Huge Room,
     Two Classes, Too Many Students,
     Enough Quizzes for Second Class, Exam Totally Unfamiliar,
     and Second Sessin Starts Late,
     Keep Playing Piano While Students Waiting.
     9am Breakfast With Dad at Chinese Restaurant
     Just Over the Border in Chester
    (District of Said Community Does Not Exist),
     Getting There in Rolling Chair with Others,
     Not Enough Room in Lane by Hedge at Springfield Border,
     Hit a Low Spot,
     We Skid Into Lane But Are OK…. / Our House on a Hill...
December 14-15 3am Overfull Pantry /
    5am Dog Parks of an Expanded Potrero Hill…
     Shampoo in the Refridgerator instead of Champagne…
    War Whoops…. Fast Traffic on Elmira,
     Looking Both Ways, Coming Out of Walmart / 10am Preparing Opus Music
December 15-16 10am Imputting Various
     Note Values and Articulations-- Tring to Get It Right..
December 16-17 6am Production of Peter Pan…..
     9am Signing Rental in Oregon w/ an Eraser…
     Slow but It Works...
December 17-18 2am Opus Project in a
    Theatre Combining Aspects of Solano College,
     Center for New Music, and DVC .
     3am Picking Construction Workers Off Buildings and Eating Them Like Fruit /
     A Large Colorful Antique Train Along 680 North, San Ramon to Walnut Creek
December 20-21 7am Big Deal Entertainment Over the Top, Everyone Likes It...
December 21-22 7am Doing a Great Job Teaching Middle School Music and History,
     But a Supervisor Is Not Sure….
December 22-23 4am 10 Oregon Coast Panoramas as Jpegs,
      Pdfs, Details, etc., for an Extensive Time, Then Exploring Oceanside, Cape Meares, etc…
December 23-24 12am A Train Crashing Into an Island….
     6am North Coast Airplane /
     7am Opus Project Large North, Semi Flooded MaCrone Hall IWood), Bus, Facebook,
      No Time to Print Music, Have to Walk, Harriet's Car Too Distant, Behind Bushes,
     Young Percussionists, This Must Be the Stop, Can't Find Any Facebook Emails,
     Have to Log in Hard Way, Time's Up...
December 24-25 3am Oregon Coast in Fog….
     7am Big Crowd Performance of San Fernando Fresno,
     First Improv Before Crowd on Strange Keyboard Chord Box,
     Some Perceive an UnCool Moral in Piece, Rehearsal Too Much Work,
      Not So Fun…Huricane Season...
     8am Solving a Murder Mystery /
     Playing Music with Secret Instructions from a Cook / Travel Book...
December 25-26 6am Walking Across SF on Route 3 (?!),
    Past Cathedrals, Construction
     Narrow Between Cargo Boxes), Ranges --
     Somone's Tampering w/ Post Box…
    At Darcy Reynolds's Taking Her Bath,
     Next Door to Terry Riley's Which Is In Bad Maintenance
     Condition, House Totally Different Except for Riley Study,
     Roadway Blocked by Debris,
     Is It Public Walkway, Cars Coing, Must Clear Path….
     8am Stuck in Newport Oregon, by Arts Center --
     Repairs, Don't Walk Through Wrong Door
     (Staples vs. Dollar Store)...
     9am Transvestite Trapped in Stairwell (SF)…
     Monster Stalker in Union City Trailer Park
     w/ Power to Think Things In and Out of Existence….
     Harriet Does Checkout Herslf
December 26-27 1pm Director "The Buerger" on a Chair...
     8am Journey to Uranus and Neptune, Opus 73-74...
      Lounge Bikini - Robotic Woman at Mote
December 27-28 2am Crossword and Newspaper at Don Gosnay's
     w/ Richie Carter, Cliff, no Computer…
     3am Brandenburg Concerti Barouque Mamillian Reptillian Crocodillian...
     9am Delay in Doing a Henry Miller in Brooklyn w/ Large Cast,
     Many Brass Instruments, and Large Stage,
     Change from a Substantial Commodious Robe / Cloth to Pants and Christ
     (In Audience),
     Props Missing Backstage, Including a Red Tonka Toy Pickup Truck,
    Only Used Backstage, Not Sure About Lines (Again), Megan Cullen at Piano,
     Has Moved Instrument on Stage for Recording, Never Practiced in Such
     Fashion, Hariet in Audience, Our Pixie-ish Singer from Camino Real in Tears,
     Late, Looking Something
     Like Eliza Doolittle in Movie My Fair Lady, 
     One Hat Costume for Henry, and Large Stick
     Industrial Pipe as Prop, Curatins do Not Close,
     Grand Finale of a Long Show, Onstage Curtains
     Insufficient and Ongoing Problem All Night,
     Up and Down Stage in Robe/Sheet, Should Be Full
     Proscenium Curtain for Henry, Crowd Impatient, Must Entertain...
     10am A Large Blonde Female Cherub Serving Eggs
     Outside an Ornate Outhouse Singing
     Carol of the Bells...
December 28-29 5am Give Me Marbles on My Coffee…
     Sleeping Arrangements in Small Motel Rooms for 5,
     Based on My Fair Lady….
     6am Walking to Camp,
     Through Pitch Black Briars,
     One Locks Herself in Outhouse Screaming,
     We Make It, Counter, 3/9 Mile to?….
     In a Movie, and It's the Finale, Credits…
     Music….How Big Is the Moon?….
     Small and Not to  Be Seen on Walk….
     Do You Feel Sometimes Passed Over?…
     Related Wooden
     Accomodations As Above…
     I'm Sorry, I Avoided the Key in All That….
     Are You All Right?  In Scene 4,
     In a Heartbeat…
     8am Auditions for Fresh Voices XIX Another Erling Show w/ Cartoons…
     9am Ashland OR Arco on Wrong Side of Street,
     Way Back to I-5 Not Marked….
December 29-30 1am A Guard /
     Counselling Station  by a Toilet,
     Money on the Floor During Interview,
     Left Because Thrown Back As Not Needed
     at a Land Toll Spot (Marin?)
     7am Composition Recital - Solo Keyboard / Vocal Pices Go OK,
     Audience Mostly Preserved for Second Half,
     Lots of Amateur Musicians, Some Have to Leave,
     What to Do?….Improv….Flutes, Low Brass, Few Strings...
     8am Give 'em the Sack / Hell, Harry…
     Cop Show...
December 30-31 3am Gold Country Trip,
     Two Kin- Sized Beds,
     Carolyn/Harriet Moves Over After Stretching,
     Crystal Crunk Shows up Saying, Nancy Can't Sleep,
    May She Sleep With You - At Least the Vacant Bed….
     Next Morning Lobby/Town, It Rains….
     "It Wasn't Supposed to Rain!"…
     8am Oregon / Washington Trip,
     Trying to Observe the Borders and Bridges…
     California Going Over Ridge on Bicycle But Not Enough Gas,
     Slow Trailer in Front Before,
     the Way to School, Low Marks in Afternoon Lit Class,
      So Must Go Back,  Have to Pack up From Resort House Before,
     Shower in Toilet Area, Where Are the Lights?… 
     To Wear Dress Attire or Work  Clothes….
     Rain in High Country...