Saturday, June 20, 2020

Eight Pepins, Op. 338

Op. 338 EIGHT PEPINS (June 20, 2020)
     Operetta in Two Dynasties
          Merovingian (486-751) - Austrasia Mayors
               I. Pepin I of Landen (580-640),
                    Mayor of the Palace
               II. Pepin II of Herstal The Middle (635-714),
                    Mayor of the Palace
          Carolingian (751-1120)
               III. Pepin III the Short (714-768),
                      Younger Son of Charles Martel and Wife Rotrude,
                            Mayor of the Palace / King
               IV. Pepin, Brother of Charlemagne
                       (b. after 757, died in infancy)
               V. Pepin (Pippin) the Hunchback (768-811),
                        First Son of Charlemage and Himiltrude
               VI. Pepin Carloman (Pepinno) of Italy (777-810),
                        Second Son of Charlemagne and Hildegard
               VII. Pepin I of Aquitaine (797-838),
                         Second Son of Louis the Pious and Ermengarde
                              of Hesbaye
                VIII. Pepin II of Aquitain (823-865),
                          Son of Pepin I of Aquitaine