Sunday, May 11, 2003

The Playboy of the Western World, Op. 111


(May 11, 2003) (after John Millington Synge) 
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Act III 

Westeurasian frolic inspired by the (pseudo-) Easteurasian fantasy of Giacomo Puccini's Turandot, with Monty Pythonesque Oedipal allusions to The Chieftains, Igor Stravinsky's The Rite of Spring, and swing jazz.



August 23-26, 2007
San Francisco Cabaret Opera / Goat Hall Productions
Oakland Metro Operahouse, Oakland, CA
PEGEEN MIKE - Eliza O'Malley
SEAN KEOGH - William Loney
JIMMY FARREL - Kristen Jones
PHILLY CULLEN - Harriet March Page
CHRISTY MAHON - Robert Benda
WIDOW QUIN - Beth Henry
SARA TANSEY - Kat Cornelius
HONOR BLAKE - Cynthia Weyuker
NELLY MCLAUGHLIN - Alexis Lane Jensen
SUSAN BRADY - Lisa McHenry
OLD MAHON - Mark Alburger

Promotional shot (Suzanna Mizell, Lisa McHenry, Robert Benda, Karl Coryat, Kat Cornelius, William Loney)
Poster, on a double bill with Steven Clark's Dionysus. Rehearsal Shots, Piedmont Piano, Oakland, CA

Act II A m17 "Nobody in there this morn" (McHenry)

 Act II A m105 "Sarah Tansey, Susan Brady" (Benda, Henry)

Act II A m178 "I am thinking Lord God sent him" (Benda, Henry)

Act II A m182 "You are heroes, surely" (McHenry, Henry, Benda)

Act II A "There now, drink a health to wonders" (Henry, Benda)

 Act II B m178 "And you'd be using bribery?" (Henry, Benda)

 Act II B m194 "It's true all girls are fond of courage, and do hate the likes of you" (Henry, Loney)

 Act II B m211 "What would you give me?" (Henry, Loney)

 Act II B "Oh, Widow Quin, I will give anything"

 Act II B m236 "If you could see yourself"

 Act II C m64 "Best be wary of a mortified scalp" (Henry, Alburger)

 Act II C m70 "In the splendor of the sun" (Henry, Alburger)

 Act II C m76 "My own wickedness, is that it?" (Alburger, Henry)

 Act II C m96 "He never pulled his weight?" (Henry, Alburger)

Act II C m100 "Up and hiding" (Henry, Alburger) Dress Rehearsal Stills:


 Act I C m14 "Is it yourself is fearing the polis?" (Jones, Page, Benda, Coryat)

Act I E m220 "She did not" (O'Malley, Benda, Henry)

Act II A m93 "Mister, you are welcome" (McHenry, Cornelius, Benda, Weyuker, Lane-Jensen)

Act II A m18 "Husband to the Widow Quin" (Henry, Cornelius, Benda)

 Act II B m154 "See this, Mister?" (Henry, Benda, Loney)

 Act II C m54 "I want to destroy'm for breaking" (Alburger, Henry)

 Act II B m58 "Ugly Streeler" (Henry, Alburger)

 Act II C m96 "Making faces" (Henry, Alburger)

 Act II C m100 "He up and hiding" (Henry, Alburger)

 Act II C m111 "Which way is he fled?" (Henry, Alburger)

 Act II C m115 "Can overtake him? (Henry, Alburger)

 Act II C m120 "Let you give good vengeance" (Benda, Henry)

 Act II D m48 "You'll be like me" (Henry, Benda)

 Act II D m72 "How would a lovely girl like you know about lonesome?" (Henry, Benda)

Act III A m29(1x) "His father's rotten in the ground by now" (Jones, Page)

Act III A m29 (2x) "Some with full teeth and some haven't but one" (Jones, Page)

Act III A m38(1x) "Lay your eyes on this skull" (Jones, Page, Alburger)

Act III A m47(1x) "It was my own son that hit me." (Jones, Page, Alburger)

Act III A m38(2x) "I saw coasting schooner passing" (Page, Alburger)

Act III A m55 "Do you know what? That man's raving." (Henry, Page, Alburger)

Act III A m94(1x) "I'm poorly only." (Jones, Page, Alburger, Henry)

Act III A m94(2x) "He's poorly only." (Jones, Page, Alburger, Henry)

 Act III B m19 "I'm thinking we'll have right sport" (Henry, Page)

 Act III C m62 "Stop that, will you!" (Jones, O'Malley, Benda, Cornelius, Alburger, McHenry, Coryat)

 Act III C m82 "It's himself pretending to be dead" (Jones, O'Malley, Benda, Page, Alburger, Cornelius, McHenry, Coryat)

 Act 3 C m119 "You're after making me a mighty man this day." (Jones, Page, Benda, Alburger, Cornelius, McHenry)

 Act III D m14 "They're turning against you, my lad" (Henry, Benda)

 Act III D m18 "Come by the back door" (Henry, Benda)

Act III D m52 "Twist a hangman's knot" (Coryat, Page, Loney, Jones"

Act III D m55 "He's the wickedest and the worst with me" (Loney, Coryat, O'Malley, Page, Jones)

Act III D m57 "You take the rope, Pegeen." (O'Malley, Loney, Coryat, Page, Jones)

Act III D 141 "Are you coming to be killed third time?" (Coryat, Lane-Jenson, Benda, Weyuker, Alburger, Loney)

Act III D m148 "They're taking me to the peelers." (McHenry, Coryat, Benda, Lane-Jenson, Weyuker, Alburger, Loney)

Act III D m150 "They're going to have me hanged." (McHenry, Coryat, Benda, Lane-Jenson, Weyuker, Alburger, Loney)

Act III D m164 "Well, little I care about such things." (Jones, O'Malley, Page, Benda, Loney, Coryat, Alburger)

Act III D m169 "I the captain with his heathen slave." (Lane-Jenson, Benda, Alburger)

Act III D m176 "Master of all fights!" (Lane-Jensen, Weyuker, Benda, Alburger)

Act III D m195 "I've lost The Playboy of the Western World!" (Cornelius, McHenry, Loney, Coryat, O'Malley)

 Video Captures from Performances:

Act I A m56 "Isn't it long the nights are" (Loney, O'Malley)

Act I B m40 "If you're afeard let Shawn stop along" (Coryat, Loney, Page, O'Malley)

Act I E "If I did not" (O'Malley, Benda, Henry)

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