Thursday, February 22, 2018

Roman de Favvel (The Horse-Ass Novel), Op. 276

Flattery, Avarice, Vileness, Variability, Envy, Laxity
(February 22, 2018)
after Gervais de Bus's Roman de Fauvel
(Faus Vel - Falseness), 1314, Book I, Folio 1-2

I. Favellandi vicium et fex avarcie obtinet nunc
      solium summumque locum curie
     (Horse-Ass's fits and sex-greed now occupy
      the seat of the Supreme Court
     … 2-voice expanding isorhythmic motet)

II. Mundus a mundicia (This lying world…
     2-voice Notre Dame conductus hybrid motet)

III. Quare fremuerunt (Why do the nations rage…
     2-voice new conductus motet)

IV. Super cathedram Moysi latita sub ypocrisi /
     Presidentes in thronis seculi sunt hodie dolus et parina /
     (This modern world is hidden under a flock of hypocrisy /
     Presiding over their seats in today's world, fraud and extortion /
     Ruins… 3-voice motet)

V. Scariottis geiniture viperera /
     Jure quod in opere /
     Superne matris gaudia
     (The scar of reproduction /
     Right in the act /
     The holy mother's joy
      … 3-voice assassination commemoration motet)

VI. Heu, quo progreditur prevaricacio!
     (Oh, how the progress of prevarication!
     … monophonic conductus [in 14-voice canon])

VII. In mari miserie /
     Manere (In the sea of misery /
     Stay… 2[3]-voice motet)

VIII. Ad solitum vomitum / Regnat
    (The usual vomit / Rules…
    2-voice Latin motet, c. 1200)

IX. Nulla Pestis / Plange / Vergente
    (No pest is worse than a familiar enemy / Weep / Verging)

XIV. Fauvel nous a fait
    (Horse-Ass has made a gift)

XXXVI. Bon vin doit
    (This song needs a drink)



May 5, 2018
Fast and the Furies
San Francisco Composers Chamber Orchestra
St. Mark's Lutheran Church, San Francisco