Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Orpheus and Eurydice, Op. 341

Op. 341 ORPHEUS AND EURYDICE (August 25, 2020)
Favola in Musica, mostly after Ovid
     I. Overtura-Toccata - "I Give You This Lyre"
     II. Prologue-Ritournello - "Hymen, Called by the Voice of Orpheus"
     III. Chorus - "He Was Present at Orpheus's Marriage, True"
     IV. Recitative - "While the Newly Wedded Bride, Eurydice,
          Was Walking through the Grass"
      V. Aria - When Orpheus Had Mourned for Her, Greatly,
          He Dared to go Down to Styx"
     VI. Trio - "Through the Weightless Throng"
     VII. Aria - Then Striking the Lyre-Strings"
     VIII. Chorus - "The Bloodless Spirits"
     IX. Duet - "She Was Among the recent Ghosts"
     X. Recitative - "Stunned by the Double Loss of his Wife"
     XI. Chorus - "While the Poet of Thrace
     XII. Epilogue-Ritournello - "The Ghost of Orpheus"