Monday, April 30, 2007

Trout Fishing in America, Op. 146

(April 30, 2007)
Music Drama for Voices and Instruments,
after Richard Brautigan
I. The Cover for Trout Fishing in America
II. Knock on Wood (Part I)
III. Knock on Wood (Part II)
IV. Red Lip
V. The Kool-Aid Wino
VI. Another Method of Making Walnut Catsup
VII. Prologue to Grider Creek
VIII. Grider Creek
IX. The Ballet for Trout Fishing in America
X. A Walden Pond for Winos
XI. Tom Martin Creek
XII. Trout Fishing on the Bevel
XIII. Sea, Sea Rider
XIV. The Last Year the Trout Came Up Hayman Creek
XV. Trout Death by Port Wine
XVI. The Autopsy of Trout Fishing in America
XVII. The Message
XVIII. Trout Fishing in America Terrorists
XIX. Trout Fishing in America with the FBI
XX. Worsewick
XXI. The Shipping of Trout Fishing in America to Nelson Algren
XXII. The Mayor of the 20th Century
XXIII. Oh Paradise
XXIV. The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari
XXV. The Salt Creek Coyotes
XXVI. The Hunchback Trout
XXVII. The Teddy Roosevelt Chingader'
XXVIII. Footnote Chapter to "The Shipping of Trout Fishing in America to Nelson Algren"
XXIX. The Pudding Master of Stanley Basin
XXX. Room 208, Hotel Trout Fishing in America
XXXI. The Surgeon
XXXII. A Note on the Camping Craze that is Currently Sweeping America
XXXIII. A Return to the Cover of this Book
XXXIV. The Lake Josephus Days
XXXV. Trout Fishing on the Street of Eternity
XXXVI. The Towel
XXXVII. Sandbox Minus John Dillinger Equals What?
XXXVIII. The Last Time I Saw Trout Fishing in America
XXXIX. In the California Bush
XL. The Last Mention of Trout Fishing in America Shorty
XLI. Witness for Trout Fishing in America Peace
XLII. Footnote Chapter to "Red Lip"
XLIII. The Cleveland Wrecking Yard
XLIV. A Half-Sunday Homage to a Whole Leonardo da Vinci
XLV. Trout Fishing in America Nib
XLVI. Prelude to the Mayonnaise Chapter
XLVII. The Mayonnaise Chapter



(Complete Works, Volume 64)