Monday, April 30, 2018

Jeremiah Lamentations, Op. 278

Op. 278 JEREMIAH LAMENTATIONS (April 30, 2018)
          I.-V.  The Call of Two Visions
          VI. Fear Not / Old Paths
          VII. Miserere mei Domine
          VIII. Bones / Balm
          IX.-X. Headwaters
          XI. Einam Quasi Agnus
          XII.-XIV. Let Mine Eyes Run Down
          XV.-XVI. Your Words Became a Joy
          XVII. Blessed Is the One Who Trusts in the Lord
          XVIII.-XXX.  I Know the Thoughts Which I Think
          XXXI. Vox in Rama
          XXXII. Love Celebration
          XXXIII. Behold, the Day Is Come, Says the Lord
          XXXIV.-LI. Wave All the Flags
          I. De Elegia Prima / Secunda
          II. De Elegia Tertia / Quarta
         III. De Elegia Quinta