Sunday, September 15, 2019

Julius Caesar, Op. 329

Op. 329 JULIUS CAESAR (September 15, 2019)
     Act I
          Scene I.   Rome.  A street.
          Scene II.  A public place.
          Scene III.  A street.
     Act II
          Scene 1.  Rome.  Brutus's orchard.
          Scene II.  Caesar's house.
          Scene III.  A street near the Capitol. /
          Scene IV.  Before the house of Brutus.
     Act III
          Scene I.  The Capitol.
          Scene II.  The Forum.
          Scene III.  A street.
     Act IV
          Scene I.  A house in Rome.
          Scene II.  Camp near Sardis. Before Brutus's tent.
          Scene III.  Brutus's tent.
     Act V
          Scene I.  The plains of Philippi.
          Scene II.  The same. The field of battle.
          Scene III.  Another part of the field.
          Scene IV.  Another part of the field.
          Scene V.  Another part of the field.



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