Saturday, December 25, 2021

Book of Dreams, 2020, Op. 374

Op. 374 BOOK OF DREAMS, 2020 (December 25, 2021)
   For Voices and Orchestra
I. January 1 - 1am Salad Bar w/ Star Trek Space Seed
     Compartments /  Fat Cats to an Apartment /
     Communion in a Giant Church
II. January 2 - 4am iPad in Shower, Participant in a Very
     Small Church / Choir Situation, Lynn Upshaw Greets,
     Somehow I Have on Choir Robe, Must Have Dozed Off,
     Tuba Player Is Just About it in Terms of Personnel,
     A Young Pert, Overly Talkative, Enthusiastic Blonde
     Unveils Her Reasonably Large Torso and Proceeds to
     Do Calesthenic / Muscular Tricks…