Sunday, November 14, 2021

The Decameron, Op. 367

Op. 367 THE DECAMERON (November 14, 2021)
100 Novels for Voices and Instruments, after Giovanni Boccaccio
PROEM / FIRST DAY / Introduction
     Novel I. Ser Ciappelletto Cheats a Holy Friar
     Novel II. Abraham Sees the Depravity of the Clergy
     Novel III. Melchizedek, with the Story of the Three Rings,
          Escapes a Perilous Snare Set by Saladin
     Novel IV. A Monk, Lapsing into Sin,
          Justly Censures the Same Fault in his Abbot,
          and thus Escapes Penalty
     Novel V. The Marchioness of Monferrato,
          by a Banquet of Hens Seasoned with Wit,
          Checks the Mad Passion of the King of France
     Novel VI. A Worthy Man, by an Apt Saying,
          Puts to Shame the Hypocrisy of a Friar Minor
     Novel VII. Bergamino, with a Story of Primasso and the
          Abbot of Cluny, Censures a Sudden Avarice in
          Messer Cane della Scala
     Novel VIII. Guglielmo Borsiere, by a Neat Retort,
          Sharply Censures Avarice in Messer Ermino de' Grimaldi
     Novel IX. The Censure of a Gascon Lady Converts the
          King of Cyprus from a Churlish to an Honorable Temper
     Novel X.  Master Alberto da Bologna Honourably
          Puts to Shame a Lady Who Sought Occasion
          to Put Him to Shame in that He Was in Love with Her
SECOND DAY / Introduction
     Novel I.  Martellino Pretends to Be a Paralytic
     Novel II.  Rinaldo d'Asti Is Robbed
     Novel III.  Allesandro Falls in with an Abbott
     Novel IV.  Landolfo Ruffolo Turns Corsair and Is Shipwrecked
     Novel V.  Andreuccio da Perugia Meets with Three Serious
          Adventures in One Night
     Novel VI.  Madam Beritola Loses Two Sons and
          Goes to Lunigiani
     Novel VII.  The Soldan of Babylon's Daughter
          Comes Into the Hands of Nine Men
     Novel VIII.  The Count of Antwerp Goes into Exile
     Novel IX.  Bernabo of Genoa, Deceived by Ambrogiuolo,
          Commands his Innocent Wife Be Put to Death
     Novel X.  Paganino da Monaco carries off the wife of
          Messer Ricciardo di Chinzica
THIRD DAY / Introduction
     Novel I.  Masetto da Lamporecchio Feigns to Be Dumb
     Novel II.  A Groom Lies with the Wife of King Agilulf
     Novel III.  A Lady Induces a Booby Friar to Provide a
          Means to the Entire Gratification of her Passion
     Novel IV.  Dom Felice Has a Good Time with Fra Puccio's Wife
     Novel V.  Ricciardo Zima Gives a Horse to Messer Francesco
     Novel VI.  Ricciardo Minutolo Induces the Jealous Catella Fighinolfi
          into a Rendezvous
     Novel VII.  Tedaldo Elisei Delivers the Husband of Monna
          Ermellina from Peril of Death
     Novel VIII.  Ferondo, Having Taken a Certain Powder,
          Is Disinterred by the Abbot, Who Enjoys his Wife
     Novel IX.  Gillette of Narbonne Craves Bertrand de Roussillon
     Novel X.  Alibech Turns Hermit, and Rustico, a Monk,
          Teaches Her to Put the Devil in Hell
FOURTH DAY / Introduction
     Novel I.  Tancred Slays Ghismonda's Lover
     Novel II.  Fra Alberto Gives a Lady to Understand She Is
          Beloved of the Angel Gabriel
     Novel III.  Three Young Men Love Three Sisters
     Novel IV.  Gerbino Attacks a Ship to Rescue the King of Tunis's
     Novel V.  Lisabetta's Brothers Slay her Lover
     Novel VI.  Andreuolo Loves Gabriotto
     Novel VII.  Pasquino Rubs a Leaf of Sage
     Novel VIII.  Girolamo Returns to Find Salvestra Married
     Novel IX.  Sieur Guillaume de Roussillon Slays his Wife's
     Novel X.  The Wife of a Doctor Deems her Lover,
          Who Has Taken an Opiate, to Be Dead
FIFTH DAY / Introduction
     Novel I. Cimon, by Loving, Waxes Wise, Wins Iphegenia
     Novel II. Gostanza loves Martuccio Gomito, 
          and hearing that he is dead, gives way to despair,
          and hies her alone aboard a boat
     Novel III. Pietro Boccamazza runs away with Agnolella,
          and encounters a gang of robbers
     Novel IV. Ricciardo Manardi is found by Messer Lizio da Valbona
          with his daughter, whom he marries, and remains at peace
          with her father
     Novel V. Agnesa has two lovers in Faenza, to wit,
           Giannole di Severino and Minghino di Mingole,
           who fight about her
     Novel VI. Gianni di Procida, being found with the damsel that he
          loves, and who had been given to King Frederic, is bound with
          her to a stake
     Novel VII. Pietro Teodoro, being enamoured of Violante,
          daughter of Messer Amerigo, his lord,
          gets her with child, and is sentenced to the gallows
     Novel VIII.  Nastagio degli Onesti, loving a damsel of the
          Traversari family, by lavish expenditure gains not her love.
     Novel IX.  Federigo degli Alberighi loves and is not loved in return
          he wastes his substance by lavishness until nought is left but a
          single falcon.
     Novel X.  Pietro di Vinciolo goes from home to sup;
          his wife brings a boy into the house to bear her company
SIXTH DAY / Introduction
     Novel I.  A knight offers to carry Madonna Oretta on horseback
          with a story
     Novel II.  Cisti gives Messer Geri Spina to know that
          he has asked that of him which he should not
     Novel III.  Monna Nonna de' Pulci silences the Bishop of Florence
     Novel IV.  Chichibio converts Currado Gianfigliazzi's wrath into
     Novel V.  Messer Forese da Rabatta and Master Giotto deride
          one another's scurvy appearance
     Novel VI.  Michele Scalza proves to certain young men that the
          Baronci are the best gentlemen in the world
     Novel VII.  Madonna Filippa, being found by her husband with
          her lover, is cited before the court, and by a ready and jocund
          answer acquits herself
     Novel VIII.  Fresco admonishes his niece not to look at herself
          in the glass, if 'tis, as she says, grievous to her to see nasty
     Novel IX.  Guido Cavalcanti by a quip meetly
          rebukes certain Florentine gentlemen
          who had taken him at a disadvantage
     Novel X.  Fra Cipolla promises to shew certain country-folk a
          feather of the Angel Gabriel, in lieu of which he finds coals
SEVENTH DAY / Introduction
     Novel 1 - Gianni Lotteringhi hears the knocking of his wife's lover
     Novel II - Peronella bestows her lover in a barrel
     Novel III -  Fra Rinaldo lies with his gossip
     Novel IV - Tofano locks his wife out of the house
     Novel V - A jealous husband disguises himself as a priest
     Novel VI - Madonna Isabella has with her Leonetto
     Novel VII - Madonna Beatrice sends her husband Egano into a
          garden disguised as herself
     Novel VIII -  Arriguccio discovers that Monna Sismonda
          has warning of her lover's approach
     Novel IX - Lydia and Pyrrhus make Nicostratus believe
          that what he saw was not real
     Novel X - Tingoccio returns from the other world
EIGHTH DAY / Introduction
     Novel I - Gulfardo Borrows Moneys of Guasparruolo
     Novel II - The Priest of Varlungo Lies with Monna Belcolore
     Novel III - Calandrino, Bruno, and Buffalmacco Go In
          Quest of the Heliotrope beside the Mugnone
     Novel IV - The Rector of Fiesole Loves a Widow Lady
     Novel V - Three Young Men Pull Down the Breeches of a Judge
     Novel VI - Bruno and Buffalmacco Steal a Pig from Calandrino
     Novel VII - A Scholar Loves a Widow Lady
     Novel VIII - One Friend Lies with Another's Wife
     Novel IX - Bruno and Buffalmacco Prevail upon Master Simone
     Novel X - A Sicilian Woman Cunningly Conveys from a Merchant
NINTH DAY / Introduction
     Novel I - Madonna Francesca, having two lovers,
          artfully rids herself of both
     Novel II - An abbess rises in haste in the dark
     Novel III - Master Simone, at the instance of
          Bruno and Buffalmacco and Nello,
          makes Calandrino believe that he is with child
     Novel IV - Cecco Fortarrigo, loses his all at play at Buonconvento,
          besides the money of his master Cecco Angiulieri
     Novel V - Calandrino being enamoured of a damsel,
          Bruno gives him a scroll, averring that,
          if he but touch her therewith, she will go with him
     Novel VI -  Two young men lodge at an inn, of whom the one
          lies with the host's daughter,
          his wife by inadvertence lying with the other.
     Novel VII - Talano di Molese dreams
     Novel VIII - Biondello gulls Ciacco in the matter of a breakfast
     Novel IX -  Two young men ask counsel of Solomon
     Novel X - Dom Gianni at the instance of his gossip
          Pietro uses an enchantment to transform Pietro's wife into a mare
TENTH DAY / Introduction
     Novel I -  A knight in the service of the King of Spain deems himself
     Novel II - Ghino di Tacco captures the Abbot of Cluny
     Novel III - Mitridanes, holding Nathan in despite, 
          journeys with intent to kill him
     Novel IV - Messer Gentile de' Carisendi disinters a lady that he loves
     Novel V -  Madonna Dianora craves of Messer Ansaldo a garden
     Novel VI - King Charles the Old falls in love with two young maidens
     Novel VII - King Pedro, apprised of the fervent love borne him by Lisa
     Novel VIII - Sophronia, albeit she deems herself wife to Gisippus,
          is wife to Titus Quintius Fulvus
     Novel IX - Saladin, in guise of a merchant,
          is honourably entreated by Messer Torello
     Novel X - Gualtieri, Marquis of Saluzzo,
          consents to take Griselda as his wife