Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Medieval Orchestrations, Op. 288

Op. 288 MEDIEVAL ORCHESTRATIONS (October 24, 2018)
     Italy (b. c. 1270)
          Trotto (1300,
               after Florilegium Musicum of Paris, 1973)
     Robertsbridge Fragment Composer (b. c. 1290)
          Organ Estampie (c. 1320,
               after Anton Webern's Six Pieces for Orchestra, Op. 6: 1, 1909)
     Jacopo da Bologna (1320-1370)
          Non al suo amante (No One Ever Pleased a Lover so Much
c. 1350, Petrarch, 1304-1374, after Arnold Schoenberg's
               A Survivor from Warsaw, 1948)



     July 11-12, 2014
     Fresh Voices XIV: Taken
     Harriet March Page, Soprano / Mark Alburger, Tenor
     Goat Hall Productions
     Community Music Center, San Francisco, CA

     October 4, 2014
     Music of Air, Earth, Fire, and Water
     San Francisco Composers Chamber Orchestra
     Old First Presbyterian Church, San Francisco, CA

     May 6, 2017
     San Francisco Composers Chamber Orchestra
     St. Mark's Lutheran Church, San Francisco, CA

     October 27, 2018
     The Opus Project presents Opus 70: Ghost Dances
     Megan Cullen, Soprano / Mark Alburger, Tenor /
     The Opus Project Orchestra
     Diablo Valley College Music Building, Pleasant Hill, CA