Tuesday, November 10, 2015

The Decameron: Fifth Day, Op. 247

Op. 247 THE DECAMERON (November 10, 2015)
    100 Novels for Voices and Instruments
     FIFTH DAY / Introduction
          Novel I. Cimon, by Loving, Waxes Wise,
               Wins Iphegenia
          Novel II. Gostanza loves Martuccio Gomito,
               and hearing that he is dead,
               gives way to despair, and hies her alone aboard a boa
          Novel III. Pietro Boccamazza runs away with Agnolella,
               and encounters a gang of robbers
          Novel IV. Ricciardo Manardi is found by
               Messer Lizio da Valbona with his daughter,
               whom he marries, and remains at peace with her father
          Novel V. Agnesa has two lovers in Faenza, to wit,
                Giannole di Severino and Minghino di Mingole, 
                who fight about her
    Novel VI. Gianni di Procida,
               being found with the damsel that he loves,
               and who had been given to King Frederic,
                is bound with her to a stake
          Novel VII. Pietro Teodoro, being enamoured of Violante,
               daughter of Messer Amerigo, his lord,
              gets her with child, and is sentenced to the gallows
          Novel VIII.  Nastagio degli Onesti,
               loving a damsel of the Traversari family,
               by lavish expenditure gains not her love.
          Novel IX.  Federigo degli Alberighi loves and
               is not loved in return
               he wastes his substance by lavishness until
               nought is left but a single falcon.
          Novel X.  Pietro di Vinciolo goes from home to sup;
               his wife brings a boy into the house to bear her company


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