Sunday, September 6, 2015

Canterbury Tales, Op. 242

Op. 242 CANTERBURY TALES (September 6, 2015)
     Opera for Singers and Players
          General Prologue
          I. The Knight's Tale
          II. The Miller's Tale
          III. The Reeve's Tale
          IV. The Cook's Tale
          V. The Man of Law's Tale
          VI. The Wife of Bath's Tale
          VII. The Friar's Tale
          VIII. The Summoner's Tale
          IX. The Clerk's Tale
          X. The Merchant's Tale
          XI. The Squire's Tale
          XII. The Franklin's Tale
          XIII. The Physician's Tale
          XIV. The Pardoner's Tale
          XV. The Shipman's Tale
          XVI. The Prioress's Tale
          XVII. Sir Thopas' Tale
          XVIII. The Tale of Melibee
          XIX. The Monk's Tale
          XX. The Nun's Priest's Tale
          XXI. The Second Nun's Tale
          XXII. The Canon's Yeoman's Tale
          XXIII. The Manciple's Tale
          XXIV. The Parson's Tale