Monday, September 24, 2012

The Decameron - Third Day, Op. 205

Op. 205 THE DECAMERON (September 24, 2012)
100 Novels for Voices and Instruments
THIRD DAY / Introduction
Novel I.  Masetto da Lamporecchio Feigns to Be Dumb
Novel II.  A Groom Lies with the Wife of King Agilulf
Novel III.  A Lady Induces a Booby Friar to Provide a Means to the Entire Gratification of her Passion
Novel IV.  Dom Felice Has a Good Time with Fra Puccio's Wife
Novel V.  Ricciardo Zima Gives a Horse to Messer Francesco Vergellesi
Novel VI.  Ricciardo Minutolo Induces the Jealous Catella Fighinolfi into a Rendezvous
Novel VII.  Tedaldo Elisei Delivers the Husband of Monna Ermellina from Peril of Death
Novel VIII.  Ferondo, Having Taken a Certain Powder, Is Disinterred by the Abbot, Who Enjoys his Wife

 Novel IX.  Gillette of Narbonne Craves Bertrand de Roussillon

 Novel X.  Alibech Turns Hermit, and Rustico, a Monk, Teaches Her to Put the Devil in Hell