Sunday, June 1, 2008

Songs of Degrees, Op. 163

(June 1, 2008)
For Voices and Instruments
Psalm 120 (A Song of Ascents)
     "Ad Dominum cum Tribulare"
     [after Hans Leo Hassler]                                                     [G119]
Psalm 121 (A Song of Ascents)
     "I Will Lift Up Mine Eyes" / "Laetatus sum"
      [after Arthur Honegger - Le Roi David]                             [G120]
Psalm 122 (A Song of Ascents - Of David)
     "I Was Glad / Pray for the Peace"              [G121]
      "Laetatus sum" [after Claudio Monteverdi]
Psalm 123 (A Song of Ascents)
     [after Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina]     [G122]
Psalm 124 (A Song of Ascents - Of David)     [G123]
     [after Louis Bourgeois - Old 124th and
      Igor Stravinsky - Requiem Canticles: Exaudi]
Psalm 125 (A Song of Ascents)
     [after Igor Stravinsky - Requiem Canticles: Interlude]     [G124]
Psalm 126 (A Song of Ascents)
     [after Igor Stravinsky - Requiem Canticles: Prelude]     [G125]
Psalm 127 (A Song of Ascents - Of Solomon)
     "Nisi Dominus"
     [after Claudio Monteverdi]                             [G126]
Psalm 128 (A Song of Ascents)
     "Beati Omnes"
     [after Heinrich Schutz - Psalm 128]                             [G127]
Psalm 129 (A Song of Ascents)
     "Many a Time"
     [after Benjamin Britten - War Requiem: Agnus Dei)     [G128]
Psalm 130 (A Song of Ascents)
     "Out of the Depths" / "De Profundis" / "Aus Tiefer Not"     [G129]
     [after Josquin de Pres, J.S. Bach, Arnold Schoenberg,
     Alan Hovhaness, Leonard Bernstein, and Frederic Rzewski]
Psalm 131 (A Song of Ascents - Of David)
     [after Leonard Bernstein - Chichester Psalms: III]     [G130]
Psalm 132 (A Song of Ascents)
     [after Thomas Weelkes - O Lord, Arise]     [G131]
Psalm 133 (A Song of Ascents)
     [after J.S. Bach - Cantata No. 140 and
     Leonard Bernstein - Chichester Psalms: III Chorale]     [G132]
Psalm 134 (A Song of Ascents)
     [after Carl Orff - Carmina Burana: Tanz]                     [G133]

N.B. Numbering above follows the Hebrew / Protestant order.
The Greek (G) / Latin / Catholic designations are one number less
     in this region of the Psalms 



(Complete Works, Volume 73)