Thursday, March 13, 2008

Vocal Sonatina No. 1 ("Spitzer"), Op. 156

Op. 156 VOCAL SONATINA NO. 1 ("Spitzer")
(after Ashley Alexandra Dupre, David Peterson, et al)
(March 13, 2008)
I. Allegro moderato ("Difficult")
II. Andante ("I Am not a Monster")
III. Allegro ("Only the Lobbyists")



(New Music)

Vocal Sonatina No. 1 ("Spitzer")

(Instrumental version)

I. Allegro moderato ("Difficult")

(Instrumental Version)

(Vocal Version)

Difficult. He's
Difficult. He likes do
Do a lot of things that like you might not think are safe and so he's

I have a way of dealing with that I'll be like
Listen dude.
You know you want the sex.
You know what I mean.

You know I mean it's like whatever. I'm
Here for a purpose. I know what my purpose is.
I am not a moron.
You know what I mean.

II. Andante ("I Am Not a Monster")

I am not a monster. Don't
Want to be.
It's a very difficult time for me.
It is very complicated.

He walked out on me.

III. Allegro ("Only the Lobbyists")

[The new governor, when asked if he had ever been with a prostitute said:]

Only the lobbyists come here to see me.

I feel like the student getting ready to take the final exam.
Only they hadn't attended any classes.