Sunday, February 1, 1998

12 Preludes and Fugues ("Topical"), Op. 60

Op. 60 12 PRELUDES AND FUGUES ("Topical")
I. Another Cognitive Disorder
II. Basic Policy on the Triads
III. The Collective Brain
IV. Death Is the Rain
V. Empedocles Was Wrong
VI. The Examined Life
VII. Gonna Get
VIII. People Can Fall Down
IX. Rather Have an Earthquake
X. Rock His World
XI. Turn On, Boot Up
XII. We Want Foreigners


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(Complete Works, Volume 19)
(February 1, 1998)
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Ia. Another Cognitive Disorder (Prelude)

Ib. Another Cognitive Disorder (Fugue)

IIa. Basic Policy on the Triads (Prelude)

IIb. Basic Policy on the Triads (Fugue)

IIIa. The Collective Brain (Prelude)

IIIb. The Collective Brain (Fugue)

IVa. Death Is the Rain (Prelude)

IVb. Death Is the Rain (Fugue)

Va. Empedocles Was Wrong (Prelude)

V. Empedocles Was Wrong (Fugue)

VIa. The Examined Life (Prelude)

VIb. The Examined Life (Fugue)

VIIa. Gonna Get (Prelude)

VIIb. Gonna Get (Fugue)

VIIIa. People Can Fall Down (Prelude)

VIIIb. People Can Fall Down (Fugue)

IXa. Rather Have an Earthquake (Prelude)

IXb. Rather Have an Earthquake (Fugue)

Xa. Rock His World (Prelude)

Xb. Rock His World (Fugue)

XIa. Turn On, Boot Up (Prelude)

XIb. Turn On, Boot Up (Fugue)

XIIa. We Want Foreigners (Prelude)

XIIb. We Want Foreigners (Fugue)