Tuesday, December 1, 1998

Elijah Rock, Op. 71 (1998)

Op. 71 ELIJAH ROCK (I-II Kings) (December 1, 1998)
Opera-Oratorio for Voices and Orchestra

First Part
OUVERTURE (Rehoboam and Jeroboam)
I. QUARTETTO - Turn (The Man of God from Judah and the Old Prophet of Bethel)
II. DUETTO - Disguise (Jeroboam's Wife and Ahijah)
III. ARIA - Rehoboam (Chronology and Call)
IV. RECITATIVO - Now (Elijah and the Widow)
V. DUETTO - Man (Elijah and the Widow's Son)
VI. QUARTETTO - Go (Elijah and Ahab)
VII. RECITATIVO - Rise (Elijah and the Prophets of Baal)
VIII. CORO - Baal (The Prophets of Baal and the People)
IX. CORO - Roar (Elijah and the People)
X. ARIA - May (Jezebel and Elijah)
XI. RECITATIVO - Elijah (God and Elisha)
XII. QUARTETTO - King (Benhadad and Ahab)
XIII. QUARTETTO - Still (Ahab and a Member of a Group of Prophets)
XIV. DUETTO - Let (Ahab and Naboth)
XV. ARIA - Jehoshaphat (Call and Chronology)

Second Part
XVI. DUETTO - Send (Ahaziah and Elijah)
XVII. QUARTETTO - You (Elijah and Elisha)
XVIII. BALLET / TERZETTO - As (Bowls and Bears)
XIX. CONCERTO / TERZETTO - Moab (Jehoshaphat and Jorem)
XX. RECITATIVO - Oh (Elisha and the Widow of a Member of a Group of Prophets)
XXI. DUETTO - Sir (Elisha and the Rich Woman of Shunem's Son)
XXII. BALLET / TERZETTO - Poison (Naaman and the Ax)
XXIII. CONCERTO / TERZETTO - Which (The Syrians and the Israelites)
XXIV. QUARTETTO - Benhadad (The Purges and Jezebel)
XXV. CORO - Joash (Elisha and the Falls)
EPILOGUE (Samaria and Jerusalem)


HILL COUNTRY MUSIC (Complete Works, Volume 21)