Wednesday, July 7, 1982

Orpheus Cycle, Op. 24

(July 7, 1982; New Music 1993)
Six Lipograms for Pop Singer and Piano
Six Lipograms for Pop Singer and Pierrot Ensemble (New Music 1994, 1998)
Six Lipograms for Pop Singer and Orchestra
(after Matthew Kiell)

I. A: A Bard At Last Alive, 1

I. 2

II. E: The Lament: Desperate Orpheus

III. I: First Stepping Into His Unhappiness, 12

III. 13

IV. O: O How Lost Hopes Could Hold Our Loneliness

V. U: Orpheus Outcast

VI. Y: Lyre's Melody, 36

VI. 38


May 12, 1983
Marsha Whittier, Soprano; Mark Alburger, Piano
Weber State College, Ogden, UT

November 4, 1992
Nina Tober, Soprano; Mark Alburger, Piano
Albrecht Auditorium, Claremont Graduate School, Claremont, CA

November 2, 1993
Rebecca Jones, Soprano; Mark Alburger, Piano
NOW Music Festival, Angelico Auditorium, Dominican College, San Rafael, CA

November 14, 1993
Rebecca Jones, Soprano; Mark Alburger, Piano
Music Benefit Concert, First Presbyterian Church, San Rafael, CA

January 13, 1999
Elizabeth Quaintance, Soprano; Gerald Rizzer, Piano
Western Springs Music Club, Chicago, IL

February 28, 1999
Erik Howe, Baritone; Sounds New Ensemble
Bielawa House, Kensington, CA

March 7, 1999
Mark Alburger, Tenor; Sounds New Ensemble
Unitarian Universalist Church, Kensington, CA.

October 17, 19, 21, 2005
Mark Alburger, Tenor and MIDI Keyboard
Music Technology Center, Diablo Valley College, Pleasant Hill, CA

April 20, 2007
William Loney and Carl Koryat, Tenors; Lisa McHenry, Voice
Bruce Salvisberg, Flute; Rachel Condry, Clarinet; Alexis Alrich, Piano
Clare Twohy, Violin; Aaron Urton, Cello
Old First Presbyterian Church, San Francisco, CA


(Complete Works, Volume 4) (New Music, 2006)


June 13-16, 2007

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