Sunday, November 15, 1998

Solomon, Op. 70 (1998)

Op. 70 SOLOMON (November 15, 1998)
Opera-Oratorio for Voices and Orchestra

Act I
I. Let's Find a Young Woman

II. Have You Heard (The Coronation of Solomon)

III. You Know What to Do (The Death of David)

IV. Is This a Friendly Visit? / I'll See What I Can Do

V. You Deserve to Die (Psalm 144)
VI. What Would You Like Me to Give to You
VII. This Woman

Act II
VIII. You Know (The Building of the Temple and Palace)
IX. Happy Solomon (Procession of the Ark to the Temple)

X. So These Are the Towns
XI. I Come to You (The Queen of Sheba)
XII. Because You Have Broken
XIII. Your Father Solomon


HILL COUNTRY MUSIC (Complete Works, Volume 21)