Monday, September 24, 2012

The Decameron - Third Day, Op. 205

Op. 205 THE DECAMERON (September 24, 2012)
100 Novels for Voices and Instruments
THIRD DAY / Introduction
Novel I.  Masetto da Lamporecchio Feigns to Be Dumb
Novel II.  A Groom Lies with the Wife of King Agilulf
Novel III.  A Lady Induces a Booby Friar to Provide a Means to the Entire Gratification of her Passion
Novel IV.  Dom Felice Has a Good Time with Fra Puccio's Wife
Novel V.  Ricciardo Zima Gives a Horse to Messer Francesco Vergellesi
Novel VI.  Ricciardo Minutolo Induces the Jealous Catella Fighinolfi into a Rendezvous
Novel VII.  Tedaldo Elisei Delivers the Husband of Monna Ermellina from Peril of Death
Novel VIII.  Ferondo, Having Taken a Certain Powder, Is Disinterred by the Abbot, Who Enjoys his Wife

 Novel IX.  Gillette of Narbonne Craves Bertrand de Roussillon

 Novel X.  Alibech Turns Hermit, and Rustico, a Monk, Teaches Her to Put the Devil in Hell

Saturday, June 2, 2012

The Decameron - Second Day, Op. 203


Op. 203 THE DECAMERON - SECOND DAY (June 2, 2012)
    100 Novels for Voices and Instruments
SECOND DAY / Introduction
Novel I.  Martellino Pretends to Be a Paralytic
Novel II.  Rinaldo d'Asti Is Robbed
Novel III.  Allesandro Falls in with an Abbot
Novel IV.  Landolfo Ruffolo Turns Corsair and Is Shipwrecked
Novel V.  Andreuccio da Perugia Meets with Three Serious Adventures in One Night
Novel VI.  Madam Beritola Loses Two Sons and Goes to Lunigiana
Novel VII.  The Soldan of Babylon's Daughter Comes Into the Hands of Nine Men
Novel VIII.  The Count of Antwerp Goes into Exile
Novel IX.  Bernabo of Genoa, Deceived by Ambrogiuolo,
     Commands his Innocent Wife Be Put to Death
Novel X.  Paganino da Monaco carries off the wife of Messer Ricciardo di Chinzica

            THE DECAMERON (Second Day)
                    (Complete Works, Volume 94)

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Triple Concerto ("Family"), Op. 201

OP. 201 TRIPLE CONCERTO ("FAMILY") (February 16, 2012)
For Bassoon, Contrabassoon, Harp, and Orchestra

I. Allegro

II. Largo

III. Rondo


April 14, 2012
Michael Garvey, Bassoon
Lori Garvey, Contrabassoon
Samantha Garvey, Harp
Mark Alburger, Piano
Fresh Voices XII
San Francisco Community Music Center Theatre,
San Francisco, CA

June 9, October 20, 2012
Michael Garvey, Bassoon
Lori Garvey, Contrabassoon
Samantha Garvey, Harp
San Francisco Composers Chamber Orchestra
Old First Presbyterian Church, San Francisco, CA


APOTHEOSIS OF THE CHANCE (Complete Works, Volume 92)

Saturday, January 28, 2012

The Decameron - First Day, Op. 200

OP. 200 THE DECAMERON - FIRST DAY (January 28, 2012)
100 Novels for Voices and Instruments

PROEM / FIRST DAY / Introduction
Novel I. Ser Ciappelletto Cheats a Holy Friar
Novel II. Abraham Sees the Depravity of the Clergy
Novel III. Melchizedek, with the Story of Three Rings,
     Escapes a Perilous Snare Set by Saladin
Novel IV. A Monk, Lapsing into Sin,
     Justly Censures the Same Fault in his Abbot,
     and thus Escapes Penalty
Novel V. The Marchioness of Monferrato,
     by a Banquet of Hens Seasoned with Wit,
     Checks the Mad Passion of the King of France
Novel VI. A Worthy Man, by an Apt Saying,
     Puts to Shame the Hypocrisy of a Friar Minor
Novel VII. Bergamino, with a Story of Primasso and the Abbot of Cluny,
     Censures a Sudden Avarice in Messer Cane della Scala
Novel VIII. Guglielmo Borsiere, by a Neat Retort,
     Sharply Censures Avarice in Messer Ermino de' Grimaldi
Novel IX. The Censure of a Gascon Lady Converts the King of Cyprus
     from a Churlish to an Honorable Temper
Novel X.  Master Alberto da Bologna Honourably Puts to Shame a Lady
     Who Sought Occasion to Put Him to Shame in that
     He Was in Love with Her

            THE DECAMERON (Complete Works, Volume 91)
            New Music Publications and Recordings / Mus21stc - NM 1202)


     Fresh Voices XII: Not Shy and Retiring, April 14, 2014
          Goat Hall Productions, Community Music Center,
          San Francisco, CA

     Fresh Voices XIII: Mischief and Mayhem, July 5-6, 2013
          Goat Hall Productions, Community Music Center,
          San Francisco, CA


     THE DECAMERON (Complete Works, Volume 91)