Friday, December 14, 2007

History Phases, Op. 153

Op. 153 HISTORY PHASES (December 14, 2007) for sound files
I. Turkey (Epitaph of Seikilos)
II. Russia (The Moon Shines)
III. America (Amazing Grace)
IV. Mass Ordinary (Kyrie IV)
V. Mass Proper (Alleluia)
VI. Cantus Firmus (Hec Dies)
VII. Latin Lyric (Orientis Partibus)
VIII. Orkney Islands (Hymn to St. Magnus)
IX. Guirault de Bornelh (Reis Glorios)
X. Richard Coeur-de-Lion (Ja Nuns Hons Pris)
XI. French Monophony (Trotto)
XII. French Polyphony (Ductia)
XIII. Thomas of Celano (Dies Irae)
XIV. Italian Monophony (Saltarello)
XV. Giles Binchois (Files a Marier)
XVI. Antoine Busnois (L'Homme Arme)
XVII. Josquin des Pres (El Grillo / Scaramella)
XVIII. Claudio Monteverdi (Orfeo: Toccata / Vespers: Deus in Adjutorium)
XIX. Henry Purcell (Dido and Aeneas: When I Am Laid)
XX. J.S. Bach (Brandenburg Concerto No. 1: I / No. 3: 2 / WTC: Fugue in C Minor / Cantata 140: IV)
XXI. G.F. Handel (Messiah: Hallelujah)
XXII. Scott Joplin (Maple Leaf Rag)
XXIII. Blues (12-Bar)
XXIV. Charles Ives (Columbia the Gem of the Ocean)
XXV. Anton Webern (Works)
XXVI. John Cage (Sonata V)
XXVII. Pierre Boulez (Le Marteau sans Maitre)
XXVIII. David Bowie (Rock'n'Roll Suicide)

Saturday, August 4, 2007

Variations on Americana, Op. 148

(August 4, 2007)
For orchestra

Variations on Americana maps denatured pitches (often with accidentals removed, or mode change) of John Philip Sousa's four-strain Stars and Stripes Forever over an abbrieviated rhythmic grid and some of the contour of Charles Ives's Variations on America. That the third strain of the dialectic has been transformed into a vague resemblance of Lowell Mason's Mary Had a Little Lamb is purely coincidental, and very welcome. The coda features distorted SASF quotes previously utilized in my setting of Tennesee Williams's Camino Real (Op. 110), for Block Four (Kilroy and the Loan Shark). The moral of the story in this case seems to be that rhythm is a far stronger identity and identifier than pitch.

The work was conceived as a movement in the collaborative eight-composer Sousa Variations for the San Francisco Composers Chamber Orchestra.


June 7, 2008
San Francisco Composers Chamber Orchestra
Old First Church



Variations on Americana

(GarageBand Version)

Variations on Americana

(Cuebase Version)


New Music
(May 2, 2008)