Friday, May 1, 1998

Moses and Aaron, Op. 63

Op. 63 MOSES AND AARON (May 1, 1998)
Opera-Oratorio in Thrice 7 Letters
EXODUS / LEVITICUS (13 Letters and a Postlude)
I. Recitative - "And There Arose"
II. Barcarolle - "Woman Conceived"
III. Battle - "And He Spied"
IV. Chorus and Aria - "Moses, Moses" (The Burning Bush)
V. Duet - "What Is In Your Hand?"
VI. Trio - "Let My People"
VII. Nine-Plague Twelve-Tone Passacaglia-Quodlibet - "River Is Blood"
VIII. Intonation - "Then Moses Called" (The Passover)
IX. Storm/Tempest - "At Midnight" (The Tenth Plague)
X. Caccia/Tableau - "And the People Fled" (The Parting of the Red Sea)
XI. Duet and Chorus - "Sing to the Lord / Bitter Water" (Songs of Moses and Miriam)
XII. Quartet - "Thou Shalt" (The Ten Commandments)
XIII. Bacchanale - "This Gold Image" (The Golden Calf)
XVI. Postlude - "Be Gone"
XV. Anthem - "The Lord Bless"
XVI. Scherzo - "Send Them As Spies"
XVII. Ritournello - "Would That We Had Died"
XVIII. Interlude - "How Long" (Wander in the Wilderness)
XIX. Procession - "Let Us Pass" (Balaam's Ass)
XX. Chorus - "There Shall a Star"
XXI. Finale - "Sh'ma Yisrael"


TWELVE-TRIBE MUSIC (Complete Works, Volume 19)