Friday, March 20, 2009

Sex and Delilah, Op. 173

Op. 173 SEX AND DELILAH (March 20, 2009)
For Voices and Instrument(s)
I. Death
II. Defeat
III. Delilah
IV. Dagon

SEX AND DELILAH [a.k.a. SAMSON AND DELILAH (THE FRANK JUDGES): Part 2 Samson] is troped on Camille Saint-Saens's biblical epic, with strong arm tactics drawn from post-minimalism, George Crumb, Aaron Copland's Rodeo, Richard Wagner's Die Walkure, Igor Stravinsky, and BBC sound files.

I. Death

II. Defeat

III. Delilah

IV. Dagon

[I. Death: "On way he heard lion roaring"
Brown, Mikheyenko, Alburger]


May 22-23, 2009
San Francisco Cabaret Opera
Maria Mikheyenko - Girl at Timnah / Prostitute / Delilah
Mark Alburger - Samson
Kristin Brown - Angel / Manoah / Lion / Philistines / Israelites
Nanette McGuiness - Manoah's Wife / Honey Bees / Philistines / Israelites
Community Music Center, San Francisco, CA

I. Death: "I have a riddle for you"
[Brown, Mikheyenko, Alburger, McGuiness]

[II. Defeat: "So they burned the woman to death"
Brown, Mikheyenko, McGuiness]

III. Delilah: "Samson went to see a prostitute in Gaza"