Monday, March 1, 1993

San Fernando Hub, Op. 48

Op. 48 SAN FERNANDO HUB (March 1, 1993; New Music, 1993)
Three Worksongs for Six Voices and Four Keyboards
Three Worksongs for Two Speaking Keyboardists (1994, New Music; 1994)
Three Worksongs for Two Speaking Guitarists (1994; New Music, 1994)
Three Worksongs for Two Bass Instruments
Worksong for Musical Boats (BLUE BOAT)
Found Texts
I. Fresno
II. Explosives
III. The Hell Out of Here

November 1, 1995
Mark Alburger, Voice and Sequencer
NOW Music Festival, Angelico Auditorium, Dominican College, San Rafael, CA

June 13, 1998
Elizabeth Lee and Jeana Ogren, Pianos
National Association of Composers, Palo Alto Cultural Center, Palo Alto, CA

August 1, 1998
Elizabeth Lee and Jeana Ogren, Pianos
John Darby Studio, Fremont, CA

May 21, 1999
Mark Alburger, Voice; Elizabeth Lee, Piano
Las Pulgas School, San Mateo, CA

November 11, 1999
The Boat People
Crucible Steel Gallery, San Francisco, CA

May 5, 2000
Mark Alburger, Voice
Corte Madera School, Corte Madera, CA

January 10, 2007
Mark Alburger, Voices and MIDI
Diablo Valley College Music Technology Center, Pleasant Hill, CA

April 20, 2007
San Francisco Cabaret Opera; San Francisco Composers Chamber Orchestra
Old First Presbyterian Church, San Francisco, CA

April 26, 2007
Mark Alburger, Voice
Diablo Valley College Duck Pond, Pleasant Hill, CA

HALFWAY MARK (January 2007)
THREE WIRED SYSTRUMS (Complete Works, Volume 11)