Sunday, December 1, 1991

Westminster Tropes, Op. 42

Op. 42 WESTMINSTER TROPES (December 1, 1991)
For Voices and Instruments
I. Amen (Blue)
II. Amen (Four-Fold)
III. Amen (Five-Fold)
IV. Circles
V. Come Christians / We Are Building
VI. Dream
VII. Good Friday
VIII. Hosanna (Blue)
IX. In Memoriam 10/17/87
X. Long Expected
XI. Music for Three Deacons
XII. Music on Christmas Eve
XIII. One in the Spirit
XIV. Parking Lot's Wife
XV. Praise Play
XVI. Prophet / Birds
XVII. Rejoice in the Journey
XVIII. Remembrance
XIX. Rose Introit
XX. Sound the Trumpet
XXL. There Will I Be
XXII. Upward way
XXIII. Visioning


January 4, 6, 9, 2007
Mark Alburger, Voice and MIDI
Diablo Valley College Music Technology Center, Pleasant HIll, CA


(Complete Works, Volume 8)
(New Music, 2007)